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Season 9: King of the Damned

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So last week.....ergh well let's just say a lot of us want to never mention it again. And from the poll a good majority felt the same way. So hopefully no hard feelings over my incredibly bitchy and sarcastic review but after seeing the episode I think we were ALL at that point.

Nevertheless, the show indeed goes on and here we have another episode that was more central storyline focused. Let's see how you all liked it?

Poll #1967241 Season 9: King of the Damned

How did you like the episode?

I loved it! It was filled with action that was relevant to the plot and we actually got a conversation about the boys feelings!
It was okay. I enjoyed seeing the central storyline but everything felt choppy and too rushed.
I hated it. Nothing really made sense, it was too rushed, the boys are walking in circles, and they killed a character they spent so much time on literally with a snap of the fingers
I didn't watch.

This episode had a world wind of information. Unfortunately, that is what happens when you have too many fillers episodes to episodes relating to the central plot. For some reason, the current group of writers can't seem to get that balance down pat.

So what does that leave us with? Well it leaves us with our crucial ending episodes feeling rushed.

The episode just happened so fast. One minute they were searching for Abaddon and the blade the next...poof she done dead and Crowley is still alive and the boys keep running circles around another as they refuse to talk about their feelings.

Sigh, this episode was a bit of a let down, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy some bits.

Crowley's son for one had me dying laughing the whole time. I'm interested in the characters back story, even Crowley so it's interesting to see his relationship with his son (given he was a drunk and abused him when he was human) and seeing the changes he feels when he has human blood pumping in those dark veins.

In some ironic ways he's a better father as a demon than he was as a human, which to me has always been an interesting dichotomy of supernatural. What is Good and Evil isn't always clear cut and is often opposite to what we think. Humans can be worse than the monsters, and that's always something I felt was purely unique to supernatural so I'm happy they explored that route again.

And that accent? Omg to die for. I couldn't contain myself when Gavin was freaking out and hysterically asked Crowley "3 inches for your wally?!!?"

Sam and Dean in the beginning tag teaming that poor sap was a force to be reckoned with. I mean we know the boys are ruthless and cruel, however, they laid the smackdown on that poor sucker. It was a smart move, by Sam I might add, to use reverse psychology on him.

However, I also think about how easy and sad it is to get the one up on angels these days. A lot of people mentioned how convoluted angels are. They certainly are not the ruthless warriors in S5. If anything they are using more and more human tactics to do their work, and less of their angelic ones. What happened to the time when angels were smart? I know it seems weird saying this after seeing that warehouse but I mean, the warehouse itself is a key point. The fact that they NEED a warehouse and numerous man power to do anything now a days is really pathetic and just goes to show you how far all the angels have fallen.

And now what, is Castiel some sort of celebrity? I find it funny how he literally went from being an absolute nobody to this divine angel that everyone revers. If anything I'm surprised his brethren still don't hate his guts, it wasn't too long ago all of them did. Now he's their master? It's a bit hard to believe.

Dean. Oh what to say about Dean. The blade is similar to demon blood for Sam. The parallels are all there. And I'm sitting here WAITING for Sam to bring up that he's been in a similar situation or maybe for Dean to get a clue and realize his brother can help and he can't treat him like a child.

I find it horrible he's still lying to Sam and purposefully keeping him in the dark, I know I know Dean only has good intentions, but I think we're past these 'good intentions' it's degrading to Sam. Can you imagine being told you're a liability? Dean never uses that word no, but their conversation in the car reeked of it. Telling Sam he couldn't chance Abaddon snatching him and ruining their plan.

You know, I know Dean. I know he truly cares about Sam but I have always said he has a shitty way of showing it. Sam is so far past exasperation, I could see it in his face after that when he switched to Dean and became concerned about the blade.

Then, after Sam asks to lock the blade away someplace safe, which is a logical idea, Dean says no and that's the end of that.

I'm just so tired of their relationship going in circles. Dean isn't willing to budge or change his viewpoint and Sam is passively accepting it which is two of the reasons why things never change for them.

So, to sum it up. A key character they spent two seasons and even two whole episodes to build up is dead just like that. It was horribly anticlimactic and reminded me of Meg unfortunately. Gadreel is going to what? Get a redemption arc? What happened to finding him and killing him for what he did to Sam and Dean being a priority? Castiel didn't seem concerned about that, about what he did to his friends. He was more concerned with his angel war that he's been concerned with for 3 fricken seasons maybe even 4 now.

Sorry for the frustration but things just keep going in a shitty loop as of now and I guess I'm banking on SOMETHING to give and change here.

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