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Season 9: Bad Boys

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Hey guys and gals! So sorry I missed you all last week. I've been so busy with preparing to go to Burcon and trying to finish all my school work before then I realized I had no time to do the review /0\ ALAS I am here this week with the new episode.

So to start us all off fresh, how'd you like the episode?

Poll #1944151 Bad Boys

Did you enjoy the episode?

Yes. I loved the flashbacks and diving into Dean's history a bit
It was okay. A lot of things didn't add up for me.
No. I do not enjoy the writers retconning canon
I didn't watch it.

I don't even know where to start with this episode. Well....I did enjoy watching flashbacks and getting back to salting and burning ghosts, don't get me wrong. I also tremendously enjoyed the actor who portrayed young Dean. He did a fantastic job through and through.

However, I can not ignore the ginormous amount of retconning this episode did. It even contradicted itself in spots it was so shotty.

Okay a few points that make no sense or contradict earlier things we know about Dean.

  • Dean says in this episode he didn't like hunting but went along with it.

So everything Dean says up until this point (especially in S1-3) is a lie? I agree. Dean is tired of the job. However, to say a young Dean and Dean up until S3 didn't enjoy hunting is a bit insane to believe at this point. They maybe could have introduced this tibit in earlier and I would believe it but S9 and they want to randomly state Dean didn't like hunting as a child? I'm not buying it.

  • John would leave Dean in the reformatory to learn a lesson.

We are talking about John. Who is controlling at best and paranoid 24/7 who will willingly allow his 16 year old son sit in a place without his protection? You have to be joking right? If John really wanted Dean to learn a lesson he'd BRING HIM HOME then teach him one.

  • Dean would lose their food money.

Dean isn't dumb. He wouldn't lose food money if he knew that he couldn't feed Sam without it. That's careless and like Sam said, Dean made a mistake, but it'd be PRETTY DAMN HARD to convince me the boy who could recite John's parting words to heart would go out and be reckless with their money.

  • Sam didn't ask any questions and Dean didn't fight to get back to Sam.

It's also hard to believe (i'll use this a lot) that Sam would passively accept what John said. Now I understand why Adam Glass said on twitter that Sam was 9 (yeah you heard that right) because they're trying to work around the issue that if Dean is 16 then Sam is 12 which means SAM KNOWS ABOUT THE HUNT AND BEGAN QUESTIONING JOHN. This whole storyline would have fallen apart and they did a bang up job trying to patch it together.

  • Dean contradicts himself

At first this episode showcases that Dean had it lucky at this reformatory. He had a girlfriend, was going to school, made friends, appeared to be actually happy. However, Dean consistently is stating that he didn't like it. I'm confused. Either Dean found those two months awesome or he didn't it.

I don't know this whole episode gives me wtf vibes. I am questioning everything they said in this episode as it's either contradictory or doesn't make sense for the characters. Dean a virgin at 16? Really? Dean's first 'real' girlfriend was supposedly Cassie and Cassie was the first person he told about what they did.....oh yeah guess they forgot.

Sorry for the heavy sarcasm here but it's hard to believe they retconned and contradicted themselves THIS much. Otherwise, the storyline would have been great but the lengths they went to work around old canon was astounding to me.

Something even MORE amazing that is glaring is the fact that Dean sort of hit Sam hard for Stanford, and wanting a normal life and those scenes with Sam having Thanksgiving with the family. And he hit Sam HARD for these choices for quite some time. However....well well well Dean had the same thing and ENJOYED the same thing. He fought with himself over whether he should stay or leave. Sam even questions why Dean didn't stay the way this episode was played out, it made it seem like this was paradise to Dean.

In the end Dean left for Sam albeit with tears whether for the decision over leaving or seeing Sam again I'm not sure.

I'm not calling Dean selfish in the least little bit. He deserved something like this. However, this not only makes Dean look like a huge hypocrite but it makes John look like a total douche bag extraordinaire.

John isn't perfect FAR from it and I would be the first to preach against the 'he did his best' spiel, however, the amount of shit John Winchester's character has been drug through is also astounding. I can see why Jeffery Dean wouldn't come back, they completely demonized John much worse than what Kripke intended I'm sure.

I'm disappointed and I bit flabbergasted to say the least. The actor playing young Dean was BRILLIANT however. I really wish they would have utilized him in a better flashback episode even with this episode he nailed everything perfectly and prevented this episode from being a total failure to me. We have a new young Dean to play with in our minds hehehehehehehehehehe

The retconning was ridiculous and it made the episode un-enjoyable to me.

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