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Season 9: Sharp Teeth

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Welcome back to a brand new Tuesday!

Last week was tough with the boys still separated and all, however as the poll shows a good majority of you really enjoyed the episode (As did I) and on tumblr the praise is very similar. In fact, I would say these last few episodes have been a big hit with the majority of fans so maybe supernatural season 9 is finally hitting it's stride?

Or maybe not... who knows

Let's see with the poll

Poll #1954177 Season 9: Sharp Teeth

Did you enjoy the episode?

I loved it! It was nice seeing Garth again and seeing Sam and Dean working on their issues.
It was okay. I liked seeing the boys interact but the Garth storyline was weird.
It was a train wreck. Nothing made sense and the boys screen time was so little.
I didn't watch.

Let's get started on this review.

First off, like I said before I had high hopes for this episode because the previous ones were so good. However, this episode to me was an absolute train wreck.

Let me count thee ways...

Werewolves are something supernatural has dabbled in quite heavily, however, I'm beginning to hate the new writers handling any monsters/creatures we've seen in Kripke era episodes why? Because they always seem to mess up what Kripke originally interned.

Garth was acting weird, I didn't know being bitten by a werewolf made you talk in a weird accent. Garth was super mellow and NOTHING like his crazy self. Which contradicts what we know about werewolves. Madison led a regular life until the lunar cycle when she 'turned' however nothing of her personality changed at all during the times when she didn't change. However, everything seemed off about Garth.

Sam got very little screen time. I know I know no one likes to hear 'stans' whining about their faves but a lot of people on tumblr, even hardcore Dean girls, noticed how little time Sam had this episode. I mean it's getting down right annoying. Sam's role seems to be getting kidnapped or knocked unconscious. I guess I expected more.

The mythology seemed to be cool however they just couldn't pull it together for me. Everything felt jumbled and rushed in the episode.

They pulled the 'Sam waits in the car while Dean and a secondary character bond' thing again UGH why must they do this? WHY. What is the point of doing this so consistent? Why did Sam have to leave at all? Why couldn't he have waited for Dean, his RIDE? I just don't understand the thought process behind doing this. I can understand if they do this once or twice but they have consistently did this since season 7!

Okay, I will say out of everything I enjoyed the brother's talk. Especially at the end, and hot damn can we get an amen for Sam standing up for himself? Finally, he said whats been apparent for awhile. They can't trust each other, they keep ignoring their issues and hoping for it to go away but in reality their issues seem to get worse. Dean wanted Sam to forgive him and sweep everything under the rug, simply because, Dean misses Sam. That is obvious but it was a no go for Sam. Basically, Sam's ultimatum was they can work as hunters but they can't be both hunters and brothers right now. It's just not gonna work.

Dean accepted of course, I hope over the course of next episodes we see them working on a better relationship. The trust between them is broken and without that think about it THAT trust is what kept them alive, kept them breathing. It's basically what hinges Sam and Dean's relationship. They trust each other THAT much. They know each other inside and out but that trust, which has been broken for awhile lbr, is now finally crumpled and Sam has finally said that. That they can't go on, hug it out and pretend it's okay because it's not.

This is a HUGE step, I just wish they didn't only include it in the last 3 minutes of the episode tbh.

The overall storyline of S9 still seems lost to me BUT we have quite a few episodes left so I won't be all debby downer or anything. The show does still surprise me I guess I was largely let down by this episode.

Let's hope next week is better (but the promo seemed terrible but the CW is shit for doing promos so I won't judge just yet)

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