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No Looking Back 3/10

Title: No Looking Back
Summary: Dean was merely a shadow only to intervene when needed. Spoilers for 5x03. Limp Sam/Protective/Unstable Dean. Solely In Deans POV

After making sure Sam was going to be ok for an hour or so he left water by his bed just in case he decided to wake but he was betting on the latter. He locked the doors checked all the salt lines and gave Sam a quiet goodbye reminding him that he would return.

20 minutes later he's driving to the next town over and he was feeling like a complete dumbass. He seriously thought this search for them was hard yet they were only about 45 minutes away from him. Once he pulled into the small town of Hunter (ha irony much) he scouted the bar Bobby had mentioned in their conversation. It seems after the little demon incident killing their friend they decided to mourn by getting drunk. Hey I don't judge.

He's been slowly learning bits and pieces of the puzzle as he goes along. Obviously the supposed revelation omens were spot on and it went terribly down south for the three musketeers. Resulting in one of their deaths. He only had one of the hunters name that were alive the other was a blur. He's trying though, he try if it was for Sam.

Opening up the bar doors he was permeated with the stench of alcohol and smoke and a hint of sex. God sometimes he missed this Cas sure as hell was a buzz killer much worse than Sam ever was.

He scanned the crowd as he looked for the specific physical attributes Bobby described. His eyes hit their mark as two men were seated in a booth away from the crowd. Perfect.

He strode calmly over to the booth immediately seating himself. "Hey ya fellas." He smiled as he leaned back. Both hunters gave him a nervous look. Oh yeah you better be nervous.

"Dean Winchester am I correct?" The blonde haired one asked as he fingered his beer.

"In the flesh. I heard about your compadre sorry man." He gave a look of compassion as the other hunter sucked it in for all it's worth.

"Yeah me too."

He watched as the blonde haired one gave (from what he knew was named Richie) an elbow to the gut.

"So what brings you to these parts?" The blonde haired one asked casually.

"Oh you know women, money, hunts and lets say my brother getting beat to hell by a couple of dead beat hunters." His eyes switched from friendly to dangerous. As he leaned in closer. "Oh yeah I know all about what you did asshole." He growled even though parts were still fuzzy he knew from the bruises on Sam and on their own face these two had to of worked Sam over for some time before Sam was able to get the upper hand.

Richie looked terrified as he shrunk back in the seat the blonde haired one equally leaned in. "I have my intentions."

The confirmation that was what he was waiting for. He quickly slid his gun from his waist band and brought it underneath the table and nudged the hunter's leg with it. "I have mine as well." He said coldly. He watched as Richie panicked in the seat while the other one just stayed calm and collected. "You both better haul your asses out back so we can have a better discussion of this or I won't hesitate to blow your brains out." He replied as he nudged the mans thigh again.

"No one has to get hurt here."

"Then what did Sam ask for? Huh? He didn't even want to be a part of this." He growled again. He was becoming more agitated by the second and he knew that if he didn't calm down there would be no discussion.

"We know the truth Dean and he even admitted it to us it seems like he was asking for it."

Dean closed his eyes and counted to 10. Then without warning he fired the gun aimed directly at the family jewels. "It seemed like you were asking for that." He stood up quickly as everyone in the bar stopped and turned to their booth. The blonde haired hunter writhed on the floor in agony. Richie still looked petrified. His job was done.

"Is any one calling the cops on me?" He asked with his back turned. He took the dead silence as a definite no. He smiled as he tucked his gun back into his waistband and walked out the door without even looking back.

Dean sat his normal vigil by his brother's bedside in Gabor. Sam was becoming more coherent and his need for making a quick get away became more serious. Dean sighed as he soaked in his brother's presence. He had to go before Sam woke completely there was no arguing with that decision.

Dean uncrossed his arms and stood up from the uncomfortable chair. He popped his neck muscles as he walked slowly to Sam's bed. He looked down at his brother and smiled.

"I miss this Sammy I really do." He said quietly as he sat down next to Sam. "I wish I could stay or say something to you to make things right but…it's just screwed to hell." He gave a strained chuckle as he rested his hand atop Sam's head. Sam's head turned into his hands again like Sam knew of his presence. Sam always was the smart one.

"I'm sorry." He muttered as a silent tear fell from his face. "I have to go Sammy but you'll be ok and when we reconnect I promise things will be better." He got up slowly and walked over to the chair as he grabbed his jacket he slung over the back of it earlier. All his stuff was already packed and ready.

He was half way to the door when he turned around and gave a sudden thought. He walked slowly back to Sam's bed and leaned in closer. He gave a slight kiss to Sam's temple just a graze. Sam muttered something in sleep but stilled again. "Stay safe I'm always watching you no matter what." He promised as he walked out the door he didn't even look back.

Chapter Four

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