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What Lies Beneath 1/8

Title: What Lies Beneath
Summary: What if in When the levee breaks Sam's funky mojo didn't work on Alastair?

Sam burst into the old factory taking note of his unconscious brother lying on the floor. Fun time is over, if angels can't keep a simple devils trap together God help us. He watched with delight as Alastair went flying to the nearby wall pinned in place. He didn't bring any other weapon, he didn't need anything else, he was strong enough to do this. He looked over to see Cas staring on in disbelief but he zoned everything out focusing his energy on the task at hand.

"Stupid pet tricks."

"Who's murdering the angels?" Sam ground out as he watched Alastair smirk. If angels couldn't get simple information out with a full on torture session something was wrong.

"How are they doing it?"

"You think I'm gonna tell you?"

"Yeah I do." Sam replied as he brought his hand to a fist zoning out all the noises in the factory although their wasn't much to hear but his own heartbeat. He did this so many times before it was like second nature, a habit.

He should have been hearing Alastair thriving in pain, begging for mercy but all he heard was the loud echo of clapping. Either he finally lost his mind, which is quite often these days or Dean magically became conscious and decided to give him a standing ovation, which he thought not. He suddenly opened his eyes to see Alastair just clapping at him a smile on his face. He had no other weapons no other way to defend himself, he was too cocky with his abilities but isn't that karma for ya. When you need something the most they just up chuck and leave.

"Samuel, Samuel, Samuel. That was quite the show."

Sam looked over to still see his brother fully unconscious, ok there goes plan B. He looked over to see Cas just staring wide eyed at him, ok there goes plan C. He gulped as he slowly backed up toward where Dean was laying.

"You're not going anywhere Sammy."

Sam looked on with fear in his eyes as he was suddenly thrust into the damn contraption Alastair was in, his wrists firmly locked in place. This is so not good, any time now Cas.

He looked up suddenly when he heard a loud shout, to his surprise Cas and Dean were gone. He sighed out a relief that Dean would at least be somewhere safe but felt a twang of pain that he was left for dead, of course no one thought he was needed any way.

"You want to kill me Alastair?" He asked as he licked his suddenly dry lips.

"Kill you? Oh no boy, you want to know what ole' Dean went through in hell? Well I'll give you a first hand experience, free of expense."

Suddenly it all made since, he had been begging Dean to open up about hell and Dean only broke down certain walls, never reveling too much information. He asked for it, but all of the sudden he really doesn't want what he asked for so much. At least Dean's somewhere safe he can live with that.

Chapter Two

Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic: what lies beneath, genre: gen
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