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Fizzled 2/2

Title: Fizzled
Summary: When Sam and Dean get into a car accident it's up to Sam to save the day, but things are never easy for Sam especially when thinking is involved.

He heard the soft beep beep of what sounded like a heart monitor. He smelt the antiseptic and just the plain death vibe that a hospital sends out. It didn't take a college mind to figure out he was in a hospital. It probably would have been nice to have a college mind in figuring out the reasoning behind why though.

He cracked open his eyes as the signs of an early morning sun were peeking through the curtains of his room. There was an I.V line snaking up from his hand probably feeding him fluids while he was out. What the hell happened?

"Ah Mr. Winchester you're awake?" Dean looked up as a 40 something year old man strode into the room carrying a clip board.

"Yeah looks like." He retorted as he must have been out of it not to give a fake I.D or anything.

"I'm Doctor Henson I've been treating you and your brother since you arrived."

Wait a minute brother. Sammy's here too, oh God how could I not think of Sam.

"Brother? You mean my brother's here too?" He asked with uncertainty wanting to make sure he heard him correctly. What if Sam is seriously injured? I don't even know what happened. I'll never forgive myself.

"Yes do you not remember anything from the accident?" The doctor looked at him with a frown. The lines on his forehead seemed to sag as concern grew.

"Accident? What accident?" What the hell is he talking about? I feel fine.

"Of course confusion and memory loss is to be expected from a head injury that you sustained."

"What the hell are you talking about? I want to see my brother." Dean ground out as he began to push the covers away.

"Mr. Winchester! Please I don't want you moving around yet."

"I don't give a rat's ass about myself. Where's my brother huh? What aren't you telling me?" He yelled as the doctor went into panic mode. He was starting to panic himself. They had an accident but it could be any type of accident to cover up for a hunt. All the list of injuries just gave him chills.

"If you settle down I'll tell you everything does that sound fair?" The guy even gave him 'I won't hesitate to sedate your ass look.' I bet he's done it in the past.

"Yeah it's fair, what about Sam." He asked anxiously but was quickly quieted. I don't like this deal very much.

"Listen son 911 got a call in 4 days ago and no one was answering back. The dispatcher told whoever was on the other end to stay on the line so we could trace the call. Luckily they did and they weren't too far out. An ambulance arrived in about 10 minutes."

"What's this have to do with anything? Who's 'they'?" Dean asked worriedly. He had a very good feeling he knew who it was.

"It was yourself and your brother; your brother made the call but was too injured to respond to our dispatcher." The doctor shook his head sadly.

Too injured? Oh my God what the hell happened?

"What happened?"

"You were in a car accident; you yourself hit the dashboard and knocked yourself unconscious. We did a CAT scan of your head and it wasn't the first time you've been hit in the noggin before son. So it wasn't any wonder you got a major concussion and were lucky you didn't go into a coma."

Coma? Car accident? "What about Sam." He said fearfully. If he got the better end of the stick. He didn't even want to think about it.

"Well I won't lie he wasn't in the best shape."

"Just tell me." He ground out angrily, he could already feel tears begin to prick at his eyes and he didn't even hear a diagnosis yet. This must be bad.

"Sam's head was smashed through the driver's side window and it's an amazement how he was able to call for help." The doctor gave him a look like he should be proud but all he was feeling was disgust. He got sidelined by a friggin concussion while Sam smashes his head through a window and still manages to get them out of there alive and well.

"He broke his wrist in his left arm so he has a cast on it and I'm guessing that to reach the cell phone to call 911 he had to reach around his body with his right hand and that caused him to dislocate his shoulder. It really is a miracle that he was able to call because Sam was losing blood fast out of a head wound."

Dean's mouth was agape; Sam did all this while he was unconscious. How come he didn't hear him, obviously dislocating his shoulder had to cause Sam to cry out in pain. He would always hear Sam unconscious or not.

"Is he ok." He asked hesitantly his arm was shaking from the weight and stress of holding himself up. He couldn't deal with this; he couldn't deal with it all. Why was it always Sam? Why did Lucifer pick Sam? Now he has to protect Sam from Lucifer and it looks like the damn car too? Oh shit the car! What are you playing at you don't care about the car, well not when Sam's injured because of you.

"He's just fine Dean. He's getting blood transfusions for the blood loss. His shoulder's been relocated and it's been put in a sling so no heavy lifting for awhile. A few scrapes and cuts from the glass but none too serious those are healing on there own. He's just resting now; he's awoken a few times and asked for you. He's coherent and knows what happened so nothing to worry about." The doctor smiled and patted his arm gently.

"Wait! Can I see him?" He asked urgently he had an overwhelming desire to see if Sam was really ok with his eyes.

"How about this, if you just rest here for the rest of the day and night and by tomorrow we'll have you moved to the same room. Is that a deal?" The doctor did seem nice, no other doctor would give in to his constant question of wanting to see Sam. He was actually going to put him in the same room.

"Deal." He said with a smile. He was still tired, and the doctor said Sam was ok he just needed rest. Yeah rest from your annoying ass. He chuckled as he laid back down and went to sleep.

He didn't know if it was morning yet but it sure felt like it. He could hear the annoying chirping of birds outside which most people loved the sound of but quite frankly in his mood he wanted to break their necks. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes just as he remembered the little deal he and the doctor had. He got rest and he could see Sam.

He shot up in the bed faster then he probably thought was normal for a man who had a major concussion. He quickly swung his head to the side and his eyes met what they were looking for. "Sammy." His little brother was peacefully sleeping in the bed next to him oblivious to the world. His head was wrapped in bandages covering his chocolate brown hair, scrapes and cuts covered his face mixing and weaving together. His right arm was in a sling resting on his chest while the other in a stark white cast lying by his side. He was about to jump out of bed when something tugged him back. "Ow." He cried as he looked for what was the perpetrator for keeping him from his brother. The I.V held onto his hand like a leash as it began to bleed from the sudden pull. "Damn things." He grumbled as he pulled it out with a hiss throwing it down angrily.

He made his way over to his brother's bed and pulled up the closest chair he could find. He wasn't moving from this spot, might as well bring him the AMA papers now. He sighed as he looked at how pale Sam was. He couldn't hold his hands for comfort because both arms were messed up. "I'm sorry Sammy." He apologized. "This wasn't supposed to happen."

"Hell none of this was." He chuckled slightly. "I promise I'll make it better, you may be out of the game for awhile but to hell with the angels, Lucifer, the whole damn world. It will be you and me like the old days. I'll give ya time as much time as you need." He smiled softly as Sam's head turned to him in sleep. He ducked in closer so he could whisper in his ear. "Me and you against the world…bitch." He watched as a ghost of a smile appeared on Sam's face. He was still here, holding out. That would have to do.

He could feel eyes watching him; he knew someone was watching him. He always had that sense when he was younger when he was sleeping to wake up at the right moment and now seemed like the right moment to wake up. He quickly opened his eyes to be met with a pair of hazel eyes staring back. "Sammy." He mumbled out as he almost fell out of the chair. When did he fall asleep?

"When did you wake up?" He argued as Sam just laid there starting at him. It kinda freaked him out. "Sammy answer me dude." He snapped his fingers in front of his face and waved his hand back and forth. Nothing. "Come on you're scaring me."

A scared voice startled him as Sam cleared his throat. "I just…I thought."

"What Sam?" He asked as Sam's eyes started to water. "What is it?"

"I thought you were dead. I couldn't even check to see if you were alright, I couldn't move my head. I tried though oh God I tried." He watched as solemn tears fell. Oh God Sam couldn't even see him throughout that whole ordeal. He would have been a nervous wreck. How the hell did Sam even call or get the phone?

"Shhh you did fine, look I'm fine I'm right here." He cooed as Sam stopped acting like he would stop breathing at any second.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry? What for Sam you called an ambulance and we got out alive." He looked perplexed as Sam mumbled an apology. This so wasn't what he expected.

"I'm sorry I screwed everything up." Sad little puppy dog eyes traced his own looking for forgiveness. It broke his heart.

"You didn't screw everything up Sam, we make mistakes were human ok?" He asked as Sam's eyes cast downward.

"Ok?" He began again not getting any answer. They really needed to have this talk but goddamnit it hurt to even begin the conversation. Past lies, past hurts coming out in a forefront. He couldn't do it he couldn't have this talk now he has to change the subject.

"Ok." he heard Sam mumble quietly. "Good." He breathed out; he had to think of something to change the subject before Sam asked another question. That kid is too damn persistent.

"Hey Sam what did you swerve out of the way for?" He watched as Sam's eyes lit up with interest. Bingo.

"Uh…promise you won't laugh."

"Sam you don't even have usable arms how can I laugh." It was true he couldn't find this situation funny in the least little bit.

"Ok I kinda swerved so we wouldn't hit a bunny." Sam's face turned bright red as a smile lit up his own. A bunny.

The kid was still the kindhearted, animal loving, Sam he always knew. Nothing could change that. Not Lucifer, not the demon blood, not the apocalypse. Nothing. He still called a rabbit a bunny for god sakes that proved it.

"I'm glad you didn't hit the bunny then." Dean announced proudly as he watched Sam fall back asleep. Of course there is repercussion's as a certain cast has a bunny drawing waiting to go on it.

The End

Want to read the bonus chapter? Find it here

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