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Venom Chaser 4/11

Title: Venom Chaser
Summery: When Dean and Sam find traces of demonic activity in Arizona they think it's going to be a simple hunt, but they get more then they bargained for when bodies start appearing over the desert terrain. Dean's Deal also doesn't help any. Set in Season 3

The breeze against his skin was so calm and reassuring that he just let Dean roll both windows down even though the temperature spiked up to 95 degrees. It was relaxing, there was no more worrying for the moment it got pushed into the back of his mind…especially when Dean started to sing I touch myself just to annoy him.

Sam looked over at his older brother and saw a peaceful serene face plastered on it…one that hasn't been seen since his father's death and that was some time ago. They were heading to the beach, just like Dean planned, of course Sam would probably just lay out in the sun maybe catch up on reading but he knew Dean had other plans.

When they pulled up to the beach he could see Deans mouth water with anticipation…the anticipation of relaxing he hoped.

"So Sammy you need me to get your floaties from the trunk?" Dean said as Sam just flipped him off for the second time this hunt…a new record.

"While you go bathe in sunscreen I got some errands to do if ya feel me." Dean's eye's looked over to the three ladies who were splashing around in the water.

"Yeah, yeah go ahead I'll lay our stuff out here." He shrugged Dean off as he knew Dean was itching for some action but of course if things became to intimate he would have to tell the embarrassing story of when Dean fell asleep in the sun and he laid a woman's bra on top of his chest. When Dean woke up he was burnt to a crisp except for a bra impression along his chest, he couldn't take his shirt off for two weeks.

Sam laughed out loud at the memory, those were good times. Of course his brother got him back with Nair in the shampoo and that's when he learned not to EVER start a prank war EVER again.

He watched as Dean approached the three women and there jaws dropped at his physic, of course Dean wanted to show off so he started to flex his pecs…typical.

Sam just laid back and closed his eyes against the harsh rays; it wouldn't be until someone laid a hand on his shoulder that he popped up instantly.

"Wha…?" he started to heave in oxygen expecting a psycho but all he saw was a young women looking down at him with concern in her eyes.

"I'm sorry I startled you, but you've been asleep for at least 45 minutes and I didn't want you to get burnt."

"Thanks, I mean thank you. You didn't have to do that." Sam said as he looked around for his brother and let out a breath when he saw Dean rubbing tanning lotion onto some women.

"Don't mention it; I'm Abby by the way." She sat down next to him and he extended his hand out to reach hers. She has golden brown hair, with brilliant blue eyes; she almost looks like…no no.

He gulped when she just stared at him curiously.

"So do you have a name or do I have to make one up." She asked him with a smile, god she looks just like Jess when she…

"Uh…yea." Well that was a brilliant answer; he was pretty sure if Dean were here he would get his ass kicked into next year for being so stupid.

"So…what is it?" She asked again almost irritated. Great now you pissed her off.

"It's Sam, Sam Winchester." Another mistake telling her my last name. I really need some sleep or I'm gonna end up brain dead.

"Sam, that's a nice name. Do you live around here?"

"No, me and my brother were investigating the deaths here in Phoenix. We just needed some down time that's all." He stated as he saw her face pain up, obviously she was connected in a way with the deaths.

"Oh, I…I see." She gulped then looked down into the sand pushing it around with her tanned feet.

"Are you alright?" I offered, because obviously this could be another hit into the deaths.

"Yeah it's just…well. My brother he was taken by that thing and…killed." She started to cry bending into my shoulder blade. I started a soft mantra of words I knew Dean would use too calm her down.

"It's ok; do you know what took him?" I asked as sobs continued to wrack her body. People kept staring as they went by and as I glanced over Dean was eating strawberries and chocolate off a women's belly…not even gonna ask.

"My brother he looked so much like you Sam, and all the police could say was we'll figure it out. It's been two years Sam TWO years. The police gave him a name though, it was the venom chaser." She sniffed and let go of my shoulder to sit up, it seems like venting her emotions has helped…if only Dean would do the same.

"The venom chaser?" I asked, because police, pedestrians, normal people don't give demons a special name. Especially one that has to do with venom.

"Yeah, kinda corny right?" She laughed a little and her smile crept back onto her face I had to turn away.

"Whatever floats there boat I guess, but can I ask you one last question?"

"Sure, whatever you like hotcakes." She grinned as I blushed inwardly at the named used.

"Um…what happened to the bodies when they found them? You know the coroners report thing."

"Yeah, the bodies' main organs shut down due to an unknown substance in the blood stream. Soon enough they were dumped in an area not far from here. It's in central Phoenix made up of a bunch of mountain peaks and a desert terrain."

"Ok, me and my brother will go check it out after this. Thanks for all your help Abby I really appreciate." I flashed her a winning smile and the mood seemed to lighten, this day didn't seem bad after all.

To say that this day was perfect was putting it too lightly. This day was heaven, Dean said to himself as he dumped Sam at the beach and quickly made his way over to the water where the three lovely ladies were having a water fight.

He felt bad that he ditched Sam for some women but hey you got to live a little some times, even Sam knows that. He entered the water and saw all three women look at him in awe.

"Hello ladies care if I swim around here." He asked as he made his pecs jump up and they started to giggle.

"Uh…not at all uh what's your name?"

The lady with the stunning red hair asked, if he had the chance he do them all but out of all of them she was the most stunning. Her looks were striking beyond belief.

"Call me Dean but if another name comes too mind have at it." He grinned as the other two started to think for one. Obviously the red-haired woman was the leader of this fine establishment.

"So I never saw you before, what brings you around Phoenix? I think I would have remembered a hot man like yourself." She grinned as the others agreed with her.

"Sweetheart, I'm on business now we don't want to mix business with pleasure do we?"

"Well there's always way's to bend the rules. You seem like a rule breaker." She purred and his testosterone level sky rocketed.

"Did you check out my book or something?" She laughed as she whispered something to the other two, they quickly dispersed…so much for a three some, but he was enjoying this.

"So how's you say we head over to my towel and we talk a little." She started to creep closer to him and he could smell the violet in her hair even though it was wet.

"Talking is my middle name." As he and his new playmate 'which he didn't even know her name' walked out of the water he saw Sam lying on the towel sleeping. An evil grin crept on his face and he could only imagine the torment he would force upon him.

Sam sat on the towel for the longest time talking to Abby about the case or hunt whichever, his goof ball brother and his day's at Stanford. For some reason he felt as though he could tell her everything about him, his inner secrets and his feelings and after it was over she would just tell him it was ok and move on.

As the day passed he saw Dean conversating with a fiery red head near the bar…if you call it conversating. Soon the sun was at its highest and it had gotten extremely hot outside, thankfully he didn't burn anywhere…if anything he's gotten more tan.

"So Sam how's you say me and you head back to my car?" She asked smiling and holding his hand. For some other reason he would have felt very uncomfortable but today he was so relaxed he had no care in the world.

"Your car?" I gulped as I contemplated whether I should take the step off the cliff and actually do it. As I turned to Dean I could see he was making out with the girl he was talking too so what the hell why shouldn't I…I'm not striping in a gay strip joint.

"Sure, let's go." I took her hand and we both walked back into the parking lot to get seated in her car…now I know I'm screwed up I'm about to have sex in public with a girl I just met.

Dean followed the girl all the way over to a lone towel; she quickly sat down and started to sip on some mixed drink.

"Do you want some?" She offered but he decided if he was going to bang this chick he at least wants to remember it.

"Na, I'll pass."

"So Dean tell me why do you keep glancing over to that kid on the towel over there?" She pointed to where Sam was sitting which what looked like a girl plopped right next to him…he couldn't hide his grin.

"He's my brother what can I say." He watched as she just smiled and nodded her head.

"You don't need to say anything; I find protectiveness in an older brother highly attractive and very sexy." She scooted next to him her hands feeling up his chest…boy could he get use to this.

"Do I get a golden star?" He asked as she continued to coo at him, the onlookers that passed by were obviously used to this because no one objected that they might just strip naked in a public beach and have sex.

"You get more then that, you get to know my name. That's a prize in and of itself and if your good maybe you can rub some tanning oil on me." She purred as he felt a jolt go through his body, he couldn't suppress a groan and felt like a retard. This wasn't the first time he felt exhilarated and definitely won't be the last.

"That is a prize, well maybe if you're good you can give me a massage."

"I'm ashamed at you; I'm always good what would ever give you the intention that I was naughty?" Well he did have some ideas in mind.

"My name is Ember, not to be confused with Amber because it looks like you get confused easily."

"Me confused never." He looked into the depths of her eyes and saw passion, fire, intensity, even the drive for sex. He was so winning this bet. He took a glance over at Sam and saw him and some girl walk away into the parking lot.

"That's my boy." He muttered under his breath as she just scouted closer and started to press her lips against his. He returned the embrace and for once he just lived a little.

She closed both the doors and he just took one breath and it relaxed him, soothed him.

She started to scoot closer to him and he just stood still waiting for the embrace, for a love that never was.

She pressed her lips into his and he returned it, flashes of Jess came to mind, her beautiful long hair that hit his face when they snuggled. The way she was gentle with her touch and motion. Most of all her calming voice that said his name.


"Huh, I can't do this I'm sorry Abby I really I'm…I just can't." He quickly got out of the car and went to go find his brother.

He started off in the direction he knew he was located when his phone rang to life.

"Hello." He answered as a burly voice sounded over the phone; he recognized it was Mr. Smith.

"Yes sir, I would like to know."

"Another one! Alright I'll grab my partner and we'll be right there." He quickly hung up the phone and raced to find Dean, he was crushed with the news that another body was discovered. They needed to head out to central Phoenix and figure this out.

Chapter Five

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