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Season 9: Slumber Party


Hey guys! Happy 'almost' Halloween. It's cool that we got a Halloween episode finally, huh?

Anyway, the results of last weeks poll were mainly split between "I loved the episode" to "This episode didn't do it for me" which that's okay! I can't say that past season 1 and 2 have I completely loved every single episode. There is bound to be some that are hit or miss. However, it still seems to be a strong season at least in everyone's opinion, let's hope this episode was better for you all?

Poll #1941097 Slumber Party

Did you like the episode?

Yes! I loved Charlie and the boys back together. This was a great comedic episode
I love Charlie, however, this episode wasn't quite comedic it came off as corny
No. This episode didn't do it for me.
I'm still rather disappointed by this season,I've been hoping for something better.
I didn't watch the episode.

*DISCLAIMER* While I encourage differing opinions and discussion, I however, do NOT allow all out character bashing or hate. This is a completely intellectual zone where fans can engage in conversation over the new season. I'm not saying we can't disagree or be mad at certain characters. However, I assume since we are all adults we can discuss in a mature manner and not stoop as low to character bash on a review.

On with the review!

Well...this episode was different......

Not to say it wasn't fun and all but it was a lot to take in. I was saying to Kim that it must be one you have to be high on poppy seeds to understand. Like Plucky's! It was awesome and I loved it (I'm sure I'll come to love this one) but it was one friggin' acid trip wasn't it?

Not to say that the whole Oz mythology wasn't cool, because I'm sorry that was epically creative. It was just a lot of information to process at once I think.

However there was some important moments slipped into this episode that I felt were the strongest.

Sam's sense of home.

A big issue in this episode was that Sam didn't really move in like Dean has. Dean has embraced this bunker as their home. He cleans it, decorates his room, and treats it as if this is a house they live in. Dean has embraced the idea that they have a home and he wants to take care of it.

Sam on the other hand still has issues stemming from home, or lack thereof. I mean Sam's has a lot of issues, but we never quite realized Sam has issues stemming from a lack of a true home. He has no memories of his mother or their house and all the homes sense then have gone bad (Jessica, Amelia...) so it's not quite as shocking to hear Sam admit that he doesn't want to make this a home because he knows if he does it'll be taken away like everything else.

Not surprising, but really really horrible and sad. I think the boys need to have a bit more heart to hearts because that's just heartbreaking to hear. Sam's a grown man and doesn't feel like he has a home, or even a place on this earth that he can call home. Does he believe he doesn't deserve one? Or is it something else? Or does he not want to tempt fate and try and be happy?

Another key issue here is Dean's lies. I mean the guy isn't even trying. You can't honestly make me believe that Sam or anyone else is accepting his lies as truth because they suck. He's getting more people involved in the lies and worse than this, he is in turn using Zeke as much as Zeke is using the power he has over Dean. It's destructive and doesn't spell anything good for the future here.

Sam keeps fainting after Zeke heals people. Is this doing damage to Sam as it is to Zeke? Like is Dean even considering the possibilities here? I feel like his 'I'm winging it' routine is so idiotic and senseless.

SOMEONE is going to get hurt. SOMEONE is going to get really hurt to the point where using Zeke (funny we just got rid of the deus ex machina in Cas and gained a new one!) to heal people won't work.

Where is the breaking point here? Because there has to be a point where this whole thing gets ridiculous and implodes on itself, and I have a feeling that isn't far off.

So to say, Charlie was awesome and I love the little moments in between like watching Game of Thrones in Sam's room and them arguing like a married couple (as always)

I think the most epic thing was seeing Oz and the flying monkeys and Charlie going with Dorothy into Oz. Okay that will ALWAYS be epic to me. Dorothy was an awesome character too. I hope we see her and Charlie again some day (or perhaps they need Dean and Sam's help in Oz? We all know who Crowley thinks they resemble.)

Speaking of which, am I the only one who finds it just so uncomfortably weird that they have KIDNAPPED THE KING OF HELL AND KEEP HIM CAPTIVE IN THEIR BUNKER.

And they go around day by day and act as if everything is normal! I'm sorry it is just so bizarre and the longer it goes what is Crowley supposed to do? Give them names of demons like in the mean time he can just crack jokes about Sam and chill out? Like........I don't even know where to begin with that???

Other than that it was a good comedic episode, it looks like next week will be much the same.

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