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I Survived!

So, I managed to survive my first semester at USF. Some of the classes really challenged my patience, as did the teachers but I lived and learned and made it out on the other side.

I jump right back into another semester come May 11th but I get a very small repreieve. Hopefully next semester will go a lot better than the first now that I have a lot more knowledge.

I am still 100% in fandom however, if anyone was wondering. I plan to add more PDF's as well as write some more. I am going to participate in spn_summergen as I do every year. I do have a few ficlets I have written after spn episodes but I need to get them beta'd (if anyone is offering that'd be awesome)

I am still watching SPN as well and I'm on tumblr if you ever want to hit me up over here. I still mod spnstoryfinders and spn_littlebro

Still the same old me I just have ten times more workload. I remember when I quit school and had no job and basically this was all I did 24/7. I would stay up really late and then sleep all day and do it in repeat and you know, I really don't miss that.

Anyway, how has everyone been? How are you liking the season!

Oohhh I know let's have a poll and see what ya'lls favorite episode is? Mine currently has been The Werther Project, and Fan Fiction

Poll #2010242 Favorite Episode

What is your Favorite Episode of Season 10

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