Charity (cherry916) wrote,

Happy 4th!

For all those in the US that celebrate it!

On a more serious note I know I haven't been around very much  but I wanted to say, I am still here and kicking. I am still writing! Even though I about 95% considered quitting for awhile. I became really stressed with school and work and fandom wasn't what it used to be and after receiving negative comments on old fics I wrote when I first started writing and basically zero reception for fics I worked hard on that were recent I became a bit bittered with it all but alas I didn't give up. I am writing for challenges as I attempt to get better.

On another more serious note I am doing quite well for anyone wondering. I have a boyfriend, whom we may be moving out and living together in the near future, I just had my 21st birthday and I got accepted to USF (University of South Florida) in pursuit of my BA in education. I am topping off my 7 week vacation from work with a relaxing 4th of July. Let's just say, when I look back at old posts I wrote when I first started LJ. At a time when I dropped out of highschool, didn't have a job and was bullied at home by my older siblings, all I had for fandom and for that I am grateful to everyone who cheered me up at a time when I was severely depressed. I would especially like to thank (even though she'll beat me with a thousand sticks for 'thanking' her for anything) mylifewithin or Kim. Who became addicted to my PDF's and later became my best friend, whom I have been to two conventions with, who has stuck by me even when I was at my lowest and even when we reversed positions throughout our friendship we still support each other.

This sounds like a really bad acceptance speech or goodbye letter but I promise it's not! I'm just happy about life at the moment and wanted to express my gratitude for my online friends, you all aren't a remnant of my past but a permanent part of my life that I am not ashamed of in the least little bit.

It's 12:10 am where I am so maybe I'm a bit sappy but here's too good friends, hope you all are doing well in your endeavors as well!
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