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Season 9: Mother's Little Helper


Hey all, sorry for the delay I went to bed shortly after the episode again. But seems like we have another two weeks hiatus which sucks, because to me, we were finally getting to the nitty gritty stuff.

Last weeks poll was favorable. You all generally enjoyed the episode, so lets see if the trend continues.

Poll #1962341 Season 9: Mother's Little Helper

Did you enjoy the episode?

I loved it. I enjoyed the backstory of the MOL and Abaddon. Even if the boys were fighting they showed Sam as intelligent and gave us a lot of information.
It was okay. I enjoyed the backstory but I prefer to see Sam and Dean working together
I didn't like it. I'm still unhappy with Season 9 as a whole and this episode did nothing to lighten my spirits
I didn't watch.

This episode was rather strong in the sense it got down to the main plot of the season, which is Abaddon. In this episode we began to learn about her backstory and ties with the Men of Letters.

Not only that but we also are beginning to see the effects of the Mark of Cain on Dean.

I'll start off with the major stuff, which to me was Abaddon and how she ties in. We knew Abaddon was possessing Josie Sands, a former men of letters, however, we didn't know that Josie was in love with Henry and sacrificed herself to being possessed instead of Henry. That's big information that sort of ties in with Winchester luck to me.

Another good deal of information is Abaddon's plan. Up into this point we weren't sure exactly how she was going about taking over Hell, now however we learned that Abaddon is collecting souls to turn into demons. Ones that are only loyal to her.

The idea of souls isn't a new one in Supernatural, I sort of liked the look back at soulless Sam and maybe the admission that Sam's soul is rather different compared to an average soul. If you look at these people without souls they were violent, aggressive, basically stripped down to the nerve. Whereas soulless Sam didn't have a filter and mainly was on survival autopilot. He tried to kill Bobby only because he himself felt threatened and didn't want the damaged soul back. Soulless Sam even saved Dean on one occasion.

I found it profound that Sam was able to release the souls. It was such a heartbreaking moment to me because Sam is still so unsure of himself and likely what he did when soulless. (I mean it doesn't help he has Dean constantly reminding him but that's another issue we are hoping to resolve with this little breakup here) while Dean said that Sam was different compared to these people I don't think Sam is so sure.

Can we also get a fucking slow clap to Adam Glass for giving us a juicy Sam episode that not only portrayed him as smart, but compassionate, effective, and capable? I was so happy to see Sam finally killing the demon of the week with smarts and brute strength. It's a bit disheartening to see them still not giving a rats ass to the host of the demon but I am beginning to see they are long gone to how they used to be and some days its literally kill or be killed. I found it so ingenious that Sam used his phone to record the exorcism. Brilliant.

On the other side of this episode was Dean, and his issues with the mark of cain. He's still feeling its effects and he went back to his age old remedy: alcohol.

So is the mark of cain sort of like addiction? We are seeming to go back to previous seasons and drawing comparisons between the boys I'm wondering if this is like that? And what about Crowley? He's beginning to get stranger and stranger every week. I can't pinpoint his motives and to me that's a good thing. He's evolving and becoming more relevant and interesting to the plot again, whereas, he was just horribly bad before and wasn't believable.

So Abaddon is making souls into demons, Crowley has the blade, where does this leave Sam and Dean? And Cas? What about Gadreel and Metatron? It was looking like we'll see them in the next episode. We are getting so close to end everything is getting juicer I think.

This was also Misha's first supernatural episode he directed, and I think he did a good job, especially with the long pan shots.

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