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Insane In The Membrane 4/7

Title: Insane In The Membrane
Summary: Sequel to my story No Looking Back. It is preferred you read that first in order to get this one. Did Sam's mind actually come away unscathed? Dean thinks not and he's beginning to panic.

Sam was horribly and utterly confused. He was in Garber or so he thought. He was supposed to be done with hunting done with this life and done with Dean. In fact Dean washed his hands clean of Sam pretty much laid all the cards on the table and let him know that they needed to pretty much be on opposite side's of the world if Dean was going to save the world. Sam was a burden to Dean, a hinder, nuisance. So why is Dean here with him looking at him like he might die at any second?

It didn't make any sense none of it did. His head hurt it throbbed in tune to his heart beat all the while his back stung agonizingly. Now that he thinks of what hurts his ribs are throbbing too. What exactly happened? He couldn't remember anything the last thing he remembers is being in Garber and… those hunters. "Those hunters." He whispered aloud.

"What?" Dean said as he watched Sam with fear. After his inquisition Sam shut down completely not speaking or giving him a hint that maybe he only zonked out for a second. No Sam just stared off into space. It was really starting to scare him.

Those hunters they tried to force him to take demon blood. They also beat the shit out of him before he got the upper hand. That explains your ribs. Why does his back sting every time he moves? Or why does he have an unbearable migraine?

As lighting shatters at midnight it was a quick pulsating pain erupting into his skull. It lit everything inside on fire and he couldn't think he couldn't breathe. All he could do was grab his head in agony and try to stave off the pain.

Dean watched as Sam's dazed and confused look changed from completely and utterly lost to agony. Sam's eyes closed so tight he was afraid he might rip his eyelids. His breathing slowed as he quickly grabbed his head easing himself off the bed. "Sam!" He yelled fearfully rushing to Sam's side. He took his shoulder and shook it but he wasn't getting a response.

"Sammy answer me!" He yelled again but Sam just continued to rock himself back and forth. Obviously trying to stave off whatever pain was happening. He chewed his finger nail absently trying to decide what to do. Should he take Sam to a hospital? He really doesn't know if this is a lingering effect from those hunters in Garber or that kid in Fairmont. It could be completely something different as well. Hell Sam could be dying and he's chewing on his finger nail.

"Sam please tell me what's wrong?" He said more calmly hoping that his voice can break through whatever was going on inside his kid brother's head. He was rewarded with a low audible groan of words.

"Speak up I can't hear you."

"My hea'd hu'ts." Sam mumbled out as he passed out from the pain.

"Sammy! Sam!" Dean yelled as Sam went limp. Oh god what the hell do I do now?

"Sammy boy you've been ignoring my messages."

Sam looked up as he heard a voice speaking his name. He was lying on a cold cement floor. He doesn't remember this from his other dreams.

"This isn't a dream Sammy."

"How'd you know what I was thinking?" Sam asked quickly.

"Let's just say that after I was done with you that I was connected to you mentally and now I'm always with you Sammy."

"No." Sam said in denial. He should believe it though all the signs are there. He initially thought he was crazy. I guess that's one thing to be happy about.

"Dean's worried about you. Look at you you're pathetic Sammy poor Dean has to tend to your needs as we speak."

Dean? He never thought of where he was outside of his dream. All he remembered was a mind splitting pain in his head. "You, you're the one who-"

"Yes, yes I was Sammy. I hope you like my work I had to get you to notice me somehow."

Notice him? He's been noticing him all day and yesterday. Through dreams and even in reality. There has to be a hidden message somewhere. "What do you want?"

"What do I want? I simply here to teach you a lesson one you'll never forget."

"Oh yeah and what's that?" In reality he really didn't want to know. If he was the cause of the pain in his head then he didn't want to know his other tricks.

"This is the fun part you have to find out."

"What does that mean?" Oh god not more riddles. His brain feels likes jello as it is.

"You'll see Sammy you'll see."

"Wait! Wait!"

Sam was aware of someone near him a presence; it wasn't like the earlier presence though that left him with chills. Wait a minute memory loss, headache, the dream. Dean.

"Dean?" Sam croaked out as he tried to lift his heavy eyelids. His head was merely a small beat now.

"Sammy." Dean called out as he strode over to the bed. "You awake?" He asked as he gently put his hand on the side of his head.

"Yeah," Sam licked his cracked lips as he went on. "What happened?"

"I'll tell you what happened you gave me a heart attack. That's what happened." His heart was still jack hammering in his chest.

"Sorry." Sam whispered as he closed his eyes once more. Then flashes of what happened came back to him at an alarming rate. It was all so clear now, he wasn't crazy or insane he was being stalked by the smartest hunter he has ever seen. How the hell the guy is doing it he doesn't know.

"Don't be sorry just tell me what happened before after you spaced out."

"Dean I need to tell you something." Sam blurted out as he shot out of bed.

"Whoa, whoa settle down. You don't need to be moving around yet you passed out like 30 minutes ago. Tell me from here. Ok?" Dean said gently as he pushed Sam gently back to bed.

"Listen I know I've been acting weird lately and I know I may look crazy."

"Crazy no dazed and confused yes." Dean chuckled to himself but stopped at the seriousness of Sam's face. "Go on."

"Listen I've been seeing things and having these dreams." Sam said fearfully and all too early reminder of what has been happening.

"Come again." Dean said incredulous. Dreams he can believe but Sam openly telling him he's seeing things. Ah…that's another story.

"That kid from Fairmont, he's been manipulating my mind making me see things, do things. Just now he gave me this enormous headache that caused me to pass out." Sam said quickly wincing at the beat that was still playing a tune in his head.

Dean's features tightened as his fists started to clench instinctively. His fears were confirmed, Sam didn't come away unscathed and that kid had a hold of his mind making Sam in distress. Unacceptable. Oh when he finds that kid he's going to wish that he beat the living hell out of him back at that warehouse. Now it's truly personal. "What else has he done?" He asked coolly.

"He's been coming to me in my dreams but that was just recent other dreams are of…um flashbacks to the basement." Sam swallowed instinctively as it felt like the room got colder. His brain felt like soup right now and he really wanted explanations and answers but he wasn't coming up with none.

"Don't worry I'll find him and I'll put an end to it permanently." Dean said reassuringly as he gave Sam a comforting pat. "For now get some rest and if he comes in your dreams again tell me. Got it?"

"Yeah I got it." Sam replied shakily. "What are you gonna do?"

"I'm just gonna hang around here of course." Dean flashed him a shit eating grin even though Sam rolled his eyes. Like Sam would believe his lie. The kid had it coming; he would have let the kid go if he just walked away and never looked back but all hunters now a days think the same. You can't look back unto something that's right in front of your face.

Chapter Five

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