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No Looking Back 6/10

Title: No Looking Back
Summary: Dean was merely a shadow only to intervene when needed. Spoilers for 5x03. Limp Sam/Protective/Unstable Dean. Solely In Deans POV

Dean drove as fast as he could to get back to his brother. Sam was supposed to be fine he was supposed to be out of the hunting scene. That only proves the only thing in their crappy life that rings true. You can't escape this life if your name is Winchester. Dean never tried to escape but he knew if he tried that he would get pulled right back in. Damn it Cas for making him a nervous wreck but he still had to give the angel credit. If Cas would have never called Dean would have been states away from Sam. It would render him even more helpless and he was glad his instinct held strong enough for him to stay in towns close to Garber.

He really had no idea what sight he would be presented with. Would Sam accept him again? After all he had been doing some heaving pushing on Sam's part. He couldn't deal with his own pains and hurts so that meant he definitely couldn't deal with all of Sam's guilt that continued to ooze out. He knew that he was being totally incompetent on his part because Sam truly was sorry. The kid said it enough times to make any one believe he was sorry. Sam shouldn't have to make you believe it you should already have believed him and forgave him.

The ache continued which was coupled by a pounding headache. He knew that his body was trying to tell him something. Every time his stomach clenched painfully or his skull throbbed it was a hidden message. Like go find and bring your brother home you dumbass. Or stop being a selfish prick and forgive him already.

The early morning sun was starting to come up above the horizon. Cas' long ass call set him back a good 30 minutes. Also a random ass road block didn't help any either. He sighed as all thoughts were focused on Sam. What if a hunter got to him before I did? I would never forgive myself.

Passing through the town of Hunter again he knew it would only be a good 45 minutes till he hit Garber. He hoped that he wasn't too late. In fact he did something he never did he prayed. Let's hope it's enough.

Pulling up to the motel room he cringed as he remembered the little scuffle with the desk clerk. He really didn't want a replay and thanked himself that he kept the spare set of keys. That alone would probably have that desk clerk beating his ass until he actually couldn't drink beer for a week.

Getting out of the car he walked quickly to room 5. His palms were sweating and that familiar ache made itself present. He quickly put the key in the lock and turned it. Taking it out he began to open the door when he noticed that the door was locked again. "What the fuck is going on?" He muttered to himself as he tried the key again. The lock unlatched and he burst into the room. He soon realized that the door was unlocked to begin with. Oh god I locked it before I left.

The room was illuminated by the sunlight but as his eyes went to the bed he noticed no Sam. "Sammy?" He called out in hopes that he was just in the bathroom and when he came out they would have a huge laugh about this whole thing.

He walked toward the bathroom and his stomach dropped…it was empty. "Sammy!" He yelled to the empty space but it was clear Sam wasn't here. "Oh god what have I done." he said out of anguish. He wanted to break down and cry right there. He left Sam due to his own selfish fears and it might just cost Sam his life.

Calm down Dean you have to do this like any other hunt. He casually told himself as his heart beat erratically through his chest. He swore he could here it loud and clear. What the hell do I do? This wasn't a normal hunt this was another case of I failed as a brother now Sam's paying the price.

Assess the scene. He needed to assess the scene to give him any clue to where Sam was or who might have taken him.

Its clear Sam didn't go anywhere because his things were still strewn about just the way Dean remembered them when he left. It didn't even seem like Sam has moved from the spot Dean left him in. "Sammy didn't even have a chance." He said despairingly. Sam was ambushed and didn't even know what hit him. If you stayed your ass here he wouldn't have been ambushed.

He shook the inconsistent voice out of his head as he made his way around the room. Nothing was broken or out of place so whoever did this obviously didn't have to put up a fight. But who could do this? The possibilities are endless and really if he assessed this room up and down he would be no closer to finding Sam.

The sunlight glinted in the room as the light bounced off a particular object sitting on the floor. He peered closer as he picked it up. "Oh God." He said aloud as the object reflecting light was a syringe. That was one way to take a man down.

He clutched it tighter as he willed the inanimate object to just give him all the answers.

"Where are you Sammy?" Dean said sadly as he looked around the room fondly.

Dean sat on the bed his brother once occupied taking in the smell of his brother's girly shampoo. Who knew that lavender could smell so good?

He's tried every possible lead and tried every possible subject but it's turning out to be a dead end. He had no clue when Sam had been taken? Or by whom but he already knew that it was what Cas predicted. "Please God just let him be ok." He needed him to be ok he couldn't take it if his one wrong move ended Sam's life today. Silent tears fell as his head dropped into his hands. "Please."

His phone interrupted his silent grieving as he reached into his jacket pocket to answer it. "Hello?" Damn he sounded bad even to his own ears.

"Dean I got a lead on Sam's whereabouts."

Once those words were spoken he was in heaven. "Well tell me." He quickly got up to fetch a pad of paper and a pencil to write down every note and detail he could.

"I've been asking around and some hunters know of who might have taken Sam."

Bobby sounded so enthusiastic and he sure hoped that all Bobby's enthusiasm wasn't just all for naught. "Tell me." He said coldly. Whoever did this would pay much worse then blowing a mans chance at having any kids. No the death of whoever did this would be methodical, more diabolical. He was actually channeling torture sessions from when he tortured souls in hell. Oh God help me now.

"It's a hunter called Billy Stone. Word around town is he isn't too happy with all the apocalypse and demon crap. Some friends of his said he's been doing mad research on it a little too much if you catch my drift."

Ah a name was given all he have to do is search the now dead man walking online and find his whereabouts.

"Dean he ain't no rookie either he's pretty darn good so when you find him just be careful even if he doesn't have Sam I'm telling ya watch out for yourself."

Rookie or elaborated hunter it didn't matter all he had was one thought in mind. This guy might have Sam. That's all he needed to know to be kicked into action. "Thanks Bobby I mean really, thank you." He could never express how gracious and lucky he was to know Bobby.

"You're welcome. Remember what I said and call me when you find Sam."

"Yes sir and don't worry about me it's him you should worry about." Dean smiled a cold smile as he set down the gun he'd been toying with.

"Just find your brother you idgit."

The line went dead as Dean closed his phone. He picked his gun up once again and started to turn it around in his hands. It felt so familiar in his hands it was like a puzzle piece that fit just right. "Lock um and load um." He replied cocking the gun back.

Chapter Seven

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