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Mind Numbing 10/12

Title: Mind Numbing
Summary: "It's scary how your own mind doesn't even agree with your actions anymore." Gordon didn't know right from wrong these days. All he knew was the 'voice' telling him Sam Winchester must die. Set Season 2. Crazy Gordon/Limp Sam/Protective Dean

When you gonna wake up and fight…for yourself?…Sound of Madness

Gordon wasn't hasty in his attempts as he casually took the stairs making sure each step was loud and pronounced so Sam would know of his arrival. He would make this slow, precious. He may be off his rocker but he still remembered what the 'voice' told him. Gordon approached the door and heard the desperate pleas and futile attempts to get free. Gordon grinned even more as he burst the door opened soaking in the the look of terror on the younger man's face.

"Sammy I've been waiting for this a long time." Gordon gloated as he strode casually into the room closing the door behind him.

"Listen kid I understand I do but I just…" Roy scratched the back of his head as he wracked his brain for a liable answer. "I have no way out."

"Every one has a choice." Dean scoffed as he looked down at the floor, he strained his ears to hear anything upstairs but he couldn't hear a thing. The silence was slowly killing him.

"Yeah, we all know how that works out." Roy snorted as he noted all the bad choices he made in life. His father always told him he had a choice in life and he should pick his own path. A lot good that did, look what the hell mess he weaved now.

"You said it yourself you don't think Sam's evil, Gordon's a nut job."

"That may be true but what shall you have me do because I don't see other options." Roy looked into the eyes of Dean Winchester and he had to turn away the damn kid was persuading him by the second.

"Just untie me I'll do the rest, get the hell out of here get drunk, get laid I don't care." Dean pleaded as he pulled at his hands, the damn redneck may have pissed him off good enough to garner him a bullet to the brain but he realized it was just in the line of duty.

Roy sighed as he looked to the stairs; he too thought Gordon was teetering off the deep end and not just lately. He has called him numerous times claiming a 'voice' was talking to him and telling him of all the great things he'll do. Roy just laughed in his face as he knew Gordon struggled with the need for self-gratification and comfort, the damn fool probably made it up to get by in his wake of deep depression.

Roy looked back into Dean's eyes and sighed again. "Alright we have some time kid; Gordon's going to work slow and methodical." Roy then began the daunting task of untying Dean.

"Thank you Roy." Dean blew out a breath of relief as he finally got through to his head.

"I don't want to hear that crap now. You're a good man Dean, don't change kid." Roy breathed out as he pulled out the last of the rope.

Dean flexed his hands as the feeling in them started to return. "Do you have any weapons or anything? All my stuffs up at the room." Dean asked as he checked his waist band for his gun noting it was gone.

"Yeah, I have your gun over here behind the desk." Roy stalked over to the desk as he picked it up and threw it over to the younger man, Dean catching it with ease.

"And Dean." Roy started as Dean began his decent up the stairs.


"If you ever tell any one about this I'll find you and I'll be a bigger pain in the ass then I was now, believe me I have ways." Roy grinned as he began reading the paper again. Maybe he did have choices in life.

"Whatever you say." Dean smiled back as he began climbing the stairs.

Sam breathing quickened its pace as he saw Gordon's frame burst into the door. What the hell is this?

"No need to be afraid Sammy." Gordon cooed as he watched the younger man flinch as he touched his chest.

"You see Sammy I heard some things around town about you and none of them were good." Gordon explained as he dug through his bag taking out a knife. He watched a confused expression splash across the mans face and that got him angered. Damn kid trying to hide it.

"You know what you are damn it!" Gordon yelled as he started to slice off the younger man's shirt. "We don't want to get blood on your pretty clothes do we?" He heard the muffled pleas as they switched from asking questions to asking for Dean.

"I don't need to explain myself Sammy, I have every good intention and the 'voice' will return and praise me on a job well done." Gordon beamed as he ran the cold knife up and down the naked chest. He decided a gun wasn't the best option not after that dream, if he played opposite day then he would have his precious hunt under wraps.

Sam shivered as the cold bit at his chest; he was feeling extremely uncomfortable at this moment. A 'voice'? This man is a friggin nut job. He thought to himself as Gordon proceeded to run that damn cold knife up and down his chest. He tried to ask questions but the duct tape was preventing anything sounding legit. He then gave up at it and just started to call out to Dean he doesn't even know where the hell he is or if he's ok. That's what scared him the most.

Gordon cursed as he heard the sound of footfalls up the stairs, damn Roy. He can't have Sam, he was promised to him. "Sammy it seems as if we have another guest." Gordon said elusively as he backed away into the shadows waiting for Roy, he would not get Sam.

Dean tried his best to be quiet but his anxiousness and fear were getting the best of him. Even when he got to the door he still heard nothing and that scared him into action. He opened the door quietly wincing at the creaking it produced.

He looked around and saw Sam looking back at him with wide terror filled eyes. "Sammy." He yelled out as he put down his gun to rush over to his brother it never occurred to him that Gordon was suppose to be here.

He squatted next to him and a flash of anger went through him at the cut up shirt lying limply at Sam's side. "It's ok." He cooed as he tried to calm down Sam's breathing, gently taking the duct tape off trying not to pull at the tender skin around the mouth.

"Watch out!" Sam yelled out as he wildly searched for Gordon around the room knowing he was hiding in wait.

"What?" Dean quickly turned around to be met with his own gun in his face.

"Hello Dean."

Chapter Eleven

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