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Insane In the Membrane 6/7

Title: Insane In The Membrane
Summary: Sequel to my story No Looking Back. It is preferred you read that first in order to get this one. Did Sam's mind actually come away unscathed? Dean thinks not and he's beginning to panic.

Sam slowly peeled opened his eyes to the sound of scratching. It was a constant scritch scratch almost like nails on a chalkboard. The first thing he noticed other than the sound was he was laying flat on his back on a cold cement floor. The ceiling seemed to go on forever as he stared up at it. He lifted himself up as he looked around for the noise but he couldn't find the culprit.

Walking around the room he suddenly realized where he was. He was in the same warehouse. He swallowed a lump in his throat as he took in the various weapons strewn about.

"Is any one here?" He yelled but he only received the echo of his own voice. Normally in his dreams Billy was here with him, taunting him in some way but the only thing keeping him company was that damn annoying scratching sound. Talk about bad company.

He looked for an opening to let him out of the building but he found none. All the doors were shut. He was getting angry now; obviously, Billy brought him here for a reason so why not show his face. "Alright quit playing games. I'm here now show yourself!" He yelled but was a little disappointed he only received his echo. He was turning around when a hand rested on his shoulder he quickly turned around to be met with the face of Billy. He jumped back and he felt like he was falling forever in oblivion.

When he came, too he could hear someone calling his voice. It wasn't the calm and cocky voice of Billy like the one he expected but it was a concerned and worried one. He knew that voice. Dean.

He tried to look around for his brother but all he saw was darkness. He figured he was still in his dream but somehow he did something in the real world by jumping back so quickly. Why was everything so dark? When did someone turn off the lights?

"Alright you sick bastard this isn't funny anymore!" He yelled into the darkness.

"Really Sam I was getting some amusement."

Now he speaks. "Haha turn on the lights then will talk about what's funny." He pleaded because this darkness stuff was creeping him out. Also, he couldn't draw any of his limbs in like he wanted they stay stretched out and that kinda freaked him out tremendously.

"Ok Sammy I'll turn the lights on."

He blew a breath out as he said it but wasn't anticipating the lights to be so God damn bright either. "Argh! Ow." He exclaimed as a bright overhead light came on shinning brightly in his face. He gently opened his eyes and looked at his arms and feet and too his horror they were pulled tightly shackled too a stone alter. Which by the way he was laying on. He didn't see that coming.

He pulled at his arms and feet and looked over too Billy fearfully. "What's this for?" Sam asked as Billy just smiled.

"It seems that you're not understanding my lessons correctly Sammy. I might have to dig deep and step it up a notch."

He shook his head weakly too the side. This wasn't real none of this was real. It was all a dream. Nothing he did can hurt. Right? It was just like when Dean faced that djiin the only way to get out of a dream is to kill yourself. But how the hell am I gonna do that strapped to a table? How is that method guaranteed anyway? What if I only end up injuring myself and killing myself in the real world? It's a risk worth taking.

"Do what ever you deem necessary." Sam relied and gave off a deflated look. Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll do the work and kill me.

"Sammy so submissive I like."

"Yeah don't get used to it." He muttered under his breath turning away.

"Oh don't worry I think you'll stay that way."

Too his horror Billy was carrying over what looked like a hot poker. It can't hurt I'm in a dream. It's a dream. A dream, a dream, a dream. He chanted repeatedly in his mind.

He looked away as Billy placed the poker on the side of his face and all thoughts of 'it can't hurt' went out the door. The hot poker seared through his skin and he could almost hear the skin bubbling. It made him sick. He screamed bloody murder as his screams echoed through the warehouse.

Dean sat in a chair adjacent from Sam's bed. His fever went down fairly quickly but his nightmare only sky rocketed. Sam's frantic movements and pleas are what broke him the most. After that it seemed like he settled down, Dean almost hoped that the nightmare was over but he soon realized it had just begun.

Lazily dozing in a chair he was awakened by an earth-shattering scream. He jumped out of the chair and his eyes widened as he took in the growing burn encompassing Sam's cheek. "Sammy!" Dean yelled as he sprinted to Sam's side. Sam's head was thrashing about as he tried to get away from whatever was burning him but it was fruitless. Sam's scream seemed to go on forever but it quietly died down into a whimper and Sam deflated into the mattress. "Sammy?" Dean asked as he cradled Sam's head. He gently fingered Sam's cheek and winced, as he knew the culprit without question. A hot fire poker. He'd been on the receiving end of one and it sucked. Sympathy quickly was replaced by anger as to who done this. Obviously, this had to be connected to his dream but how the hell is the little shit doing this? It's just not possible. Now Dean has to watch out for injuries that Sam could get in a dream? How fucking messed up is that?

What if Sam died in his dream? Dean couldn't save him from that.

Dean pushed all thoughts of dying aside as he dragged over the first aid kit just knowing that there will be more in store. He then began to bandage the burn as silent tears fell for his mistreated sibling.

He ached all over. There was no way to describe the agonizing muscle cramps the cold brought on from the cement slab he was laying on. Not to mention the damn burn on his cheek. Thanks bye the way Billy. It's not like he doesn't have enough scars. How the hell am I gonna get out of this dream? If I can feel that burn then I could definitely feel a gunshot wound to the heart. Right? Or is Billy just messing with my mind and this whole hurt Sammy thing is one big illusion? God damn his brain hurt from thinking.

"Glad to see you're awake."

Sam's head jerked to the side as he heard the voice. "Is that all you got. A simple burn?" Might as well try out the kill yourself in an dream method. What does he have to lose right?

"Sammy! I'm shocked at your boldness and tone."

"Well I do have a cocky smart mouth older brother remember him." Sam's thoughts went back to Dean and what he was doing at the moment. He obviously was panicking or pacing. An old tactic that Dean did in fear.

A swift slap to the face interrupted his thoughts as it knocked his head to the side. "Ah…" He cried out as the slap connected with his freshly scabbed burn. New tears sprung to his eyes as he laid his head still for a moment controlling his breathing.

"You shouldn't talk about your brother like that! You should appreciate him more."

Geez can't this guy take a joke. This kid's corrupt defense for his brother is becoming quite scary. If he didn't know, any better Billy sounded like he was a stalker. "I'm sorry I should." He really should appreciate Dean more. If a crazed hunter is telling him he should he has a problem.

"You're damn right you should."

"Then make me pay! Get it over with already, kill me!" His face was red from exertion and he figured go big or go home. He only hoped his theory was right.

"You want to die? Fine I'll kill you in the most brutal way Sammy boy."

Hmm that didn't sound fun.

"I seem to remember a little while ago that you and your brother took on some ghouls. Am I correct?"

How the hell did he know that? "Yes, where is this going?"

"You see I also know that those ghouls played slice and dice with your wrists and you were bleeding out."

Ok maybe this guy is a stalker. "How the hell did you know that?"

"Sammy I know a lot of things."

Touché. "Just where is this going?"

"You want to die brutally fine will let you bleed out. I know how scared you were and how much pain you were in."

Sam isn't even gonna fathom about how he knows that. He was hoping for a fast death though but of course him and his big mouth. He really does wonder if this will work. If not then how will Dean take it? He really has so much to say to Dean before he dies and he really doesn't want his death companion to be Billy. Though dying in a dream is sorta cool but not for him.

"Just get it over with." He sighed as he shut his mind down of all the constant questions. Now or never.

"You bet Sammy."

Before he knew it a knife was placed against his wrist and drew forcefully backwards. "Ahhhhh…" He screamed as loud as he could but stopped as the knife was placed on his other wrist. "No…st…op please." He stuttered out but the knife already sliced again and he didn't have it in him to scream. All that came out were whimpers. "Ple…ase." What the hell was he pleading for he wanted this.

"Sorry Sammy I think I nicked your vein I can't stop it now."

Sam looked over at his wrist and saw how the blood weaved and flowed until it made it's decent down to the cement floor with a sickening thud. Yeah I think it nicked a vein alright.

"You feeling light headed yet? Dizzy? Sick?"

Check, check and check. He couldn't come up with clear thoughts any more and his vision was blurring. Please god let this work. He realized that he was bleeding out and he was soon going to pass out so he breathed the only word he could come up with in his confusion. "De'n."


Chapter Seven

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