Charity (cherry916) wrote,

T-Minus 1 Day 4 Hours 42 Minutes

Tomorrow is the big day when I graduate with my AA degree!

Which is the reason why I haven't posted any reviews for the last few episodes. I've been extremely busy preparing for that, and I work fulltime and I attempt to have a social life so my life has been quite chaotic as of late. mylifewithin is coming today to watch me graduate \0/ I'll be picking her up later tonight.

Fandom wise I've been busy with the spn_j2_xmas fic and my spn_reversebang as well as filling things for insmallpackages (which there is a lot left unfilled so I encourage anyone to hop on over and fill some wishes!) My Christmas cards will be late this year, unfortunately I haven't got any money for stamps which I need to send out all the cards so I have to wait until my next payday and even then I am unsure I will be able to get them due to having to Christmas shop still but I will try my hardest if anything you'll recieve them in January so hopefully you won't be too mad at my belated Christmas presents.

The next episode however I will be writing a review for! And hopefully I can maybe make more time to write, and read some fanfiction and post more online. I feel like I rarely post at all anymore.
Tags: !real life, fandom: supernatural
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