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No Looking Back 5/10

No Looking Back
Summary: Dean was merely a shadow only to intervene when needed. Spoilers for 5x03. Limp Sam/Protective/Unstable Dean. Solely In Deans POV

His phone was ringing somewhere he knew that for sure.

The annoying buzz with the accompanying vibrating almost made him wish he didn't have one. What the hell time is it anyway? Even his sleep induced brain could concur that it was still night. So who the hell is calling him now? Dean groaned as he rolled off the bed and trudged over to the noise.

"Ow god damnit!" He exclaimed as he ran straight into a chair. God was this going to be a good day.

Untangling himself from the evil artifact he followed the noise all the way to his duffel. He slapped his hand on his forehead as he clearly forgot to unpack his things or even ward the room. He was certainly out of it last night.

Digging around in the bag his fingers finally found the impending object. He pulled it out quickly to see who dare call him so early. Checking the caller I.D he noted that is was Cas. Boy was he going to give this angel hell.

"What?" He yelled loudly into the phone. Now he knew giving Cas a cell phone was the worst idea ever.

"Dean there's some things we need to discuss and I feel you need to hear them right now."

Dean groaned at Cas' tone of voice. He already knew what Cas was talking about and he really didn't have the patience to hear another Cas lecture especially this God damn early. "Well out with it since you obviously have no sense of time or respect." He said sarcastically, but Cas was an emotionless being with no sense of humor so all he heard was breathing on the other end. No laughter or insult, this was one of the main reasons he was going crazy.

"I know what you did with Sam and all and I feel you should know something else that Sam couldn't tell you at the time."

His eyes opened wider at that, he's been having this bad ache ever since he left Sam and Cas calling him about Sam was never any good. "What is it?" He asked nervously because if he left and something happened to Sam he would never forgive himself.

"I know about you uh…staging an intervention with those hunters. Well I have more information on what went down and you won't like it."

God damn Cas for confirming his fears. He sighed but quickly went to work trying to change while holding a phone. "Just tell me Cas." He sighed as he turned on the light to see. "Argh!" He exclaimed as the light blinded him. When did that light get so bright? He really was out of it last night.

"Dean are you alright?"

"Yeah, yeah go on with it." This so wasn't going to be his day.

"Once those hunters friend was killed by demons they had found out some things about Sam none too good."

That made him pause his movements as he sank down onto the bed. "What kinda things? Will you just get to the good stuff I know you're holding off." He looked over at the clock and the neon light flashed a very early 4:52. He really didn't need this, this early. It only made the ache hurt worse.

"They found out Sam started the apocalypse and once they confronted him they wanted to per say use him."

That sure as hell was new information. It stole his breath away and made him wish he could have inflicted more torture to the two. If demons were telling the tale who knows how many other hunters know and are trying to get to Sam. It made him shiver involuntarily. "There's more to this. What aren't you telling me?" His keen sense with hiding things has led him to knowing just when someone was hiding something. Hell he could tell a bunch of times when Sam hid things from him.


There was a sigh and he knew that whatever happened was not good and it equaled trouble later on. "Tell me damnit!" He growled into the phone. His heart was beating frantically in his chest and his hands started to twitch involuntarily. Oh yeah Cas is getting a good ass beating.

"They tried to force him to drink demon blood to take care of the other demons."

It almost felt like his heart stopped. Those bastards. His mind was coming up with all sorts of evil twisted thoughts of murder and torture. The only thing keeping him sane was the word 'tried'. They tried but they didn't succeed. Thank God for that. "So he didn't drink any?"

"No, he spit it back out after being force fed."

Now that got his blood boiling. They force fed it too him? "Damnit!" He exclaimed out of anger. He had an overwhelming desire to just find those bastards again and blow their head off this time.

"Dean the important thing is he didn't take any. I just wanted you to know that and…"

Oh God it wasn't over yet what more could Cas say to make his day even shittier. "And…what?" It felt like he was talking for hours and all he wanted to do was go back to bed and forget it all.

"And…I feel Sam isn't out of the woods yet."

Dean groaned as Cas just totally made this day one of the worse of his life. He abruptly sat up and began to change again. Another trip to Garber he only hoped Sam would forget that he was ever there in the first place. "What do you mean by that?"

"I believe other hunters have Sam on their radar or at least know he pertains to the apocalypse. In other words I feel Sam will be hunted."

All other thoughts totally went out the door all he could hear was Sam will be hunted. His fear had got the better of him and he was starting to panic a little. Though Garber wasn't far it was far enough. What if a hunter already found Sam? With Sam still injured he be no match for anything. His mind was working on all cylinders thinking of the worst possible scenarios. "I'm going to get him." He said gruffly as he slipped into a shirt. No one messes with Sam. He thought that with him totally rendering that one hunters chance at any sex would be a warning. He thought wrong, no hunter cares anymore they just want to be prided on killing the thing that started the apocalypse. It was like Gordon Walker all over again but with more dire consequences. That time he had reasonable points to defend Sam in Gordon's harsh accusations. Now he really couldn't say anything because Sam did start the apocalypse and what the hell was he suppose to do. Keep Sam safe and kick some ass that's what.

"Dean you still there?"

Cas' voice on the line totally took him out of his current thoughts. "Yeah I'm going to find him." He heard what was determination in his voice and it actually stilled his frantically beating heart.

"Ok, I'll be here if you need me."

"Yeah, yeah I got work to do. See ya around. Oh and Cas."


"The next time I see you I'm totally kicking your ass." He smiled as he heard an irritated huff on the other end and then Cas hung up. His smile quickly left as he went about grabbing all his gear. He didn't unpack so that was a plus. "Garber, Oklahoma here I come…again." He muttered to himself as he closed the door.

Chapter Six

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