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Season 9: Captives


Sorry I'm late with the review guys. I was really tired last night, but I hope you all enjoyed the episode.

Pretty much all of you said you really enjoyed the last episode we had before Olympic hiatus. Let's see how this one held up.

Poll #1958291 Season 9: Captives

How did you like the episode?

I loved it! I was so thrilled to see Kevin again, and Mama Tran! It was so heartbreaking but epic.
It was okay. I enjoyed seeing Kevin and Mama Tran but the storyline was bleh.
I didn't like it. The brothers aren't anywhere near what they used to be, the storyline was boring, and the angel storyline just keeps dragging on.
I didn't watch it.

So, for me the episode was a tad bit boring. I must admit, the highlight of the episode was of course Kevin and seeing Mama Tran again.

I'll keep this review rather short so let's get down to the basics here.

The angel storyline is epically boring. I am no where invested in it. It's the same thing every single season, they already killed off their 'supposed' bad angel that's going against Castiel. It leaves me to wonder what the point is anymore? The angel storyline should have ended a long ass time ago but instead we get the same storyline every season with just one thing different? Castiel is always fighting against his 'brothers' for power because God is absent and the angels are all acting like immature brats.

Sorry, I just can't seem to get into that anymore. I largely ignore it because it's so minute compared to other things.

Seeing Kevin again was awesome, I really, REALLY wish they would have explored the idea of Kevin being an angry spirit. I think it would have been interesting given the way he died and his life pretty much after he met the Winchester's. I think the boys come across to many friendly ghosts of people they got killed intentional or not.

I want to see the other side of the coin, see someone angry at Sam and Dean for things they did because it would be justifiable for sure. We may see Sam and Dean's motives and struggles but unfortunately sometimes that it not always clear to their friends and I think it'd be unique to ponder one of them being angry enough to become an angry spirit.

I think they found Mama Tran WAY to easily. She was missing for a year and then all of the sudden Kevin just happens to talk to another spirit that was kept in captivity with his Mom then Sam and Dean just happen to find the right storage facility and storage container. It's way to easy, also to mention the epic fail of the demon who got the drop on both SAM AND DEAN but was naive enough to fall for an obvious lie and very easily taken down by a simply punch from Sam.

It's little things and I know I am nitpicking a bit but I don't understand why they write things to where they don't add up. I miss the days when the job was an actual job. Sam and Dean had to use their smarts and strengths to make it through the day. Now everything seems to be easily handed to them, or they know someone who has the answers or they just happen to come across the answers.

Anyway, my MAIN thing was Sam and Dean in this episode.

They're obviously still at odds, Dean is pouting putting on music about being lonely.

That's understandable but I feel like we are making zero headway with this at all. Kevin just reaffirmed that the boys are being stupid and the argument is silly.

When in reality it's not silly, it's actually a serious thing both the boys need to address. Respect, trust, where they stand as brothers. I just hate that it seems like the writers are going to cop out of this and just brush it under the rug as the boys being stupid for arguing or that the argument itself is stupid.

Sam ha a right to be angry, Dean has a right to be mopey about it this whole thing isn't them just being petty. It's something they need to work on together and that can't happen if the writers consistently down play their arguments.

I mean where's the room for character growth? Or that maturity Carver has been talking about? Sam's been really upset about this for awhile, certainly his concerns about his relationship with his brother are important and not silly?

The episode overall moved very fast, very little information to it about anything, the brothers made no headway what so ever, I mean I loved seeing Kevin and Mama Tran but they couldn't single-handedly save this episode.

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