Charity (cherry916) wrote,

Happy 4th of July

I'm still alive guys! And kicking I just don't use LJ anymore. I sadly have gotten out of Supernatural so I've migrated away from livejournal :C

However I am back into wrestling full swing writing stories, participating on tumblr and reddit with it so if that is your bag come find me on tumblr, reddit, or A03!

Also as another thing of note all my bookmarks are now on Pinboard so if you have my old delicious link saved make sure you change it. Also I do get some PM's regarding this but, yes I am still giving out PDF's for those who request them. I'm just slower with answering requests at times but I do not ignore them, I also don't update the post as frequently as I used to but who knows? I may update again just very sporadically so don't feel ashamed to ask. I've been getting requests in lately so I wanted to make a blanket statement.

Other than that, Happy 4th to you all! Hope you enjoy it.

Tags: !real life, happy 4th of july

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