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Season 9: Holy Terror


Well....what can I say as an opener to that intense hiatus! Let me tell takes the cake as being one of the most tension, crazy, insane cliffhangers we've had. Shit went down and it went down hard and fast. Join me as I try and handle my emotions from this episode.

Poll #1946411 Holy Terror

Did you enjoy the episode?

YES omg so many epic twists and turns I'm excited for whats to come
NO this was terrible. I can't stand to watch anymore
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I didn't watch the episode.

Before I touch base on the more epic things we've found out and learned. Let's get one big slow clap and hug-it-out fest for the loss of one of our GREAT characters we've come accustomed to: Kevin Tran

It seemed horribly sudden, however, quite a bit of fans called this on tumblr. I think they knew something was happening and someone was dying, unfortunately as stubborn as we are we stay ignorant until we can't deny it anymore.

(Hey I'm still holding hope that since Cas has his grace back he can fix this! right? RIGHT? yeah and I'm fucking santa claus)

So here is to our little innocent baby who got wrapped up in something horrible and judging by his demeanor tonight I can really tell he had given up a lot. His voice was dead and cold, his eyes looked blank. I'm not saying him dying was any form of a refuge or good in anyway HOWEVER I hope somewhere he'll be reunited with his Mom (I'm very sure by now she is actually dead)



Ahem....okay with that out of the way let's talk juicy plot lines, yeah?

The biggest secret we learned THIS IS NOT EZEKIEL. This angel has control of Sam now and is taking him God knows where to carry out metatron's hit list. He's killed Kevin, lied to Dean, and could possibly be harming Sam in the process we just don't know!

For some background info the angel's name is Gadreel (Or Gadriel) who was the keeper of the garden of Eden. Lore says that instead of a serpent it was actually him who disguised himself so he could teach lust to the first woman. I think supernatural is going with he let in the serpent rather than he WAS the serpent thing but anyway HE'S BEEN LOCKED UP.

The Sam parallels to him were like WHOA the whole time. I think they were intentional because they were too abundant to ignore.

God's most trusted, indebted with a task greater beyond his years. He makes a mistake, fucks up however good his intentions were but they needed someone to blame for all this. So they blame him then lock him away, in the end it's to make themselves feel better. Lets not forget A LOT of blame could be passed around between Eve, Adam and the likes but the keeper of the garden was blamed for everything.

Makes your head hurt huh? NOW he's being manipulated by metatron the same way he did Castiel. Despite him trying to create a new name for himself and show his worth.

I appreciate the parallels but I don't really care. This angel is manipulative himself, he's a liar, and now he's a blind follower that has barricaded himself in Sam made Sam do absolutely horrible things and is going to finish this hit list until he's stopped.

So...let's go down this line of thought here. Dean...Dean Dean. Dean let the angel in EVEN tricked Sam into it because he was that desperate. Act made out of love? Of course. Selfish? No doubt. However, Sam still doesn't know. It was Gadreel who acted as Sam when Dean told him (thus why he punched Dean)

Sam is still clueless to the carnage and devastation this angel is causing. To the lies and betrayal from is brother, and worse to Kevin's death. Dean is likely equally as guilty and I'm sure he's blaming himself big time for his mistake.

The question now Sam really healed? If this angel lied whose to say he's even healing Sam? How will Sam react knowing just what this angel did in his body? To Kevin? To Dean? How can Dean live with himself knowing what he did to both Sam and Kevin?

The hits keep coming and it's looking like they ain't ready to stop yet.

Castiel at least has his (albeit not REALLY his) grace back. Grace is confusing? So all this time angels could simply get other angel's grace just like that? I find that hard to believe it kind of makes getting permission from a vessel almost obsolete. I don't know that fact is minor to what is going on now.

The war is brewing on both sides and with Metatron intending to rebuild Heaven and somehow rule it? Things are looking too well for the boys on earth. It really is team free will right now...or better yet team free sammy.

First things first, that angel has to go and when that happens, what will happen to Sam? Are we sure Sam is really healed?

Can Castiel somehow heal Sam now that he has his grace? What effects will the torture have on Sam from Crowley? If they let Crowley loose how does he fit into this angel war? What about abaddon? Is she bidding her time down in hell waiting for the next attack?

Wow there is A LOT of questions but this episode was abso-freaking-lutely intense. The biggest surprise was finding out that Ezekiel wasn't really Ezekiel. I think we all knew he was bad but we didn't know that it WASNT Ezekiel. I wonder what Gadreel's intent was all along then?

(Also quick shout out to what an AMAZING job Jared has been doing with these angel sequences. We really believed that was Sam back there with Dean but I knew that Sam's reaction was too subdued to really be Sam and when he punched Dean it finally sealed the deal. Sam deals with emotional blows and anger through avoidance not violence. Tweets Jared and Osric for a job well done this episode!)

So what's next guys?

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