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Season 9: Do You Believe in Miracles


The end of the season, oh man.....

We've had a lot of downs for sure. Then we've had a few episodes that surprised but overall it's always the finale this show hinges on so let's see how they delivered.

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Wow oh wow. Not gonna lie I'm still feeling that adrenaline rush really strong right now. That finale knocked me on my ass.

In a lot of bad ways and then again in a lot of good ways. I will say this is honest to God the first time I felt the emotion come back. My chest is still tingling my head is spinning a little bit. It's a feeling I've missed feeling when I watch supernatural.

A lot happened in the finale so I'm gonna try and use bullet points to clear my thoughts:

  • Main things:

  1. Metatron: So, his weasel ass is still alive. I still find it ridiculously abrupt that nothing really turned out with him. This whole season was a mess of different evils and plot points that their supposed 'villains' turned out to be nothing. That really disappointed me.

  2. Gadreel: It was at least nice to see him come full circle and get redemption but then again he was a HUGE plot point early on and he basically fizzled out at the end too.

  3. No apology? Not one. Not a recognition of what Dean put Sam through. Not any attempt to make it better? Even before he died? Really?

  4. Crowley: He's just gonna hang around and chill now? What about killing him? Is he going to become part of Team Free Will so now not only do they have an angel but a demon too?

Okay so those things are bugging me and I'm going to try and talk about Sam and Dean real quick.

This relationship is so fundamentally shattered. Like, I know the writers think if they give us brother moments we'll forget what they have been doing to each other but the problem is we don't. It just keeps festering. I feel like it's just broke the dam open wider for them. I'm REALLY worried that it will just keep getting wider ya know? That's why I have so many mixed feelings about this episode.

There was so much going on in the season that it was hard to keep up, then they play lets cram EVERYTHING into the finale.

So let's not beat around the bush here, demon Dean. We all fucking called it from ten million miles away. It was interesting and heartbreaking to see the AHBL reversal and I'd be a liar to say I didn't cry when Dean died. I really did. I lost it when Sam was cradling Dean's body, even worst when we see he dragged him back to the bunker.

I was REALLY upset though to see that they cut Sam out of such crucial moments and robbed him of once again expressing his feelings. He got cut out of the big fight scene until the very last moment (and lest not forget that ONCE AGAIN Sam couldn't save Dean. I think it would have been rad as hell to see Sam come in and kill Metatron and save Dean.)

He then got robbed of having a one to one with Dean as Dean did with a dead Sam. Instead we got a monologue with Crowley while Sam drowned himself in alcohol.

I really wasn't surprised about the demon thing. However, for a moment I questioned whether they would bring God in. I think that would have been interesting to see.

So overall, the finale was really emotional. I will give them props which is ten times better than how stagnant the S8 finale was.

I'm still a little worked up. There is obviously a lot of issues that didn't get resolved and addressed, a lot of people are worried the show is going to move even farther from its roots or that Sam will slowly take a back seat to Dean and his storyline.

I can't speak for any of that. I can't say what's going to happen but this is a game changer. It really is.

I'm nervous, worried, anxious and excited. It may have been unsurprising and a bit like a cop out given that we all called this a VERY long time ago in the season but I'm excited to see the effects I just hope they continue on with the excitement and mend the brothers relationship.

This could be something good, so let's wallow in our fanfics and get our brains and hearts ignited again for S10.


Are you ready?

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