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*knock knock* is this thing on

Long time no see gals and gents, it continues to be a crazy ride in the life of Cherry over here, which has sadly left me with very little time for fandom *tears*

HOWEVER I still check everything everyday, I'm on tumblr, and I still write. I just finished my spn_reversebang a few months ago and I consider it a huge compliment I even got it done! Alas, I will continue to write however and I want to make more PDFs when I get the time to add to my collection.

Here is something that might get me and the rest of ya'll in the writing mood:

A Sam-focused h/c challenge!

Yep! You get to leave five prompts and claiming will commence after March 1st! I plan to claim a few myself. Currently there is only 49 prompts and I find this unacceptable especially considering the amount of hurt!Sam we have already gotten in season 10. I know I took the opportunity and ran with it in my prompts \0/ but that doesn't exclude of course the other seasons and episodes where we got epic hurt!Sam that can be explored or even NEW hurt!Sam just waiting to be written.

So why not head over and leave some prompts? You don't have to write anything if you leave prompts but it is highly encouraged you do!

Anyway, what else is new? New fics, vids, bromance moments from J2......
Tags: fandom: supernatural, pimping
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