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What Lies Beneath 7/8

Title: What Lies Beneath
Summary: What if in When the levee breaks Sam's funky mojo didn't work on Alastair?

Dean's butt was sore from the hard metal of the railing digging into his backside, more than his butt his ears were sore from the constant blabber from his companion in the elevator with him. He almost fell asleep on two separate occasions. He checked his watch occasionally and noticed how late it was getting he needed to get out of here, and he needed to put a mental reminder to never ever take elevators again.

"Are you listening to a word I'm saying?"

"Yeah, worlds gonna end, breaking of seals, blah blah blah." Nothing he hasn't heard before.

"I wouldn't be joking Dean, we need you in tip top shape. Everyone has a role to play in this war and it seems that you play the most important part."

His ears perked at that statement; finally the guy says something interesting. "What does that mean?"

"You see we need to stop Lilith from breaking the seals that's are main goal, correct?"


"If we do not succeed though we need a good little solider to stop Lucifer when he arises."

"Well aren't you a ball of sunshine." He grumbled as he bounced the thoughts around. What if they didn't stop Lilith? What would happen then, his dad instilled in him to always be prepared for anything so what baldy says does make sense, right? Of course he doesn't have to like it though.

"I'm just saying to be ready for anything Dean, if he should walk the Earth again we need someone to combat him and we already flipped the coin for who that was."

He watched as Zachariah grew a small smirk on his face that always bore trouble with it. "Who exactly might that be?"

"Why you of course, you have been chosen personally from heaven to have that honor Dean."

"Me?" He asked incredulously. "Why the hell you pick me, huh?"

"Why couldn't you of picked one of those supposed arch-angels or even God himself. Why me?"

"It always had to be you Dean whether you like it our not, even Sammy has a role to play we all do Dean it's the fact's of life. Were all little puppets in a play, you do well you get the standing ovation you crave Dean. You do poorly your life line will be cut, dropping you right back to where you came from."

Dean stared on with his mouth slightly agape, soaking all the information in. It always had to be you. He gulped as he turned to look at the door his own reflection staring him head on, all of his secrets, his lies, and his guilt eating away at him contorting his face into a different form. He turned around to be met with empty air. He heard the beep of the elevator stopping and quickly got off. He shivered, damn did he hate elevators.

Sam heard the door creak open, he turned his head fearfully to the side as he listened to the loud footsteps reverberate through the factory. Each one an echo of his utter helplessness. He couldn't scream out for help, he couldn't scream out in pain or terror. He had to admit this guy was good at finding what makes you break. No wonder why hell hired him.

He said no words, not even saying anything too him anymore just going straight to work carving out his chest to little pieces. He told him he enjoyed his tears, he enjoyed his pain but he didn't have the strength to hide it all away. He wanted Dean, he wanted Dean to make it all go away to make it all better like he use to when he was a child but those times are far lost. He's going to die he knows it, a failed rescue attempt wasn't exactly his planed death but that's the way the wind blows.

He feels it as the knifes digs in and he tries not to scream because it hurts to pull on the fresh stitches, he tries not to cry because he doesn't want to ensue his joy but what the hell might as well make someone happy. So he cries and screams even though it hurts for all it's worth just to please someone before he dies.

Dean walked down the hallway wiping away sweat as those damn elevators can get pretty hot fast. His coffee long since discarded all he focused on was Sam. The nurse, who he learned was named Alexis, told him Sam was awake and coherent had started to play 20 questions. So he took that as his cue to step in so Sam didn't annoy the nurses to death. He began to walk into the door when he heard Sam's frantic screaming, he skidded into the room like there was no tomorrow expecting baldy back or some unknown attacker but relaxed a notch when Sam was just in another dream. Of course it was only a notch because Sam wasn't out of the water yet. He strode over to his bed and shook his shoulders with force hoping to awaken him. No such luck.

"Sam! Sammy come on wake up, it's just a dream." He yelled as he shook his shoulders again. Still not getting any response except Sam's whimpers and sobs he began to panic.

He bent down so that he could whisper into Sam's ear he also began to card his fingers through Sam's hair hoping gentle notions would decipher to Sam between the dream and reality.

"Sammy it's just a dream, you're safe now I'm here and you're not alone I promise. Come back to me." He whispered softly as his fingers continued the motion. He didn't doubt that Sam was dreaming of Alastair and he only hoped the gentle gestures will pull Sam out of his dream state. As he hoped Sam quieted down and fluttered his eyes open.


"The one and only." He smiled as he stopped playing with Sam's hair. "You were dreaming kiddo." His smile turned to concern as Sam's eyes held confusion.

"Dreaming? Where I am?" The questions slipped his lips as he looked around; it was stark white with the smell of antiseptic. Ok I'm in a hospital but why?

"You're in a hospital you ah…" He scratched the back of his head thinking of a way to explain this properly. "Um…you had a little tango with Alastair." he hoped that Sam would click the rest of the pieces in place because he didn't have the heart to tell him he failed.

His mouthed formed a 'oh' as he racked his brain to remember, he and Alastair got into a confrontation. Why the hell can't I remember anything? Why is it so hot in here as well, aren't hospitals suppose to be cold? He swiped absently at his sweaty bangs and remembered Dean said he was dreaming. The dream, Alastair…alone. He shivered involuntarily as it hit like a semi-truck.

"Are you cold Sammy, I can ask for more blankets?"

"No I…I'm fine." He put on a pained smile as he tried to brush off Dean's mother henning but he knew this would go on for a little while. So he decided to change the subject. "Where's Cas?"

The question put him off guard as Sam just woke up from an obviously horrible dream, and then couldn't remember a damn thing. Then the thing he wants to know is 'Where's Cas' the sneaky little kid knows more then he's putting off. I'll play along.

"Hopefully getting laid, I mean dude he really needs to get him some." He joked as Sam just rolled his eyes.

"Can you ever give a serious answer?"

"I can if you can."

Touché. Sam thought as his mind was ravaged with images he rather forget; he really didn't need to have this conversation now. Sam looked up as he heard the flutter of a noise; his instincts of sound have become zoned in quite well after this.


"What you finally ready to admit I'm more handsome." Dean smiled as he propped his feet up on Sam's bed again. He watched as Sam just pointed behind him.

He made a garbled noise as he fell out of his chair.

"Are you alright?" Sam asked as he watched as Dean slowly got up from the ground he was of course healing from wounds too. He gave a heated glare towards Cas.

"I am sorry." Castiel muttered.

"Sorry, I outta kick your ass back up to heaven." Dean heaved pushing himself up. He brushed himself off as he grabbed the chair and sat back down propping his feet again. "Now what do you want before you give me another heart attack."

"I just wanted to see how Sam was doing."

"I'm fine thanks. Oh and thank you for getting me out of that factory by the way." Sam thanked as Castiel just gave a curt nod. He wasn't stupid Dean had help.

"Hey! Where's my gift of gratitude?" Dean grumbled as Sam just let himself slip. So you do remember about the factory you sneaky bastard. As soon as I kick Cas's ass out of here we are so talking.

"Dean do the world a favor, shut up." Sam smiled as his foot was kicked. He enjoyed this banter as it took the focus off the task at hand and why they were really there. He knew Dean would make him talk. Sooner or later he would have to sit down and explain everything like it or not.

Castiel watched the comments fly and figured he already overstayed his welcome as Dean still had warranty for him and indeed he still deserved a good old fashioned how do you say ass-kicking Dean Winchester style. Might as well get a head start and hide. "I will see you both later, please get better Sam you too Dean." He said his goodbyes and with that he was gone.

Dean paid no attention to the angel as he knew he had his number later. "So Sammy I hear around town that you can go home today, you think you're up to it?"

"Of course I am, I'm perfectly fine." Yeah on the outside a million bucks on the inside you're a poor pathetic one cent not even. "I'm ready too go Dean, please." He begged putting on his puppy dog face.

"Ok, ok the stuff's in the car already let me get your clothes or do you want to give the nurses the show of their life." He grinned as he dug through the duffel on the ground. Oh yeah were going home to some ratty ass motel room where Sam's going to bleed his heart out because isn't that the Winchester way. Where all ground breaking confessions go down; it's in some god forsaken motel room with the worst decor that walked the Earth. The carpet odor making you want to gag but what's the best is it's always let's your mind wander off the task at hand there's always something else to think about.

As he pulled out clothes for Sam he missed the pillow that whizzed past his head and he almost smiled but faltered a little as he stared at the still healing stitch holes. They would heal but would Sam's mind from it, that's the question that's always the question.

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