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Mind Numbing 3/12

Title: Mind Numbing
Summary: "It's scary how your own mind doesn't even agree with your actions anymore." Gordon didn't know right from wrong these days. All he knew was the 'voice' telling him Sam Winchester must die. Set Season 2. Crazy Gordon/Limp Sam/Protective Dean

Dean sat in the old motel chair, shifting through old newspaper recordings on the lap-top. He really needed a good drink to settle his mind; he looked over once again at his sleeping brother and almost cursed at how peaceful and serene he was. He had the un-dautning task of taking his shoes and jacket off, because Sam fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed. Not fun. He thought to himself as he gathered more info for the hunt.

There was no other information or leads, just animal mutilations. He had no clue what the hell could be doing it or why in gods name Bobby sent him that text. There was nothing here to even put together. He just have to run with it.

Dean ran his hand over his tired face and started his nightly routine. He was about to hop into bed when a knock startled him out of bed, he grabbed the knife that lay under his pillow and stalked slowly towards their door. He gave a sideways glance towards Sam and was thankful he was still asleep.

"Mr. Perry! You in there son! I'm a tryin to tell ya som'in." Roy banged on the door even louder as he grinned knowing that he would be pissing him off even more.

Dean heard the familiar voice of the desk clerk and cursed. He hid his knife under some books and grabbed his discarded jeans on the floor. He whipped the door open missing a bang on the head from him trying to knock again.

"What? It's 12:34 in the morning man. My brothers trying to sleep." He grumbled as he gave an incredulous look. The hillbilly just smirked at him, which pissed him off to no end.

"I'm sorry to disturb ya but I wanted to remind ya there's free breakfast tomorrow." He smiled at how red Dean's face turned. He wanted to test him out, know his boundaries to tick.

"What?" Dean yelled still trying to keep his voice down to a minimum. He had no t-shirt on for god sakes! His brother was clad in only his boxers as well, which made him feel even more uncomfortable.

"Ya know he looks peaceful when he's sleeping." Roy pointed to the sleeping boy. He grinned sheepishly. He wanted to steer Dean wrong give him the wrong impression that he wanted Sam but in reality, he was gunning for him all along. Gordon told him specifically to leave Sam to him, so he will do what he is told.

Dean was far beyond pissed, he was about to seriously gut this guy. He decided to tell him about a free breakfast at 12:34 in the fucking morning! Then he goes and makes comments on his little brother sleeping. It gave him chills.

"You better get the fuck away before I do something you might regret." Dean warned as he inched closer to the knife he had hidden. A deadly look in his eyes.

"Sorry son. I'll be on my way." Roy put up his hands in a mock of surrender and strided down the stairs.

Dean closed the door and slid slowly down it. He gave an exasperated sigh as he looked over to his brother once more. He was still peacefully sleeping unaware of the confrontation that just went on. Silent miracles in the works.

"Damn country bumpkins, damn farmland. Damn it all to hell." he grumbled as he crawled back into bed. He watched the door again making sure they would not have anymore late night visitors and slowly drifted to sleep.

Roy sat in the same damn chair he sat in since he opened this place in '99. Watching the same TV programs drinking the same whiskey. Instead of feeling alone and depressed like usual he felt "happy". He was in the works of letting Gordon fulfill his plan. When his friend had called not to long ago he was a mix of terrified and legally insane. Roy laughed as he remembered their conversation pretty damn well.

"Roy listen I need your help it's urgent." Gordon screamed over the phone as he walked from the alley.

"Calm down son what's it ya need?" Roy asked setting down his bottle of whiskey, concern plastered on his face.

"The 'voice' it's telling me to do something again and I need some help with it." Gordon panted trying to run back to his motel room. The dark had takin control again and he actually liked it. It made him sick.

"Gordon I thought we talked about this 'voice'. You shouldn't listen to it." He humored, as Gordon was conflicted with thinking his mind is talking to him.

"No, no it's something big. Very big, and it involves one man. A despicable evil that I can't even say."

Now that got his attention. "So what man? How evil we talkin?"

"Sam Winchester, he's the damn anti-Christ and the 'voice' told me to stop him." Gordon said proudly glad that the 'voice' had seen confidence in his abilities.

"Ok so why you'd call me?" He asked, not wanting to dig deeper but wanting to know why Gordon needed his help.

"You need to take care of his pain in the ass brother."

"Now you're speakin my language. Send um my way I'll give him a good ole' time." He laughed now knowing he was used as a distraction again.

"Already ahead of it. Oh Roy."

"Ya?" He replied.

"No touching Sam he's mine."

He heard the vengeance and spite, and was looking forward to this.

Roy gulped down another swig as he thumbed through a folder he complied of Dean Winchester. He needed to know everything about him and what made him tick. He began to read as he smiled about his intrusion. Another test but the real test will not be far off. He needed to make Dean think he was gunning for something else and is it not perfect that Sam was right there to use.

Chapter Four

Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic: mind numbing, genre: gen
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