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Mind Numbing 1/12

This is the prequel I should say to Wish You Were Here. Lot's of errors and what not. One of my first fics.

Title: Mind Numbing
Summary: "It's scary how your own mind doesn't even agree with your actions anymore." Gordon didn't know right from wrong these days. All he knew was the 'voice' telling him Sam Winchester must die. Set Season 2. Crazy Gordon/Limp Sam/Protective Dean

Yeah, I get it, You're an outcast. Always under attack. Always coming in last, Bringing up the past. No one owes you anything. I think you need a shotgun blast, A kick in the ass, So paranoid. . . Watch your back! …Sound Of Madness

Gordon walked down the alley way as he did so many times before. He took comfort in the shadows that engulfed him and hid his body as he sat and thought alone in the dark, no one questioned as to what he was doing; they were all to afraid. Gordon loved fear; he would bathe in it if he could. There has been a problem in his logical thinking as of now, his safe haven and thinking place offered him the peace and quiet but he could only see one name in his mind. One name; his mind was screaming at him to do something but he didn't know how or what to do. He was a vampire hunter damn it, not a mass murderer.

Gordon rested his aching head on the cold concrete wall, he never should of went gung ho to prove his damn point. He never should have listened to him.

"You know I'm right Gordon that kid is evil personified. The definition of evil"

"I know, I know. I just don't know what to do." Gordon sighed, this is what he has become. He's been talking to the voice inside his head for months; the voice inside his head is what led him to that evil abomination in the first place.

"I told you just off with his head. It's just like you've been doing."

"It's not that simple." He growled, people turned to stare at him but he didn't care. He was having a very important conversation don't people get that! "It's just… his brother is in the way what do I do." He pleaded; he never distrusted the voice before because 'it' was never wrong, but why start now?

"Wait for it Gordon, it'll come. It'll all work itself out."

"I hope you're right because I can't let that thing go running around wild." He sighed the voice left he could feel it he was alone again. He needed to get up off his ass and go start making plans and finding leads but the darkness just seemed like an appetizing thing that enticed you in, and he couldn't resist its offer.

Chapter Two

Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic: mind numbing, genre: gen
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