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Mind Numbing 11/12

Title: Mind Numbing
Summary: "It's scary how your own mind doesn't even agree with your actions anymore." Gordon didn't know right from wrong these days. All he knew was the 'voice' telling him Sam Winchester must die. Set Season 2. Crazy Gordon/Limp Sam/Protective Dean

Dean swallowed back his fears as he noticed the form emerging from the shadows…Gordon. "You sonofabitch!" He yelled out as he began to back towards Sam knowing the still vulnerable state his brother was in. He cursed himself for being so stupid. Why the hell did I even set my gun down?

"I wasn't expecting you Dean; I see Roy has already fallen for your string of lies. I'll make sure he's taken care of when I get done with you and Sammy boy."

"What are you gonna do shoot me? You don't have the balls." Dean quickly put on a face of confidence.

"Actually Dean I don't intend to shoot you, I want to make you watch." Dean watched as an evil grin spread across Gordon's face.

"What watch you try to shoot a gun?" Dean joked as his legs hit the bed where Sam lay. Speaking of which Sam is awfully quiet.

"Your humor is quite funny I knew their was something good about you." Gordon shook his head as he inched closer to him…them.

"You know your ole pal Roy down their thinks you're a nut job." He tried to buy time hoping he can find a fault in Gordon somewhere; it seems as if Gordon was in a talkative mood so he quickly latched onto it and played off it…for how long he didn't know.

"Yeah and so does the rest of the world, but I know the truth."

"What truth is that? That you really are a nut job because I got to say if it took you this long to figure it out…" Dean was stopped mid sentence when he heard Gordon cock the gun. Ok maybe not a good idea making fun of him.

"You're all alike you think you're so much better but I know the truth. The 'voice' came to me…told me!" He scrunched his eyebrows together in disbelief as Gordon began to ramble about a 'voice'. So not what I was thinking.

"Gordy I think you're losing some screws upstairs." Dean then felt around for Sam's foot, he felt the ligament and gave it a reassuring squeeze, even though he had no clue how to get out of this one.

"You think I'm crazy? I think this whole damn world is crazy. Now you'll be silenced like the others who defied my logic."

"What the hell are you talking about?" He asked but he dreaded the answer.

"I'm talking about blowing your brains out. In fact that doesn't sound bad." Gordon smiled as he tensed his finger on the trigger.

"Well do it already don't be a pansy." Dean shook his head. He had no clue why he even said that. Of course he cared his brother was still tied down eagle style for god sakes.

"With pleasure."

Dean closed his eyes as he prepared for the lethal shot, he felt Sam squirm and he patted his foot to reassure him. A crazy lunatic isn't going to take him out. Once he heard the shot he rethought that thought as he heard Sam yell his name. Maybe a crazy lunatic is going to take him out?

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Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic: mind numbing, genre: gen
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