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No Looking Back 2/10

Title: No Looking Back
Summary: Dean was merely a shadow only to intervene when needed. Spoilers for 5x03. Limp Sam/Protective/Unstable Dean. Solely In Deans POV

It was now 4:42 in the morning the ache in his stomach doubled as he got closer to Oklahoma and he's been nervously fidgeting with the steering wheel. Almost jerking off the side of the road on a couple of occasions. There's no way around it he's a nervous wreck; has been since Sam left. He hated the thought but he's a sole dependent. No Sam means full frontal, Dean melt down. While he's still his normal self, charming women, putting up a hard barricade, it still pales in comparison to what he feels inside.

Passing the Arkansas/Oklahoma state lines he drove steadily to his destination. It would still be another hour or so before he hit Garber but that's only if you obey trafficking laws. He smiled to himself as he pushed down harder on the gas pedal. If only Sam were here.

His smile quickly left as determination set in, he grounded his teeth together as he gripped the wheel tighter.

The city of Garber wasn't a big city at all and he wondered why Sam stopped in this run down town for what he calls taking a break. The town was spooksville incorporated no one was really there and he wondered if that was why Sam chosen it in the first place.

He quickly found all the motels in the area and it didn't take long to pick out the one Sam would pick. Great Plains Motel, it was quiet and had a bar nearby their usual style. Finding the certain room Sam stayed in would be more difficult though he couldn't knock on every door looking for a Sam Winchester. Besides he was playing shadow this time, no intervening.

He berated himself for just not doing the easy route and tracking Sam's cell. Of course his brain hasn't been thinking logically for quite some time. He sighed as he pulled into the parking lot and noticed how not many cars were there. "At least it narrows it down." He muttered to himself as he scanned for the desk clerk hoping it was a girl because if he could get Sam's room info it would be from a pretty desk clerk not an old wrinkled prune.

Dean opened the door and closed it with a residual thud, and made his way over to the desk clerk currently playing with her gum. Piece of cake.

He quickly brushed himself off as he had to imagine how awful he looked. It hurt to even look at his own mug and he rarely ever said that. He strode into the room with a cocky flirtatious swagger watching as the blondes head shot up at his entrance. He had to be a sight. The dark circles underneath his eyes, his permanent frown, his slouched back even though he straightened up more for the act. All in all he looked like a big pile of crap.

"Hey darlin I need a favor." He smiled as he laid on a heavy southern accent he accumulated from various stays in Texas and Florida.

"Uh…ok um do you know what time it is?"

Well he totally forgotten about the time no wonder she's already freaking out. It must be 5:00 or at least 6:00 in the morning. "Yeah sorry bout that I kinda forgot my keys to my room and I kinda forgot my room number too." He added at the last second but realized how stupid he sounded. God he needed some sleep.

"Are you drunk?"

He smiled a little as even though that wasn't what he was going for it still worked with the plan. "How'd you know?" He said playfully.

"Lucky guess." She murmured. "What's the last name or did you forget that too?"

Dean could tell he was wearing on the young girl's patience heck he was wearing thin on patience himself. "Uh…I think its Winchester." He really had no clue what alias Sam checked in under but he had a couple good guesses.

"Hold on let me check." She huffed in annoyance.

Dean tapped his fingers on the counter impatiently. His mind reeling with questions once again. What if Sam used a different name? What if Sam wasn't here? What if this lady just decides to call the cops on me?

"Yep here it is room 5." She marked as she dug around for an extra set of keys.

Well, well, well lucky break. He doesn't think so, not in the least little bit. He awkwardly took the keys from her as he began his previous swagger out the door.

"Oh and if you ever do this again I'll make sure you can't swallow beer for a week."

Ouch. Point taken lady.

Dean just continues on his merry way to find the room because he himself feels as if he's actually drunk. Ha, I wish.

Dean walked casually up to the room number and glanced in every direction before putting the key in the slot. No doubt he had a high risk of getting his ass jumped by Sam thinking he was a burglar but he take the risk. He only hoped the kid was still sleeping and didn't hear his entry.

Once the lock unlatched he pushed the door open slowly and tip toed inside noting that the room was completely dark. He closed the door with a soft click and went about searching for Sam in the dark space.

Once his eyes adjusted to their target, he wasn't happy with what he was met with that was for sure.

Sam was tossing and turning on his bed the sheets and covers a rumpled mess tangled in his limbs. His eyes darted rapidly beneath closed lids as he huffed out pants of air. He thought he looked like crap.

He crept closer as he wanted so desperately to just touch Sam or at least give him some comfort but he made up his mind he's a shadow. That was of course if he wasn't needed and this looks like a pretty good excuse to turn visible again.

"Sam?" He spoke softly as not to spook his younger brother.

Sam didn't even flinch.

Whatever nightmare Sam was trapped in it seems like he was deeply engrossed this time. "Sammy?" He tried again as he laid a tentative hand on his shoulder. That got more of a reaction as Sam moaned in his sleep and curled toward his touch.

Was this just a nightmare? Dean brought up his hand to rest across Sam's forehead and pulled away in shock of the heat there. Sam was sick. There was no way around it he couldn't play shadow anymore.

"Sammy wake up!" He said a little louder as he shook Sam a harder. This got a different reaction instead of the tired exhausted moan it was a pain filled one. Just what was wrong with Sam?

He pulled back and cringed as Sam curled in on himself and wrapped his arm protectively around his midsection. Just what did those supposed other hunters do?

He turned on the bedside light and was a little shocked at how the light illuminated just how bad off Sam was. This was a bad idea from the damn start. He thought to himself as he settled himself on the bed beside Sam.

"I know you have a fever kiddo so I have to do the normal check." He chuckled to himself as he began to untangle the sheets from Sam. Though his brother was no where near lucid to talk he enjoyed talking to someone other than himself for a change.

Once the sheets and comforter were striped he watched as Sam shivered in the cold air. "It's ok." He soothed as he ran his hands through his brothers sweat drenched hair. In Sam's delirious state this touch could mean anything since Sam thinks he's by himself but Sam just stills and curled into his touch more. It's like Sam knows.

Pulling Sam's arm from his midsection he inched his brother's shirt up till it hit his armpits. He gasped at the sight.

Mottled bruises decorated Sam's torso and chest. Just what the hell did those hunters do to his brother? He became angry instantly at the thought alone and he's been thinking some pretty horrible thoughts lately.

He gently felt along Sam's rib cage trying to see if anything was broken. While Sam grimaced and tried to scour away he sighed in relief. At least nothing was broken.

His ribs were just heavily bruised and would be sore for a while. That still doesn't explain the fever though.

"Nothing's broken kiddo." He sighed as he pulled Sam's shirt back down. "That still doesn't explain your fever though." He talked quietly as he pulled the blankets back and began covering Sam with them. "Just what happened to you Sammy?"

After dragging all of his stuff into the quaint room he began unpacking the first aid kit and quickly finding the Tylenol. He looked over again at Sam and watched as Sam fought against unseen forces. Maybe Tylenol's too light. He thought to himself as he sifted through the bottles of pills in the kit. Though Sam's fever wasn't high it seemed as if Sam was having an exceptionally hard time getting a good night's rest. His ribs would never heal with all the tossing and turning. Dean sighed as he pushed the Tylenol aside and grabbed the almost empty bottle of vicodin. Heavy pain killers always knocked Sam on his ass. He smiled at the good memories.

He coupled one tablet and retrieved a glass of water before striding to where Sam was currently fighting off some unseen attacker.

"Sammy? I need you to wake up and take this" He said softly as he sat on the bed once again. Sam just continued on with his tossing and turning.

"You're gonna do it the hard way huh?" He snickered as he set the glass down and opened Sam's mouth much to Sam's own chagrin. He set the pill inside his brother's mouth and began kneading his throat hoping the sensation will make him swallow it. "Come on Sam swallow the pill." He asked as his gentle kneading soon found success as Sam's adam apple bobbed up and down from swallowing. "Good boy." He smiled as he ruffled Sam's sweaty hair. "Just go to sleep and relax I'll be here…I promise." He whispered as Sam sighed a deep sigh and seemed to deflate in the mattress. He thanked God that Sam wasn't awake because if he was the least bit coherent he have some explaining to do.

His next mission was to find those hunters that Bobby sent here. He knew without a shadow of a doubt they were to cause for Sam's state at the moment. Though Sam was still in a peaceful sleep from his dosage of vicodin. He smiled again just happy and content to be so close to his brother.

His search on the internet was getting him no where and Bobby was pretty vague on his accounts of it all. He knew there were three of them that came here and unfortunately only two left. The time in between is a big ass blur and he wishes his geek boy brother could do the research.

He rubbed a tired hand over his face and looked closer into the accounts of them all. They had to be somewhere people just don't disappear. Yeah, it sure seems like they do sometimes.

"D'n?" A pain filled moan pulled him from the computer as he walked over to where Sam was currently laid up. "Shhh Sammy go back to sleep." He cooed gently hoping his voice would somehow lull Sam back into sleep.

"D'n!" Sam said a bit more panicked. Dean wasn't sure if Sam knew he was here or if Sam just said it out of instinct. "It's ok your fine go back to sleep." He tried again and watched as Sam contemplated his words before nuzzling back into the pillow.

He chuckled to himself as he walked back over to the computer. His phone rang to life suddenly and he leapt across the floor trying to answer it before it woke Sam from his peaceful slumber. "Hello?" He asked quietly.

"Dean I found them, I know where they are."

Dean smiled as he heard the words. Game on.

Chapter Three

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