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Season 9: Road Trip

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"Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out...."

Errrr I mean welcome all old and newcomers! I hope you all had a gut-wrenching of a hiatus as I did.

Now let's us get back to what we all love which is Supernatural.

Last episode we left off with a cliff hanger and I left you all with a poll, most of you were still blown away and still grieving Kevin so let's open this review with two new polls...

Did the hiatus lessen or increase your interest in S9?

The hiatus has only made me more bored with the season. I am not excited for the return.
The hiatus increased my interest for this season and I can't wait to see the new episode.
My interest whether high or low stayed the same.

Poll #1952126 Season 9: Road Trip

Did you like the episode?

Yes. It was the perfect way to come back from hiatus and fulfill the cliffhanger
No. It was all sloppy and didn't end the beginning of the season's arc about Ezekiel/Gadreel well.
I'm on the fence about this episode, I'm not sure where the show is even heading anymore.
I didn't watch
It was alright but I found I was pumped for nothing.

Now that that is out of the way, let's chat episode shall we?

Oh boy where do we begin...well we left off with Gadreel!Sam MIA and Kevin dead. We asked ourselves how could we possibly come back from something like that, and to me personally, I kind of like where this season is heading.

I will admit we had quite a bit (okay A LOT) of huge problems that are still remaining un-addressed by the writers.

Let me start off however by saying what I particularly liked about the episode.

  • I very much enjoyed the pace. I didn't find it moving to fast or slow. Recently the show's pacing has seemed off to me so this episode was good to savor.

  • The mystery and on the edge of my seat feeling was there. I missed when the show felt genuinely captivating and this episode hit all the right spots for me.

  • I have been finding Castiel and Crowley a drag but this episode I really enjoyed their roles and commentary. Crowley as a villain was getting old very fast. We need more Meg's (preferably more females but beggars can't be choosers with these writers), however, I will take what I can get.


  • Gadreel's backstory and the other angels stories including Castiel's anger was interesting. I hope we maybe see a deduction that gee wheez maybe everything wasn't Sam's fault? Maybe the fuck up lies in the hands of the heavenly hmmm?

Now the problematic things that have yet to be addressed is: Sam's consent.

It's no surprise. Supernatural is basically a book on Sam and consent issues. If you look back all the way in season 1 you'll see the slow shambles of Sam's control and autonomy over himself begin to desolve. It's only gotten worse since than and this season definitely takes the cake in 'violating Sam department' and you know, I can't help but be amazed at the writers continued effort in including this and never once remarking upon it.

I have little faith it is done intentionally. I mean something like this takes deep thought and a look outside of traditional gender norms (to expect that a man can be violated in such ways)

Don't get me wrong this isn't a "this show sucks" complaint this is a complaint against the writers not accepting that Sam isn't the punching bag of the story. Hurt!Sam is my thing but this is obsessive to me. As I've been hearing by quite a bit of other fans.

How many times can Sam be violated without him feeling like he's not even his own person? Hell how many times can they go around blind and NOT showcase how Sam feels about this?

I think the closest joy I've come is when Sam took control and told that 'holy punk ass roller" to get the hell out. I felt empowered FOR Sam, as I'm sure so did Sam. It must have felt amazing to finally kick ass and take control for once and it's sad that it sort of took Crowley to encourage that.

The ending? Well....did it read like all the other sappy goodbye's they've had? Of course it did. Sam seemed exhausted mentally and physically. He acted as if he was calm but to me that just showed how done Sam is with everything. I think the biggest upset for Sam was that his own decision over whether he lives or dies was taken away from him. Sam was okay with dying and finally making peace and despite Dean's good intentions I'm sure it felt like Sam was getting ripped away to be played like a fiddle again and I'm sure Sam is tired.

So we'll see how all this plays out as they part (which never ends well) and maybe we'll get some Sam and Cas interaction (yes? I'd like to see maybe Castiel sort of apologize to Sam? Maybe after he realizes just how little a choice Sam has had in everything since he was born I think that be a nice closer to long standing wounds)

Let's hope next week is as crazy as this one!

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