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Season 9: Stairway to Heaven


Only 2 days late on the review *shhhhhhhh* I didn't see very many reviews on my friends page neither.

On tumblr this episode was largely either yay or nay, most nay on tumblr.

How did you guys like the episode?

Poll #1968267 Season 9: Stairway to Heaven

How did you like the episode?

I loved it! We're are so close to the end and I can already see everything coming to a head. Mark of Cain Dean was scary but it was nice to see that also come to a head. And we got Tessa!
It was okay. It was nice to see Tessa again, and to see the Mark of Cain taking effect, but everything else a bit too unbelievable, even for this show.
I hated it. They brought Tessa back and killed her for no reason. Dean is acting completely psycho. Metatron is acting like a child...what even happened to this season.
I didn't watch it.

So...ash48 has a pretty spot on review: here about the show in general, season 9 and the episode. I pretty much agree with everything 100% but I'll elaborate more so on the episode in my review.

First things first: sense, logic? Where do those go? I feel like I'm on a never ending merry go ride anymore. Nothing makes sense! Arggggggggghhh. It's so annoying trying to follow this useless angels plot. It's always made out to be so interesting or so important, yet we all know literally how unimportant it is.

The angel plotline will never be as relevant or as important than it was in S5.

That's it. It's should have ended, along with Castiel, a long as time ago.

Instead we are still in the throes of a horrible angel war that is beyond boring. We got Castiel battling out against another angel so he could be top dog.

And why? Castiel is basically a nobody. No harm intended but he's nothing special to any angel. In fact he committed angel-cide and killed off a good number of his brothers and sisters but yeah lets follow that dude so he can save us \0/

*shakes head*

When did angels get so damn stupid? Metatron acted like a child the whole episode. I think the show has gotten too comfortable with angels and humans being together. A main part of the show, for me, was the mystique of the angels. They were dangerous, and mysterious. You didn't know whether to trust them or not and we slowly learned they aren't as 'angelic' as they claim to be.

But we know not to trust them, not because they're dangerous, but because they're so damn stupid. *knocks head against wall*

That doesn't even BEGIN to cover the atrocity of bringing in Tessa just to kill her? And for what? NOTHING. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. N O T H I N G. I couldn't believe it. It's still hard to believe. Not only did they dance on previous canon (lol reaper what reaper? but oh no we made an episode in Season 8 where it says that reapers are angels of death so it's totes cool!!!!) and we gave her reason to want to die!!! Not to mention we didn't mention death once we just randomly decided a well-known female character from past season will be killed like they did Sarah for our favorite ~TENSION~

Phew...okay got that out of my system.

Let's focus on Sam and Dean and how they aren't going NO WHERE. I mean the show isn't focusing on them so let's shall we?

Since when is Supernatural about 'let's give Sam no voice and have Dean in total control' what happened to S4 and S1? Sam had BALLS ya know? He took control of his own life.

I know it's the mark of cain making Dean so uncaring but even before the mark Dean has been testy and acting like a dick, and Ash totally said what I was thinking, now the mark has given us an even bigger dick to deal with. Oh joy. Not like the tension between Sam and Dean wasn't stale enough let's add to it!

My only hope is that the mark leads to something significant in their relationship, but like Ash said, I doubt it.

Angel possession? Being upset with Dean? Wanting boundaries? UNDERSTANDING? APOLOGIZING? LOL *writers: throws in trash and throws confetti TEAM FREE WILL*

*rolls eyes*

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