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What Lies Beneath 4/8

Title: What Lies Beneath
Summary: What if in When the levee breaks Sam's funky mojo didn't work on Alastair?

"Hello Dean."

"How do you know my name?" Dean questioned as he narrowed his eye's. Cas appeared to be threatened by the new comer.

"Why I've been watching you, making sure you don't do something stupid and go hurt yourself."

"You've been watching me? Just who the hell are you?" He was getting far beyond angered. This guy wanted to play word games while Sam still couldn't even talk to him.

"My name is Zachariah and I'm an angel Dean."

"Oh god not another one." He groaned at the thought of another screw up angel who couldn't do a damn thing right for the life of them. "What are you doing here?"

"I had to do some business, you see Castiel didn't do the job correctly."

"If you mean the devil's trap…" Dean started but stopped as Sam started to move again. "Shh it's ok." He whispered softly as he went back to stroking Sam's hair down. "Can we cut to the chase chuckles?"

"You see I am Castiel's superior that is why he's in shock of my presence."

"Really I thought it's cause your bald." He said sarcastically as he gave a glance toward Cas noticing the way he stood still, almost like a statue. Cas is in shock.


"What are you doing here Zachariah?"

Dean turned in shock as he heard the stutter of Cas's voice. Better late then never I suppose.

"I needed to see if he's ok."

"If he's ok? Yeah getting tortured by Alastair is a walk in the park pal." Dean ground out wishing they could stop the gibber gabber and get the hell out of here. Alastair could still be around here somewhere don't angels have brains.

"No not him, you."

"Me?" Dean asked with a hint of anger. This damn angel came all this way to make sure he was ok. Why did everyone find it necessary to make sure he was intact but not give Sam a second glance?

"Yes you, we couldn't have our little solider injured now could we."

"Solider? What the hell is going on here?" He turned to Cas but he just diverted his gaze.

"Cas you better start explaining yourself before I come over their and kick your Holy ass." He yelled as he quietly smothered down Sam's hair hoping it was comforting but he knew it wasn't. He knew that he hasn't gave Sam the comfort he needed lately he also knew that this whole incident could have been diverted.

"You know what I don't even want to know, just for once do your damn job…please." He asked as Cas looked over to Zachy there for confirmation. He sighed as this damn angel thing was getting old.

"You ready Dean?"

"Just do it already." He demanded annoyed at the whole situation. He held onto Sam tighter knowing this conversation was far from over.

"See ya soon Dean." That was the last thing he heard as the darkness surrounded him.

Chapter Five

Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic: what lies beneath, genre: gen
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