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Back to School

Well tomorrow is the big day. It will be my last semester at my community college, and in December I will have my AA degree in education. Starting next year I will be attending USF to get my BS in Early Childhood Education.

It seems like only yesterday I was trying to get my license before I started college. I remember orientation, and me being so nervous that I didn't even go in the first time and had to reschedule. Time sure does fly.

For anyone curious my class schedule will consist on 5 classes. One is an online class and the rest are traditional. I have two psychology classes, and ASL class, a public speaking class, and a math class to contend with /0\

But alas! I'm sure I'll get through it like I do every year.

So basically this is a post letting ya'll know I'll be two times as busy and you may not hear from me but sporadically. I will post episode reviews again but they won't be right after the episode since I can't watch it live. But they WILL be up within a few days and I still enjoy talking to you all about the episodes and the season. Any suggestions to make the reviews more interactive? I feel sometimes it's kind of stilted and I just want to open up a very welcoming atmosphere where ANYONE can comment with their opinions or ideas about the episode and season at large. I hope my reviews are like that.

Love you all!

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