Charity (cherry916) wrote,

J2 fic: Standing Still

Title: Standing Still
Author: cherry916
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,500
Author’s Notes: This is written for sammycolt24 for the spn_j2_xmas. I hope you like it dear, I loved all your prompts and sort of incorporated a lot of them into one fic.

Summary: Jared lives life in the slow lane. Due to a debilitating genetic disorder Jared will never know what it is like to live a life like a true wolf. He is confined to a wheelchair and has dismissed all hope of ever finding a mate. However, when the winds get colder and Jared life is in danger he finds someone that will slow down just for him.

The wind howled viciously outside making Jared shiver which caused him to pull his large overcoat closer to him. The beautiful winter landscape was beginning to take hold at the omega reservation. Normally, Jared would take this opportunity to paint the exquisite scenery. Except his fingers were about frozen to the point they were becoming stiff and painful.

This made moving around in his wheelchair very difficult.

Jared sighed, staring at his legs, willing them to possibly move on their own. No matter how hard he tried they, however, remained as still as the snow outside.

It was extremely rare, but it wasn’t unheard of for a wolfpup to be born with some form of a genetic disorder. Given how his Mom had very bad luck with conceiving pups it was a miracle she managed to carry Jared long enough to have him.

That of course didn't come without a price.

Jared rubbed at his forehead feeling a headache coming on; due to his rare condition this left Jared completely vulnerable.

Werewolves normal genes allowed them fast healing, however, Jared’s weren’t fully developed which caused him to fall ill to just about everything. While he’ll eventually heal like all werewolves his healing time just takes a lot longer.

Hearing the phone ring in the den, Jared wheeled over to where it was perched on a table, picking it up he flipped it open.


“Hey dear I was just checking up on you. The weather’s getting nasty outside.”

Jared heard his Mom burr loudly, although he knew it was all for show. His Mother didn’t have any sort of a disability which meant her natural heat kept her warm through chilly winters. Jared’s however wasn’t up to par forcing him to wear outlandish winter gear while the rest of the pack shifted and got to play in the snow.

”Jared? Sweetie?

“What?” Shaking his head of the depressing thoughts Jared focused on his conversation, he didn’t want to freak his Mother out any more than she normally was. While he loves his Mother to death and wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world, due to his disability his Mom was very sheltering. Rarely letting Jared go outside or make friends in fear the pack wouldn’t understand.

While that is mostly true, that didn't mean Jared hasn’t made friends. Jared’s best friend, alpha Chad Murray was likely the only one who really understood Jared; even though Jared is a virtual gimp Omega.

“Baby, do you need me to come home?”

“No!” He realized how bad that sounded and had the knowledge to at least appear shameful. “I mean its okay Mom I’m fine. It’s nice and warm in the den and I’m thinking of maybe painting some.” It was a lie but his Mom didn’t need to know how miserable he was at the moment.

“If you’re sure. I shouldn’t be much longer but you know how crazy the market gets when it’s winter.”

“Yeah, I understand. I’ll see you later, okay Mom?”

“Okay baby. Don’t go outside and keep yourself warm okay?” His Mom’s worried voice came out in full force making Jared roll his eyes. You’d never know Jared was 21 at this rate.

“Yes Mom I’ll be careful, you too okay?”

“Of course, love you see you soon.”

As soon as the call ended Jared snapped the phone shut and laid it on the table. The headache was coming back in full force.

Rubbing at his forehead again, Jared cringed at how icy his hands were. Maybe he needed to lay down in his room which was equipped with a heating unit.

Wheeling himself to the very back of the den, Jared simply went through the motions. He knew how to get himself out of his wheelchair with ease. His bed was ginormous and expansive, yet so cold and empty.

Staring at his old, blue patterned sheets, Jared imagined having a mate lie down with him. Someone to keep him warm constantly, someone who would accept Jared no matter what disability he had. However, that was a pipe dream. Alpha’s wanted nothing but the best from their omega’s and Jared was simply a cheap knockoff.

While he still had all feeling and facility over his nether-region he still couldn’t engage in sex like a normal werewolf. He couldn’t wrap his legs around his mate, couldn’t roll over in bed, couldn’t ride any Alpha. He could only lay lifeless on his back.

The absolute worst fear was the idea that Jared couldn’t carry puppies. An Alpha wanted heirs, wanted their legacy continued, but what if Jared couldn’t carry a puppy? What if that was impossible?

Swallowing thickly, Jared shakily lifted himself out of his chair with ease. He landed on his bed awkwardly but he had no energy to try and straighten himself out. When he closed his eyes he pretended he was the fastest wolf out there, galloping as the wind blew past his face with his mate right next to him.


Jensen brushed the snow off his hair with a loud huff. It was coming down in droves and at this point he’d never make it to town.

He had the forethought to simply shift and make it through the snow but many reservations, especially omega ones, didn't like random alpha wolfs running through their territory.

Jensen did not need omega wolfs on his ass thank you very much. His Mom was a rather scary one to boot.

This particular reservation was quite nice; the snow was all over the ground which offset the twinkling Christmas lights across the town. It was like a scene out of a human town.

Jensen found himself liking the scenery; it was completely different to how his own pack was. His pack was known for its outlandish paranoia, training alphas to become military dogs. What makes it even worse was Jensen’s lineage ran the pack. His father was an alpha and it was only right to pass it onto Jensen, however, Jensen wanted nothing of the cold, abusive pack and bolted when he hit 18.

He’s been on the run ever since, trying to hide his scent and get as far away from his pack as he could. His parents have been following him ever since though, never allowing Jensen to settle down in any one spot causing him to have drifter status.

It was a rather lonely life, at 25 Jensen was at the absolute peak and should have had a mate and some pups on the way.

Staring at the winter wonder land in front of him, Jensen sighed and trudged on through the snow.


Jared awoke when the lights went off in the house.

Blinking open bleary eyes, the first thing Jared noticed were his hands felt like they were numb. Thinking he slept on them wrong, Jared tried to close them but they were stiff and it sent a shock wave of pain up Jared’s arm making him gasp.

Something was wrong.

Sitting up in bed took all his strength. He was sweating but he was so cold he was chilled to the bone. Trying to see straight was disorienting and before Jared knew it he was leaning over the side of his bed and puking. He felt tears leak out of his eyes at being so weak.

He couldn’t quite push himself back over the edge so he was hanging awkwardly off the bed. His head was pounding fiercely with the motion and before Jared knew it he was screaming for help.

However, the entire town was enjoying their ‘Christmas’ season by celebrating outside in the pack’s forest. This left Jared by himself, alone and cold without a mate to keep him company.


Jared screamed again to no avail, however maybe this was his penance for being the way he was. He knew he was an embarrassment to the reservation. He wasn’t a top omega they liked to keep around, maybe his Mom was right. They would never understand.


Jensen pulled his coat tighter around him as the wind howled.

Despite his natural heat, the wind still was quite nippy in these parts making Jensen shiver. The cottages began to get smaller and smaller the farther he walked into the town. It wasn’t until Jensen was about a block away from the last house that he heard screaming. His sensitive ears picked up the acute sounds of cries for help.

The wind whipped against his face again sending a tantalizing scent up through his nose. It was the scent of an omega in heat.

Jensen swallowed; the scent was making him dizzy. It was like the sweetest drug any alpha could ask for.

Containing his growl, Jensen barreled through the snow until he was in front of the cottage. The cries grew louder and louder and the scent was becoming stronger and stronger. Jensen’s inner wolf was fighting with his human form to break free.

An alpha could never ignore a cry from an omega no matter how prejudiced some alphas were. Omega’s were rare, a treasure.

While some betas could conceive they were becoming scare.

However, omegas were the true breeders. All omegas could breed and often produces multiple pups no matter what the circumstances.

Jensen didn’t care though. All he heard was his omega crying out in pain and fear.

Giving no thought to breaking the door down, Jensen followed the sounds of the crying to a bedroom.

Opening up the bedroom door revealed an omega in distress.

“Omega…” Jensen said softly, staring in avid fascination at the writhing omega. It appeared that the omega was sick and weak, too limp to even pull himself back on the bed. The strong pheromones coming from the omega also signaled to Jensen this was the omegas first heat. While heat often occurred during puberty it wasn't uncommon for it to come later in life, however, the heat was often debilitating and exhausting rather than sexual and arousing. Especially if the omega was unmated when they began to experience the heat.

Jensen glanced curiously at the wheelchair near the bed and grimaced at the sickness dripping down it. Returning his attention to the beautiful omega, Jensen made an attempt to step closer. The omega flinched, crying softly. It was a low broken sound that made Jensen’s heart ache.

“Go away.”

“I’m here to help, please just let me help you on the bed and I’ll leave. I won’t hurt you.” Jensen assured softly, taking cautious steps not to frighten the omega.

“Please…” The omega begged. Finally, the omega turned toward him, his beautiful hazel eyes shining in the dim light.

Jensen fought with himself to not let his wolf take over, that wouldn't do any good for the obviously frightened omega.

“Here let me help you.” Jensen walked slowly to where the omega was half-hanging off the bed. He ignored the sickness on the ground and gently lifted him back to a sitting position. He noticed that the omegas legs simply moved when Jensen moved him.

However, he ignored that in favor of softly wiping the omega’s bangs from his face.

He smiled when the omega leaned into his touch. “My name is Jensen, I’d like to start calling you by name rather than just your breed.”

The omega laughed a little before a pained sound escaped his throat. “J..ared…what’s happening to me.” Jared moaned again his face breaking out into a new sweat.

Jensen noticed how clenched Jared’s hands were around the blankets and tried to unwind them. As soon as he touched Jared’s hands though he reared back in shock.

They were like icicles.

“Jared…you’re so cold but you’re in heat?” Jensen finally took notice of the room’s space heaters that seemed to have been shut off and how icy the whole room actually was.


Jared trembled beneath the covers, his eyes opening to reveal tears. Jensen couldn't handle seeing Jared in so much pain.

He finally succumbed to his wolf and sat down on the bed with Jared pulling him against his chest. Jared was so cold and lifeless.

His shivering slowly was becoming worse.

Something was wrong with this wolf that much was obvious but Jensen wasn't going to dwell on it. Jared needed to get warm and manage his desires that heat would bring on.

Technically, this was very normal for a strange alpha to mate with an omega in heat. However, Jared looked so vulnerable and broken that Jensen didn't want to add to Jared’s misery.

“Jared...please forgive me for suggesting this but…”

“Don’t bother.”

Jensen recoiled back at how dead Jared sounded.

“I’m a gimp and useless. No alpha as good as yourself would want me. Just leave me here and put me out of my misery. You’d be doing my parents a favor.”

“Jared…” Jensen whispered in shock. He never heard such things from a wolf’s mouth. Maybe a human sure, but wolf’s were generally happy and well-adjusted creatures.

Something had to have happened to Jared to cause this. Jensen felt anger well at something harming his mate but Jared was too ill, to sick. Jensen had to do something.

“I don’t care about that.” Jensen whispered his palm rubbing across Jared’s cheek making him look up. “All I care about is you. You’re beautiful in every way possible and I want to make you my mate.”

Jared stuttered under Jensen’s intense stare making Jensen smile. “If you’ll let me.”

“Alpha…” Jared whispered.

Jensen growled softly before bending down and taking Jared in a hungry kiss. Jared moaned softly as Jensen slowly worked his hands underneath the cover. Miles of cold skin met him; however, Jensen vigorously rubbed every inch of Jared wanting him to become warm again.

Have life again.

“Jen…sen I…”

“Shhhh…” Jensen shushed him gently, noting the blush staining his cheeks. “Let me do all the work.”


1 Year Later

“Honey are you sure you’re okay? You’re not beginning to get sick are you! Dear, you have to be more careful in your condition.”

Sherri shrieked making Jared roll his eyes as Jensen snickered behind his mug of coffee.

“Mom I’m okay I promise.” Jared smiled as he caressed his distended belly. “They’re fine too.”

Sherri softened at the motion making Jared breathe a bit easier. She was a notorious worry wart and Jared could understand that, however, Jared had someone to watch out for him now.

Without thinking about it Jared stole a glance at Jensen who was now laughing at something his Dad was saying. It’s hard to imagine his life before Jensen.

Jared was simply going through the motions. If Jensen wouldn’t have shown up Jared would have likely given up all together. Not only was he grateful for Jensen bringing new life to him, he was grateful for Jensen giving him the chance to do something he’d never thought was possible.

Having a family.

It definitely wasn't easy. Jared had to visit the omega obgyn almost every day and was put on bed rest more times than he can count but Jared didn’t mind.

For once, Jared was okay with staying still because he finally had someone to stand still with.

The End

Tags: challenges, fandom: supernatural, fic: standing still, genre: au, genre: rps, pairing: jared/jensen
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