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Season 9: First Born

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It seems like it's been a long week since Tuesday (or is that just me?), anyway, here we are again Tuesday night and a new episode to review!

Last week I gave you all two polls one was asking about your excitement over hiatus and the second about the episode. Generally, you all said that your excitement didn't change whether it was negative or positive and pretty much all of you loved our first episode after the hiatus. So let's see how well this one held up, shall we?

Poll #1953175 First Born

How did you like the episode?

I loved it! Things were so intense, the mythology was spot on and we finally got Sam and Cas scenes!
I liked it. The mythology was sort of contradictory but otherwise it was a good episode.
I didn't like it. I don't like where this is heading and the episode was rather confusing.
I didn't watch it.

That was a rather intense episode? We got a lot of key information that was tightly packed so let me see if I can sort of collect my thoughts on all of it.

First, we got introduced to the biblical myth Cain and Abel, obviously the supernatural spin on it. That spin being that Cain is the first man of murder. He's a demon and was a knight of hell. He killed Abel not over jealously as the bible says but because abel was talking to Lucifer and Lucifer was intending to make Abel his puppet.

Parallels pop out like whoa in this episode and I would hope I wouldn't have to mention them all because the writers made them painfully obvious. (I mean I like parallels but I always enjoyed supernatural's subtle spin on them rather than them punching us in the face but hey! I'm not too picky)

Cain obviously is paralleling Dean. Cain sold his soul to Hell in order to send his brother to Heaven. Thus, ensuring Abel would be freed from Lucifer's grasp, however, as Dean knows Hell stuck it's claws into Cain and turned him into a Knight of Hell.

The parallels between Cain and Abel and Sam and Dean point out a big crucial (glaring) thing about them as brothers...hell this episode seemed to point out a lot about supernatural and family.

Like Dean said, "you never give up on family." I think that's important because even in moments when we assume Sam and Dean do their hearts never truly settle on the idea. They are wrapped up in family even if family screws up, betrays you, hurts you in ways unimaginable. It doesn't matter because the hurt you suffer when your family isn't there is far worse.

Not only did Dean and Cain point this out but Castiel as well. Which leads me to the next big thing, Castiel and Sam. The supernatural family has been BEGGING, PLEADING with the writers to insert more Sam and Cas scenes, but ultimately for Sam and Cas to affirm their friendship and talk about their shared feelings of guilt. I will say, I wasn't expecting much given the shows track record with Sam and Cas in the past but I was blown away by how much we've gotten.

In fact, this episode started off as rather strange and hard to follow for me. I kept on asking 'what the hell is going on?' but soon everything started to get more tense and exciting and I was balled up with anticipating with all the new things we've learned this episode.

Castiel is instructed by Sam to extract the remaining grace from him so that they can find Gadreel, and for Sam to make amends and fix things as he's so fond of doing. However, it will pose a serious risk to Sam's health and as Castiel looks hesitant and off put by hurting his friend Sam insists anyway. Even when there is blood pouring out of his nose and he's in great distress Sam tells Castiel that his life isn't anymore important than anyone's else's. And really? Sam has been feeling like this for a long, LONG time and I think after Sam said that Castiel realized how much Sam needed reassurance.

Reassurance he got. Castiel apologized, reassured Sam that he knew how Sam felt and understood his feelings. I think Sam needed to hear that more than anything. Sam must feel so lonely all the time. I mean, can you understand the crushing feelings of guilt he suffers? Of remorse and pain and feeling so much self-loathing and pity? And yet, truly, no one can possibly understand him and he doesn't openly discuss it with anyone unless he's in a moment of weakness (sacrifice) Yet here is this angelic being who once called him an abomination, the boy with demon blood, an angel who looked down upon him and what he was, who struggled with accepting Sam as someone past the demon blood and his powers.

Yet Castiel insisted that Sam is a good person and no matter how many wrongs he makes or his sins, NOTHING, is worth losing him over.

I don't know about you but I am so satisfied and I hope the writers keep this up with more Castiel and Sam scenes. We even got a hug and a cheek pat as a bonus! I feel so spoiled!

Okay enough gushing over some sassy for a change...let me get back to the mythology and important things we've learned.

Abaddon, who is a knight of hell, has to be killed by the first blade. The weapon used by Cain to slaughter the other knights of hell. However, the blade comes with a mark...something I am uncertain of. A lot of people were confused over this and wondering what this could entail. Dean was like a loose canon all episode (I mean when they're apart nothing good comes of it) he even tells Cain he's not ready to stop killing and is eager to accept the mark to kill Abaddon. (Sound familiar here?) I just have a feeling that mark is something that is going to bite him in the ass and add an interesting aspect to his storyline this season.

Does the mark make Dean like Cain? Will he become more bloodthirsty? Does he have any of Cain's abilities? Or is it simply there to use the blade and that's it? But Cain was really pumping Dean full of information about being careful, and giving him luck because he was going to need it. So, any thoughts? Anyone else excited for this turn of events?

I thought the mythology was strong and well played. I think it's adding another interesting layer to this season with the knights of hell. (I was actually relieved to step away from dealing with angels and the heavenly war blah blah blah) I think the deeper we go into demonic mythology the more I feel like I'm watching supernatural again?

So obviously Sam and Dean reunite, Crowley is now hunting for the blade (and man did he have some witty zingers in this episode. God, if you can't love him as a villain anymore at least appreciate his witty commentary.)

What will Sam think of the mark? Will Sam tell Dean about his extraction of the rest of Gadreel's grace? I would hope so since 'lying' seems to be a distinct sore mark with both of them right about now.

Let's hope we get out Winchester's back together on the same page and kicking ass again, yeah?

See you all next week!

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