Charity (cherry916) wrote,

Fic: Absolution Part Three

Title: Absolution
Art: Here
Artist: imogen_lily
Beta: mylifewithin
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 19,000+
Pairing/Characters: Jared/Jensen, Jared/Tom Welling, Misha Collins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan...
Warnings: mpreg, bitter divorce/mud-slinging, [Spoilers for story]
domestic abuse, past-miscarriage, non-con/rape

Author's Note: This was written for the spn_reversebang. Just wow! I remember telling imogen in our first email that I wasn't really known for producing long fic, but dang this thing got long! After begging for multiple extensions I've finally completed it. I couldn't be happier with the outcome or the art. I've had a lot of fun hasing out this story, emailing imogen questions and comments but most of all the art is spectacular! Ten times better than I ever imagined. Seiously. Without the art this story is nothing so please take a look and leave her some feedback!

Summary: When hotshot lawyer Jensen Ackles is hired by wealthy businessman Tom Welling to oversee his bitter divorce from cheating ex Jared, Tom makes it clear he wants two things from Jensen: to keep his fortune and his kids, and Jensen is to use any methods to ensure that. But has Tom told the whole truth about their marriage and how will Jensen deal with finally meeting the infamous Jared, who just happens to be his personal wet dream on legs?


Jensen rushed into the emergency room with Nikolai in hand and Alexander running full sprint at the bed that Jared laid in.
“Hey baby.” Jared smiled, reaching out his hands to take his son into his arms.

“I was so worried about you, Daddy!”

“Me too.” Nikolai piped up, rushing from Jensen’s arms into his father’s.

“Awww…I’m fine just a few scratches that needed some stitches and little bit here is fine too.” Jared rubbed his stomach.

“Shit Jay…what the hell happened?” Jensen sighed out the breath he’d been holding, forgetting about his language in his stress and worry to get here. “I was making us dinner when I got the call.” Jensen took a seat in the chair next to the bed and immediately grabbed the hand that was offered from Jared.

“Some guy came up behind me and attacked me. I didn’t get a good look at him. He was able to nick me some but I managed to punch him in the face and by that time the cops had shown up.” Jared fidgeted with the bandage that was covering his forearm, drawing Jensen’s eyes to the white cloth.

“Did they say who it was?”

“Mike fucking Rosenbaum.”

Jensen jumped at the voice that came from the hallway.

“Oh and by the way thanks so much Ackles for calling me and telling me that Jared was hurt you ass.” Misha strode into the small room taking a stance near the door.

“Misha. Language.” Jared admonished, covering Alex’s ears with his hands.

“Yeah Mr. Collins.” Nikolai snickered making Jensen grin.

Misha rolled his eyes.

“So who’s Mike Rosenbaum?” Jared questioned, seeing that Alexander was wanting to sit more closely near him he helped his son up on the hospital bed so he could cuddle next to him.

“I’m surprised you don’t already know. Mike Rosenbaum is the former secretary of Tom.”

“Tom?” Jensen growled. “He did this?”

“No, do you have cotton in your ears. Did you not just hear me say Mike Rosenbaum?”

“But he worked for Tom. I bet you Tom set this up somehow.” Jensen stood up from his sit, suddenly agitated and anxious. He ran his hand over his scruff and paced back and forth.

“Jensen?” Nikolai asked softly making him pause. It took everything in him to simply settle back down in his chair.

“His secretary? I thought his secretary was a female? Her name was Ann or Anna or something like that?” Jared asked perplexed.

“Mike was hired around the same time you guys got married and that isn’t all that I found Jared…” Misha replied, suddenly feeling nervous about delivering the news.

“What? What is it Misha?”

“Tom was having an affair with Mike. I guess Mike confessed to assaulting you due to jealously. He revealed the relationship he and Tom had. From what he said, they’ve been having an affair for some time now.”

“What?” Jared asked devastated. “A-A-After all that? After all the huff over Jeff and he was having an affair on me?”

“Jay…” Jensen whispered. He hated knowing that Tom still managed to hurt Jared even when he wasn’t around.

His hands tightened into fists seeing at how upset Jared was getting over the ordeal. Mind made up Jensen said, “Misha watch over them for me I have something to do.”

“Ackles don’t be stupid now. Jared needs you, the boys need you.” Misha admonished.

“Jensen?” Jared questioned.

“I’ll be back.” Jensen bent down and kissed Jared on the forehead. “Watch out for your Dad and brother for me Nik.” Nikolai nodded.

Jensen didn’t spare a glance back.

“You son of a bitch!” Jensen barged into Tom’s office having evaded his security detail outside. The man was getting lapse the closer it came to the trial which Jensen used for his advantage.

“Jensen?” Tom sneered, getting up from his seat at his desk. “How’d you get up here?”

“Doesn’t matter how I got up here, you bastard! You hurt Jared!”

“Hurt Jared?” Tom scoffed. “I’d never hurt him. I gave him what he needed to be kept in line. It’s not my fault that boy didn’t always want to conform to my needs.”

Jensen felt a vein pulse in his neck. It’d be so easy to walk over there and beat the smug grin off his face but he couldn’t risk the case. “You know what I mean. You sent your fuck toy to hurt Jared and you almost hurt my child in the process.”

“Oh, yes, your child.” Tom laughed, taking a seat at his desk again which infuriated Jensen. “Are you sure it’s yours? Or is Jared fucking that Misha person and maybe it’s his? The boy does have wandering dick syndrome.”

“It’s mine, which is something you could never do. You’re infertile. You can’t produce offspring and even the offspring you got don’t want anything to do with you.” The words dripped like poison from his mouth as he slowly inched closer.

“Shut up.” Tom yelled. “I wasn’t infertile. It was the little slut who couldn’t have babies after the accident.”

“The accident you caused because you thought Jared was cheating on you? When all along it was you cheating on him and man I gotta say…going from Jared to Mike? Wow that’s a new low.” Jensen watched as Tom gritted his teeth and did his best to unclench his fists which he had settled in his lap.

“Doesn’t mean anything anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jared had another accident and lost the baby…he’s so clumsy you know.”

“If you try to hurt Jared or my child you won’t be standing Welling. I’ll break your fucking legs.” Jensen threatened.

“I like to see you try. I remember Jeff once telling me that too but you know that never turned out the way he planned it. If anything I almost broke Jared’s legs that night when I…”

Tom didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence. Jensen pounced on the taller man and managed to land in a few good punches before security was barging into the office and pulling him from Tom.

“Fuck,” Tom moaned. “Shit! I think he broke my nose.”

Jensen watched in satisfaction as Tom cupped his bleeding nose. He didn’t see as a heavy hand cuffed him on the side of the head, sending him sprawling into the next man as he was kneed in the gut.

It wasn’t until the cops pulled him out of there that the abuse stopped from Tom’s beefy security detail.


“Thank you officers.”

Jensen looked up when he heard Misha Collins voice echo down the hall. His made a buzzing sound that opened to allow Misha to walk inside his cell.

“Nice shiner Ackles.”

“Oh eat me Misha.” Jensen quipped, pulling back the ice pack he was given.

“So how’d your little soul-searching go with Tom?”

Jensen sent Misha a death glare as he signed paperwork and was escorted out of the jail cell. “It went just peachy.”

“I can see that. You’re about as bruised as a peach. Jared and the boys were worried sick about you. I’ve tried calling your cell multiple times and it isn’t until I call your office that I learned you were detained for assault. You’re lucky your law firm is bailing you out of this one because neither I nor Jared would have had the money to do so.”

Jensen tried to tune out Misha’s voice because he had a headache but he couldn’t stop the guilt from bleeding through. “They were worried about me?”

“What do you think?” Misha sighed as he stopped mid stride to his SUV. “Listen Ackles,” Misha pinched the bridge of his nose before continuing. “You mean a lot to Jared and the boys. Jared really cares for you and even if I was reluctant at first…I can see you really care for Jared. So don’t fuck this up. The trial is in two days. I heard that Tom hired a lawyer out of the city and his name is Chace Crawford.”

“Shit that’s not good.” Jensen said in dismay. Chace was as ruthless as they come when it came to tearing victims apart. Chace makes Jensen seem like a cakewalk compared to what the man does to people.

“No kidding. We really need to be on our A game to help Jared and put that bastard away. I know it’s hard for you to live in the world where your head isn’t stuck up your asshole. Fresh air and all that jazz but for Jared, the baby, and the boys please try Jensen?”

Jensen waited a moment, letting his words sink in before responding. “Awww you called me Jensen. That means you like me!”

“Oh, shut the hell up and get in the car.”


Jared felt his palms begin to sweat as their car pulled up to the courthouse. He’d been gearing up to this moment for weeks, but actually being here and living it was another story.

Jensen, who was sitting beside him, lightly squeezed his thigh. He was absolutely gorgeous in a slate grey suit, and a green tie that brought out the green in his eyes. Jared was similarly dressed but in a black suit with striped tie. Jensen made sure that Jared would look his best so as he put it ‘show Tom what’s up’.

Sliding his hand into Jensen’s Jared turned to him and smiled softly.

“Are you ready?” Misha questioned interrupting their small moment.

Jared took a deep breath and replied, “As I’ll ever be.”

“Good. Because we’ve got quite the crowd out front.”

Jared lost his smile at seeing the hoard of people crowding the steps into the court room. He’s been psyching himself up for this with Jensen and Misha, however, he wasn’t quite expecting this number of people.

“It’ll be fine.” Jensen whispered. “Just keep your head down and walk straight. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Jared nodded, still staring with dread at the crowd. Jensen’s hand slid across his belly to cup his small baby bump, “or her.”

“We got a few surprises waiting for you inside.” Misha said with a smile.

“Okay, I’m ready.”

“Let’s go.”

Opening up the car door the crowd was even louder than Jared was expecting. He was flocked by Misha and Jensen on both sides, and like Jensen said he kept his head down and stared at the cement steps.

“Jared! Jared! Over here!”

“Jared, who’s the father of your baby? Did you cheat on Tom Welling?”

“Jared! What about your miscarriage did you have one intentionally?”

Jared flinched at that one, causing Jensen to tense and growl, “No comment!”

The crowd, however, got even louder making it feel like Jared was lost at sea. He even had the nauseated stomach to match. Within a few seconds they were walking into the court room, the crowd a quiet roar behind them.

“Vultures.” Misha spat, while straightening his tie.

“Ditto.” Jensen nodded in agreement.

Jared was busy trying to stop his churning of his stomach when a hand landed on his shoulder. He gave a full body flinched and immediately turned around.

Staring back at him was Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

“Jeff!” Jared squealed in delight, tackling the man and full on hugging him.

“Hey Jay…” Jeff laughed that soft rumble like music to Jared’s ears. Despite himself, Jared felt a few tears leak out. He thought that he would never see Jeff again.

“I missed you.” Jared whispered honestly.

“Ahem…” A cough broke Jared back to reality…being Jensen. Jared had the decency to turn pink at seeing the look of jealously plastered across his face.

“Ah you must be Jensen Ackles. I’m Jeffrey Dean Morgan.” Jeff held out his hand and Jared waited on baited breath for Jensen to take it into a handshake. When Jensen did Jared let out a sign of relief.

“Congratulations on the new baby by the way. I hope you intend to take care of Jared and the new baby as well as Niki and Alex.”

“Jeff!” Jared yelled in stern voice.

“It’s alright Jared.” Jensen said. “And I definitely plan on it Sir.”

“Please don’t call me sir. I feel old enough as it is, just call me Jeff.”

“Jeff it is.”

The stare down was broken by Misha popping his head out of the court room doors. “We’re on guys.”

Jared felt the butterflies return immediately. Jeff managed to lull him into relaxation without even really doing anything. Jeff always had that effect on him.

“I’ll see you in there Jay, you’re doing to do great.” Jeff assured, he pulled Jared in for one more hug before heading into the courtroom himself to a seat.

“Ready?” Jensen asked.

Jared nodded. “Ready.”


“This is not looking good Ackles.” Misha whispered harshly.

“No kidding.” Jensen remarked, staring at Jared up on the witness stand. Currently Tom’s lawyer Chace Crawford was killing them. Jensen was unexpectedly called up as a witness and despite Jensen’s best efforts to evade Chace’s bait questions he still came across as looking like a desperate, stalker who was jealous of Tom’s relationship with Jared.

“It’s Mr. Padalecki isn’t it?” Chace asked, despite already knowing the answer.


“Okay so Mr. Padaleki Tom Welling is your ex-husband correct.”

“Yes.” Jared answered again.

Chace walked the courtroom as if he owned it. He had an air of arrogance and pride that Jensen could never really achieve. He was confidence, sure, but he never let his pride get in the way of winning a case. Chace reveled in it as a gleam lit up his face.

“Oh shit…” Misha whispered, already knowing what was coming next.

“You’ve been married for 10 years and it’s only when you two separate that you want to claim my client abused you. Why is that? Why wait for so long to tell anyone?”

“I-I was afraid.” Jared stuttered. “For myself and my children. I didn’t have anyone to turn to, at least until I met Misha and sought legal counsel.”

“So it isn’t until you met Mr. Collins that you wanted to frame my client for abuse?”

Misha smacked himself in the head. Jensen stared intently at Jared silently whispering words of prayer that Jared could evade his harsh questions.

“No! I mean…I didn’t know that anyone would believe me until I met Misha. I was suffering in silence a-a-and I honestly didn’t think that I would be strong enough to face him today.” Jared gave a wet laugh. “Or smart enough to outsmart him. But I’m not letting him win. He can say whatever he wants to say about me or my parenting but the truth will reveal itself.”

Jensen silently cheered in his head. ‘You show them baby.’

Chace sneered, obviously upset that he hadn’t broken Jared yet. “No further questions.”

“Mr. Collins he is your witness now.”

“Thanks,” Misha said as he buttoned his suit jacket. “Mr. Padalecki when did the abuse first start?”

“Right around our first year wedding anniversary. I remember that I accidently embarrassed Tom in front of some of his clients by saying something…it’s been so long I can’t even remember what I said but Tom was angry…a lot angrier than he had ever been before. That night when he came home he was roaring drunk and wanted to have sex with me. I refused and it made him upset. He hit me. Slapped me right across the face. It stung and left a mark. He apologized to me for days afterwards and promised it would never happen again.

“So the abuse has been ongoing ever since then?”

Jared nodded. “Yes, it’s gotten worse over the years. I think when we were trying to have another baby is when it really skyrocketed.”

“Mr. Padalecki,” Misha asked seriously. “Did you sleep with Jeffrey Dean Morgan?”

“No,” Jared immediately shook his head. “Jeff was my friend. He knew about the abuse and tried to get me to leave Tom but I just couldn’t do it. I kept waking up and telling myself that Tom really did love me but this ordeal has taught me that he never did.”

“What about the miscarriage? It says on file that it was an accident down the stairs?”

“It was an accident at least falling down the stairs was. Me and Tom were arguing. Tom was convinced that the baby wasn’t his and I had slept with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Any attempts to tell him the truth was just met with more anger. Tom really lashed out that night. He kicked me right in the stomach and I lost my balance and fell down the stairs.”

“How would you say Tom is as a father?”

“He dotes on Alexander and Nikolai but he’s always been an absent father. Too busy with work or something else to really spend time with his children.”

“No further questions your honor.”


Mike Rosenbaum just stepped off the witness stand in his orange jumpsuit and chains. An officer escorted him out of the building.
Jensen snuck a glance at Tom over Jared’s shoulder. He could see in the man’s eyes that he was pissed that Mike sold him out. He glanced at the jury, trying to read them but their expressions were very well controlled. They only had a few witnesses left before the end of the trial. He just hopes their testimonies will win them over.

“The Prosecutions calls Alexander Welling to the stand.” Chace announced while straightening up his suit.

Jensen and Jared both turned to watch Alexander be escorted by the bailiff to the witness stand. He looked small in his little suit, and so afraid. Jensen’s heart reached out to him. This was such a hard thing to do, especially for an adult but even worse for a child.

Alex shuffled to the stand and locked eyes with Jared before taking a deep breath.

“Alexander, how old are you?”


“Eight, wow that’s a big number. So I’ sure you’re old enough and well aware of your surroundings. What was it like living at home with your Daddy and Papa?”

“It was a lot of fun. I played a lot of games with Nikolai.”

“Fun? So you had fun with your Daddy?”

Alexander nodded. “Yeah! Daddy Jared. My other Daddy wasn’t around much.”

“Did you ever notice your other Daddy hurting Daddy Jared?”

Alexander shook his head. “No.”

Chace smirked. “No further questions.”


“The defense calls Doctor Matthew Cohen to the stand.”

Jared felt himself tense up. This was their big and final witness. After Chace grilled Jeff over any information or relationship to Jared and couldn’t get any decent answer out, he could see that the lawyer was fuming. He avoided looking at Tom at all costs.

So he casually glanced over when he was sure Tom wasn’t looking.

Matt made his way to the stand and was sworn in before taking a seat.

“State your name and your occupation as well as relationship to the defendant.”

“My name is Matthew Cohen. I am an ER doctor. And Jared Padalecki is my patient.”

“Dr. Cohen how long have you been Jared’s doctor?”

“For quite some time now. I would say for about 5 years or so.”

“Did Jared ever have a lot of unexplained injuries?”

“Yes. Jared had an extensive amount of injuries over the course of 5 years. I often treated Jared at home though due the Tom’s request.”

“Why is that?”

“I thought it was because Tom didn’t want to venture out to the hospital and risk bad press but I started getting the feeling it was something more.”

“When did you suspect abuse?”

“Right around the 2nd year. Jared was brought into the ER with a fractured wrist. However, it was the huge swollen eye that caught my attention. It looked like he was punched in the eye. Jared couldn’t give me a definite answer on what happened so I took some x-rays and discovered his eye socket had a hairline fracture and you could actually clearly see marks from someone’s knuckles. Tom wasn’t around at the time to bring Jared in, actually Jeffrey Dean Morgan was the one who brought him in.”

“What evidence do you have of this?”

“A lot of the paperwork from Jared and Tom’s home is destroyed. Tom would force me to rip it up right in front of him after I sent a copy to the office. Somehow all copies of the reports were missing from our database as well. However, Jared was brought into the ER a few times and I managed to keep those reports in a safe. His x-rays and scans clearly show a pattern of abuse due to injuries not healing properly.”

“Thank you Dr. Cohen that is all.”


“How would you describe Jared Padalecki?”

Jared felt himself freeze at the question, watching a myrraid of emotions cross Tom’s face before he answered. “A wonderful father to our children.”

“Not a wonderful husband?”

“No.” Tom shook his head. “Jared cheated on me with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.”

“Objection!” Misha yelled standing up in his seat.

“Sustained Mr. Collins. Mr. Welling please rephrase your answer.”

“Sorry. I thought Jared was cheating on me with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.”

“What about the miscarriage? What happened there?”

“Jared was getting upset about something. You know those hormones and all…he was becoming quite hysterical. I tried to touch him to calm him down but he freaked out and fell down the stairs. I took him into the ER and everything.”

“What do you say about the allegations of abuse against you?”

”I find it sad that Jared is trying to stoop this low. I tried to give him and our children everything I could. It’s not easy working for a big corporation and not seeing your family much. I still love him though despite of everything.”

“Then why are we here Mr. Welling?”

Tom grinned. “Because I want custody of my children and I want all of my fortune.”

“No further questions your honor.”

Jensen stood up in his seat. Misha promised to save this for him and he wasn’t going to fail at it.

“Permission to approach witness with evidence your honor?” Jensen asked.

“I’ll allow it.”

“Mr. Welling did you know you were infertile?”

“Objection! Relevance your honor?”

“I’m leading up to my question your honor.” Jensen defended.

“This better be good Mr. Ackles. Don’t waste the court’s time with silly questions.”

“Understood. Mr. Welling?”

“Yes.” Tom whispered with disdain. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Everything actually…I have here in my hands reports of your sperm count. It was conducted on July 21st 2014. Do you know why this is relevant Mr. Welling?”

“No. How did you get those anyway?”

Jensen proceeded forward. “This is relevant because your sperm count was low but not even 3 months later Mr. Padalecki became pregnant.”

Tom’s facial expression froze. “It wasn’t my baby.”

“This document I possess in my hand is a DNA test. It’s common in miscarriage that has an unknown cause to collect DNA and it matches yours.”

“You’re lying.” Tom whispered.

Jensen watched as all the control and calmness vanished in a blink of an eye. Gotcha.

“You were so obsessed with the thought of Mr. Padalecki having an affair that you hurt your own baby. The DNA tests don’t lie Mr. Welling.” Jensen slid the paper over to Tom so he could look at it by the man just crumbled it up while screaming, “Shut up!”

“You pushed Mr. Padalecki down those stairs, causing his miscarriage, you killed your baby Mr. Welling and that makes you a murder.” Jensen yelled.

Tom snarled.

“Objection!” Chace yelled but Tom had already stood up. Jensen watched in slow motion as Tom leapt over the witness stand.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll fucking kill you Jared you whore! You killed our baby!”

“Baliff! Order! Order! Take this man away.” The judge said disgusted.

Jensen stepped back in satisfaction as Tom was taken into handcuffs, thrashing and screaming. He watched the jury as they all had looks of astonishment on their faces.

He turned to Jared and saw how composed and calm he was.

They did it.



“Hey Alex!” Jared bent down one knee and captured Alexander into a big hug.

“Is it over now Daddy?” Alexander asked, his suit and tie wrinkled and stained with food.

“It’s over.” Jared replied in determination.

Jensen was standing over him, watching the moment that the small family shared. It wasn’t until he felt a tug of his pants leg that he turned around.

“Hey buddy.” Jensen said softly at noticing Nikolai. He bent down to one knee and was surprised that the little boy immediately came up and hugged him.

“Thank you for helping my Dad.”

Jensen smiled softly; he caressed his small head softly. “Anytime.”

“Does this mean we get to be a family now?”

“Yes.” Jared answered when Jensen couldn’t respond. He held Alex on his hip despite the boy being way too old. “You me, Alex, Jensen and your little sister. We’re a family now.”

“Hey it looks like I missed all the fun!”

Jared almost dropped Alex at hearing that voice. “Chad?”

“Hey Jay-Man!”

“I’ll take Alex, you go ahead.”

Jared didn’t have to be told twice. He handed off his son to Jensen and quickly embraced Chad in a hug.

“I missed you so much.” Jared admitted.

“Me too Jared.” Chad whispered back. “Me too.”

Jensen watched with a smile on his face as he let Alex down so he could go play with his brother. He didn’t notice when Misha walked up behind him and handed him a glass of Chardonnay.

“Well Ackles looks like the dream team pulled it off. Who would have thought me and you working together?”

“Certainly not me.” Jensen replied, taking a sip. “You know Misha…I’m sure there is a spot open at my lawfirm if you’re interested. I can put in a good word for you.”

“And be a mindless monkey in a suit? No thanks. Besides I like helping the misfortunate, not the person with the biggest wallet.”

“Hey now! I do probono work too!”

“Like what?” Misha asked in disbelief.

“Working with you definitely isn’t helping me any, so that has to be probono work.”


One Year Later:

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Anastasia…happy birthday to you.”

Jensen held up his camcorder as Jared helped Anastasia blow out the candles. Anastasia Grace Ackles was born a healthy 8 pounds and 5 ounces. Her beautiful green eyes and dark hair was a perfect mix of both Jensen and Jared.

Jensen never realized how empty and meaningless his life was until he held his daughter in his arms for the first time.

“Who wants some cake? Niki, Alex! You better come and get some before your sister does.”

Jensen recorded Nikolai and Alex zooming next to Jared’s side with plates in hand. Both boys have grown so much over the past year. Alex was becoming more social, whereas Nikolai was applying himself in school and discovering how smart he was with math.

“Jensen, you want some?”

Jensen was shaken out of his thoughts by Jared’s amused voice.

He shook his head softly. “Nah let our girl eat she’s hungry.”

Jared laughed. “Alright you asked for it.” He let go of his daughter and pushed her cake forward and within a millisecond Anastasia was already sticking both hands in the cake while laughing.

“That’s my girl. Smile really big for Daddy.” Jensen zoomed in on her face and unfortunately got a camera full of cake. “Anna! Come on now. I just bought this thing.”

Jared laughed as Jensen did his best to rub off his camera lens.

“Just leave it Jen.”

Jensen pouted. “If you say so.” He reached out for his boyfriend and intertwined their fingers. Jared had come so far since the day he met him. Once a shy, startled boy now he was an exuberant, confident man.

“Besides I can think of other things you can be doing.” Jared waggled his brows making Jensen laugh this time.

“Oh yeah?” Jensen leaned in. “What is that?”

Jared moaned softly as Jensen began to kiss his neck. Their small intimate moment was interrupted when Anastasia proceeded to chuck her cake at them. A huge piece splattered in Jensen’s hair making him scream.

“I just did my hair!” Jensen whined.

At that moment a shrill cry tore through their house from the backyard, and by the sounds of it it was Alexander.

“Dad!” Nikolai yelled from the back.

At the same time Anastasia began to cry in earnest at noticing her cake all smashed to bits and pieces.

Jensen looked from the backyard where Nikolai was calling to his daughter, than again to his boyfriend.

“Jay?” Jensen asked hopefully.

“Welcome to parenthood cowboy.”

Jensen wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bonus Art:


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  • New Life

    Hey all, I know this is weird seeing as how I haven't posted in a long time. But I figured I'd share the news for any friends still on LJ. On…

  • Happy 4th of July

    I'm still alive guys! And kicking I just don't use LJ anymore. I sadly have gotten out of Supernatural so I've migrated away from…

  • 2 week till I turn 24

    It's been a rollercoaster of a ride for me these last few months. This will be my first birthday without my Mom which feels really strange to me,…