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No Looking Back 8/10

Title: No Looking Back
Summary: Dean was merely a shadow only to intervene when needed. Spoilers for 5x03. Limp Sam/Protective/Unstable Dean. Solely In Deans POV

He ached all over his body had throbbing pulse points whenever he tried to shift. More specifically his groin hurt the worse, pain flared below the belt even as he moved. The rest of the aches he could tell were muscle aches. What the hell happened? Dean thought as he tried to recollect where he been at the time. He only prayed that it wasn't from a bad night of sex. Where the girl took kinky to a whole new level.

"Wake up!"

A loud voice assaulted his ears and an accompanying boot kicked him in the shin. Ow. Geez give a guy a warning.

"Mmmm." He mumbled as he brought his head up off his chest. He peeled both eyes open to be met with an unfamiliar face that wasn't a girl. Oh god don't tell me I was so far off my rocker I went and did it with a dude.

"Glad you could join us."

Join 'us'? There were only two people in the room himself and whoever the hell this is. Why does that voice sound so familiar?

"Ole' Sammy here has been dying to see you."

Sammy? Oh god now he remembered why he was here. Some shit face named Billy Stone took Sam. He actually took Sam! His plan at breaking Sam out went to hell with a well placed syringe and knee to the groin. No wonder why that hurts so much? This kid better not have damaged his package. He thought evilly that reason alone would move Dean to kill. Holy crap where's Sam? Dean thought to himself as he looked frantically around the room still not seeing his brother he became angry and belligerent.

"You bastard! Where's Sam?" He spit out as he watched the cool face just give him a smug smile. Maybe blowing the guys package to bits would fit in this situation as well? "Answer me damnit!" He yelled out in frustration pulling at the ropes binding him to a chair.

"Like I said he's here Dean don't worry."

There it was that calm voice, like the kid new everything about him and could calm down his worries with simply just speaking. It actually did the opposite he had no clue where Sam was in this dingy warehouse and the kid was just smiling at him. "Then show me him. I want to see Sam now!" His voice dropped to a dangerous low as Mr. Smiley just kept on smiling.

"I don't think you'll like what you'll see. You see me and Sam had gotten acquainted with each other pretty fast. He screams so pretty."

"You sick bastard! I'm gonna kill you I swear it." He screamed in rage. He had an overwhelming desire to just see Sam. All the pain in his lower half was soon forgotten as he focused all his energy on Sam.

"Yeah, yeah like I ain't heard that one. Don't you get it dumbass your so called brother started the fucking apocalypse he's working for the other side. Hell he has demon blood in him and all you and other hunters do is look at him in sympathy like he's a saint! He's the god damn anti-christ. He's evil and you know the saying if its evil we kill it. You're lucky I don't kill your ass for being so dumb."

Dean's mouth fell open in shock the man's angry rant striking a cord with the brother within. Sure Sam started the apocalypse, sure Sam has demon blood in him, and yes he's not a saint. But no one see's in shades of gray with him it's either evil or good. They only collected information they wanted to hear not collecting other information into the matter. Not one to be put up he quickly came up with a retort. He can't really defend Sam on certain accounts but he sure as hell can aggravate this man into putting his attention on him.

"Me a dumbass? Ok if I'm a dumbass then you must be gay or something because come on you have to admit it you like it when you were kneeing me in the groin." He smiled as the mans lips twitched.

"Shut up!"

His face was thrown backwards as he was backhanded. Maybe the man was gay? He licked his split lip as he started again. "Is that the best you got?"

"No, I know you Dean I'm not stupid. You're trying to take the attention off of Sam but it won't work. You want to see Sam? I'll show you him."

Dean's cocky smile soon turned into a frown. Oh god him and his idiot mouth. At least the guy was showing him Sam. "Please I'm sorry just don't hurt him." He said brokenly. As he watched the guy walk away. He screwed up big time.

A couple minutes later Billy began wheeling out what looked like a TV. "Uh…I don't know if you're losing marbles but last time I saw Sam well he wasn't a TV." He chuckled as the guy gave him a sneer.

"You'll see Sam just not the one on one you're expecting."

Ok that has him worried. This guy must be housing Sam somewhere else but why keep him locked away from Dean? This guy really knew his stuff about us. Bobby was right. Billy than proceeded to click on the TV as an image appeared on the screen he instantly recognized it…Sammy. Sam was suspended in the air hanging from unforgiving shackles, his chest and abdomen still held the bruises from earlier but it was the view from his back that Dean cringed at. Multiple whippings lined Sam's back some intermingling some down to the muscle. Sam's head rested on his bare chest and from what he could tell his mouth was duct tapped. He couldn't breathe he couldn't think. This was his Sammy and he didn't even know where he was. Hell he could be another state for all he knew. Sam needed help and fast.

"Sammy." He pleadingly spoke as he looked at all the cruel torture inflicted on his undeserving brother.

"He can't hear you Dean."

Dean tore his eyes from his brother for a moment to look the man who done all this to his brother in the first place. "I swear to god I'm going to inflict so much torture on you you'll beg the good lords name." His voice was menacing and it even surprised himself.

"I don't doubt you will but I had to teach a lesson didn't I."

Again with the smiling why did the man always smile? "Oh yeah and what's that?" He spit out. He looked back to his brother and noticed that Sam began to move and stir. Don't worry Sammy I'll get you out of here.

"Well it started with an interrogation and he was quick to take the blame all the blood on his back is deceiving Dean it's maybe only three whips."

Dean's fist tightened behind his back. "It's only three whips oh yeah like that's nothing."

"He was pretty broken and I got sick of the sobs and heartache so thus the duct tape."

"You sonofabitch!" He screamed out angrily. This was all spinning out of control way to fast. He thought Cas could see these things or at least sense these things. He was wrong he was wrong about everything. He underestimated his opponent, he walked out on Sam, and it all came back to bite him in the ass or more so bite Sam in the ass. And that was not ok.

"Dean I'm not a killer I just wanted to show the kid whose boss and his faults he was quick to learn due to our short time period. I broke kids in less time though."

I broke kids in less time though. What kind of hunter was this? "What the hell did you do to my brother?" He choked up as he looked back to Sam. Sam's head was lolling around on his shoulders. His eyes wildly searching the room.

"I never reveal my secrets but Sam is house broken now and I'm done and you can have him back."

"Wait! What?" Dean was so morbidly confused it hurt to think. He was glad that whoever this man was, was giving Sam back to him but his choice of words have him quite fearful.

"Like I said Dean I'm done with my session. I'm letting you go down to get him but you have to promise when I cut your ropes you won't attack me."

This was all so confusing but in a sense he was glad and yet still worried. Worried about Sam's mental state more than anything. "I promise." He said truthfully. Retribution can come later.


The kid walked up and cut his binds around his ankles and then his hands then casually walked out the door.

"Sam's down in the basement. The far door in the left corner."

He heard a faint yell but he was already taking off. His groin protested but he didn't care he had to make it too Sam because he failed him too much in his life and when he found him he sure as hell wasn't letting go.

Chapter Nine

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