Charity (cherry916) wrote,

2 week till I turn 24

It's been a rollercoaster of a ride for me these last few months. This will be my first birthday without my Mom which feels really strange to me, I guess it hasn't really kicked in as of yet. I've been seeing a therapist for my depression and anxiety since it was becoming unmanagable to the point where I felt it was deeply affecting my relationship with my boyfriend. I think in some ways it's helping though. I had to take a certification test yesterday for teaching and the last time I took a test like that I failed and I was so anxious going into that one that I was scared I would fail again. I was anxious but not as bad, and I don't know whether I passed yet or not but I feel confident that I did pass.

We are planning to move out soon, I'm about to finish my last semester of my bachelors degree and things will be changing a lot for me once I graduate. I feel a lot of things in life has changed for the better, and some changes I still am having a hard time adapting too but it's definitely been one hell of a crazy ride.
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