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What Lies Beneath 3/8

Title: What Lies Beneath
Summary: What if in When the levee breaks Sam's funky mojo didn't work on Alastair?

Sam hung limply by the shackles holding his wrist in place, his shirt was long since discarded on the ground from the multiple slashes cutting it into pieces. Alastair had finally left giving him a moment of peace but he knew he be back and he dreaded every second that time flew by knowing he'll see his face soon. He shivered slightly from the cold and a soft moan escaped his lips from the movement. He was truly and utterly alone no big brother to the rescue no angel coming to save his sorry ass.

His head darted around frantically as he heard the familiar creak of the door. He closed his eyes willing it to be Dean but he knew it wasn't he knew who it was.

"Sammy did you enjoy your break?"

He gulped as he heard the hollow voice say his name no compassion in it what so ever.

"Of course." He answered flatly as he started to shiver again the room becoming even colder.

"Good, because I've been thinking about what to do next. Since you wanted to know what Dean went through in hell I figured why not make this special and go out of the box."

Alastair approached him as he gave a smug smile. "Well do it, give it all you got." He spit out putting on a smile of his own.

"I like you Sammy you remind me a lot of my special student, you remind me of Dean."

Sam shivered as he mentioned Dean's name. "I'm glad you can make comparisons but stop the talk and start with it already." He yelled as he gave a defiant smile trying to put on a mask of confidence but inside he was crying like a little baby and he wished that he could just cry now.

"Eager aren't we, but I decided I heard enough of your mouth for one day Sammy."

He watched as Alastair walked over to the table of discarded weapons. He tried to see what Alastair was picking up but he couldn't see any thing; his vision was blurry at best and he could tell he wouldn't be awake for long.

"You see I normally revel in the screams my student's emit but I know ways to break you and I have a feeling if Deany boy comes back it will break him all the more."

Sam watched in horror as Alastair started to thread a needle and he gasped as he knew what his intention was. "Please don't do this." He begged as his eyes watered silently raining down tears onto the cold cement floor. "Please." A broken whisper as he looked down at the floor.

"Keep on begging Sammy it makes me feel even more delighted to do this." Alastair smiled at him as he walked slowly forward.

"Do it just get it over with." He sighed out as he looked Alastair in the eyes.

"I love your obedience I could use you Sammy." Alastair approached him as he roughly grabbed his chin his fingers burning his skin. He didn't even feel the stab of the first stitch as he quickly passed out.

"Sleep Sammy you'll need it."

Dean wafted through the darkness as his eyes finally opened; he was standing outside the same factory. He looked down to see he's been fully clothed and thanked the heaven that he didn't have to charge in there with his ass-end hanging out. He looked over to see Cas standing beside him a solemn look on his face. "Come on." He ground out as he quickly trudged to the door hating the eerie feeling he was getting. He slowly opened the door and jumped slightly at the audible creak it emitted. He searched frantically around the factory for an injured Sam or worse he gulped as he shook his head of the thought.

His eyes met there mark as horror crawled up his legs and into his eyes. "Sammy!" He yelled as rushed to Sam's unconscious form. He looked around quickly and sighed as Alastair was nowhere in sight. "Oh God." He had to stop from puking up his lunch at the sight of his brother. Sam's chest was covered in various slashes and cut's all bleeding down into the waistband of his jeans. His face oh god, he turned away as he didn't want to even look at it. Alastair had sewn his lips shut. He shivered as he tried to awaken his unconscious sibling. "Sammy, wake up man." The tears started to fall as he looked over Sam's limp form trying to find a way to make this better. "Cas get your ass over here." He yelled as he frantically thought of a way to free him. He watched as Cas obeyed and stood by his side. "Get to work undo these things." He yelled as he pointed to the shackles holding his brother prisoner. Cas just nodded his head as a flick of the wrist they popped off, and Sam's body started to tumble forward. "It's ok Sammy I gotcha." He cooed as he grabbed hold of Sam's arms easing him into his grip to be let down gently. He sat down with Sam in his lap as he softly stroked his hair. "Cas get these out." He demanded as he pointed to the stitches holding Sam's mouth shut.

"I can't we would have to take him to a hospital to get them surgically removed."

"Bullshit get to healing." His heartbeat was frantic as he heard the beginning of a low moan coming from the back of Sam's throat. It sounded raw due to the fact it couldn't escape past his lips. "It's ok Sammy I'm right here."

"I'm sorry Dean I can't do anything." He watched with a slight feeling of hurt and helplessness. Damn angels never good for anything. "Well get us the hell out of here." He yelled as he went back to stroking Sam's hair again trying to offer words of encouragement even though Sam couldn't hear him or respond.

"Whatever you say Dean." He watched as Cas walked up to them and began to put his fingers on his head. He closed is eyes waiting to be wafted into darkness but he didn't feel the original sensation, he opened his eyes to see Cas standing on the other side of the room staring at something. He turned to see what it was and there standing by the doorway was a man dressed in a suit with a smug smile on his face. He curled his body around Sammy to protect him from the new threat.

"Who the hell are you?"

Chapter Four

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