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Season 9: Rock and a Hard Place


Hey everyone! Having a good week? Well...just so happens I was in California attending Burcon over the weekend! (No worries pics and reports will be coming soon!) With everything happening so fast I didn't have time to finish replying to all my reviews but alas I will get to them!

Hows about I focus on this weeks episode for you all, one step at a time I suppose?

Poll #1945313 Rock and a Hard Place

How did you like the episode?

I loved it! Jody was badass and I love the brotherly angst to come
It was okay. The storyline was interesting but I am terrified of the angst
I didn't like it. I don't like the way this is heading.
I didn't watch it.

To start things off I will say this episode went very fast for me. Before I knew it it was already 9:41 and the episode had reached its climax (no puns) was is like that for anyone else? If I had a few complaints about this episode it was that it seemed to speed by.

However, I will say that I was dreading it being the same 'dragons' things but I liked the spin they put with it. I think it would have been so cheesy to have dragons again I'm glad we are adding in more Greek/Roman mythology. I love it and always welcome myths like that on the show because I find their portrayal of gods/goddesses/deities so interesting to play with. How sacrifice and worship can turn into something selfish and horrifying.

Jody was a badass. It was so great to see her again and I really, REALLY hope she stays. Largely because she's one of the only central female characters we have left AND because she's more a Sam side character that he can interact with. Sam really doesn't get enough of those to be honest and selfishly, as a Sam girl, I'd like to see her on more because she's someone Sam can relate too and talk to very easily.

I mentioned above that the storyline was refreshing and I loved the monster but let's get down to business.

There was two big things in this episode:

  • Dean's questionable interactions with a woman who took a Chasity pledge

  • Ezekiel

I'll touch on the first one. I've seen a bit of uproar over Dean's attitude toward her. I'm here to tell you what I think. I think Dean is a gentlemen. However, his actions always seem to come across as douchey and insensitive. Given the girl was trying to stray away from porn and sexual intercourse and took a vow of chastity is something incredibly brave and requires a lot of strength to do so. I understand the issues of connecting the kidnapping with her breaking that vow but Dean did come across as predatory when he wouldn't let her vow of chastity stand between him possibly getting some.

While that does reek of being an asshole Dean however approaches her porn past with the utmost respect. He doesn't make her feel trashy or slutty in anyway. He doesn't really objectify her to the point where she's uncomfortable he compliments her on the things she's able to do and how she affects him. Which I think is commendable to say the least. He could have been a dick and talked about her boobs or something but he chooses to be impressed and show respect to the acts she can do in bed. He's impressed with her and doesn't hide the fact that she turns him on with her performance and talents. Which to me speaks of something more intimate. I can't think of anything to say to something who is likely ashamed of having a porn past other than reassuring them that there was nothing to be ashamed over.

The other big thing in this episode was Ezekiel. Sam is feeling tired again, feeling drained.

But how can that be? Ezekiel is supposed to be healing him.......

Then we come to the end of the episode. After (sorry I forgot her name already!) says Sam is held together with duck tape and safety pins inside and questions how he's still alive (which is a horrible trigger to a shit ton of happenings in Sam's life) Sam questions whether it is him that is wrong. As if he has a design flaw. He talks about himself as something so broken and un-fixable...not normal that it kills Dean. He can't lie this away. Sam is really worried about whether he's just this broken human that will never fully be okay there is always going to be something wrong with him inherently.

Sam blames himself for this. Like it's his fault that he's broken this way. Dean closes his eyes in absolute agony and finally relents. He was going to tell Sam everything. He can't stand to watch his brother talk about himself as if he's a chewed up play toy. When all he wants is for Sam to know how fucking strong he is and how much Dean is wanting him to fight to live.

Right when Dean is going to tell him Ezekiel appears and whispers a chilling "I wouldn't do that."

Dean is frustrated and angry. He can't reveal to his brother the real reason he's so internally broken. Sam's self-esteem and perception of himself is beginning to fall after all the hard work Dean went through to raise it. To make Sam understand how special and needed he is.

And like that Ezekiel is gone and all Dean can offer Sam is if there is something wrong they'll fix it.

By the look on Sam's face he's beginning to doubt it all. He's beginning to question whether all these incidents that keep happening to him are just excuses to hide the real issue...himself.

By the looks of next weeks promo we are going to see Ezekiel's true side like we've been dreading since the beginning of the season. Ezekiel is in the ultimate position of power. He has complete control over Sam and leverage over Dean. What Ezekiel wants...his plans or intentions...well he'll get them because he has total control and isn't that scary? To know Dean has been driving around with this being who has both of their heads in the palms of his hands?

I feel very disconnected with the overarching plot with the angels (is it overarching?) we've had three episodes basically about it and each one I found boring. I feel like I have zero interest in anything angels anymore. They're not scary they're very much over and done with.

That is why the next episode I'm not looking forward to seeing that. If anything, the Sam Dean Ezekiel dynamic is more interesting to play out and what about Crowley? They can't keep him locked in a dungeon forever...I feel like he's going to factor in here in some way.

Is anyone excited or dreading the mid season finale? What cliffhanger might we get?

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