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Hey all! Almost Christmas time and I'm sitting here in my house with two presents under the tree lol but that's what happens when you've been going to school full time and only have one income coming into the house.

Just thought I would make a little update for you all concerning fandom, this journal and other things and stuff. I'm sure a lot of you have figured out by now that I quit watching Supernatural. I stopped halfway through Season 12 and haven't even went back to watch Season 13. It was slowly becoming something I wasn't enjoying or liking and I didn't want to tarnish my love for it any futher and with that sort of brings down a very long reign of being pretty central to the spn fandom. I don't write supernatural stories anymore, don't necessarily read new things either.

This may leave a lot wondering what is going to happen in the future regarding, presently, my PDF library and my previous stories and things. So I'm here to tell you to RELAX. None of my stories will be deleted and will be archival both on here and my A03 account. My PDF library is still up and operating and I just added some new stories today! Many of the PDF's I have are stories that have been deleted. Believe me I know, I just migrated my bookmarks from delicious to pinboard and have been re-tagging things and deleting dead links so a whole MASS of stories are gone forever except in the confines of my harddrive :D

Another cool thing I've been doing is tagging any of my PDF's I have saved on pinboard with *cherrypdf so you can search for them that way as well. I currently DO NOT USE delicious anymore I have moved everything over to pinboard and plan to delete my delicious so anyone still following delicious needs to move on over to my pinboard.

I'm mainly on tumblr and reddit these days and I have reignited my love affair with wrestling again which has now become my main fandom. My tumblr is about 98% comprised of wrestling with like 2% supernatural. I am writing stories currently for wrestling and doing my fandom gig for wrestling. So if that's something you dig you can join me in the party.

Just figured I'd update you all on what I am doing online now a days since I don't really use LJ anymore. 
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