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OMG Supernatural is 2 measly hours away and I'm so excited (sort of) not excited about the Dean homemaker part which I know will be a big part of the episode ugh.... I can't wait till we see no more of Lisa and Ben I hated that because that was nothing like the supernatural I fell in love with and it certainly wasn't like the Dean I liked in season 1 throughout season 5. It saddens me sera wants to turn Dean into a softy boyfriend even Jensen thinks he's too soft. I just hope that they'll make the right choices in the end where it counts.

Enough of that pitiful rant what about season 6? I've been waiting ages and it's here and plus I've heard we get some bad ass Sammy for the duration of season 6. I'm siked my man is finally recognized for his manliness.

If your like this

Or this were in the same boat
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