Charity (cherry916) wrote,

100 fics that I love: #75

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}
In no particular order: You Make My Heart Melt by moviegeek03

Title: You Make My Heart Melt
Author: moviegeek03
Pairing: None/Gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,200
Warnings: Mild Language but nothing major
Summary: Bobby is forced to enlist John's help after a hunt gone wrong. Little did he know how much that simple call would change his life. Another hunt draws John away, forcing him to leave the boys with Bobby who knows nothing about kids.

This is a fic that she wrote for me on my birthday which in NO way makes me biased. Because this really is a sweet, heartwarming fic.

Bobby the ever gruff hunter hasn't the slightest idea about kids. It's amusing to watch Bobby try and figure things out and get mildly perturbed that a 5 year old (Dean) has more knowledge than he does on the matter. However, Bobby soon falls head over heels for the two boys and you get to see really sweet moments between he and Dean, as well as he and Sam.

It's a short, sweet fic for anyone looking to get their fill of father!bobby fics.
Tags: 100 things challenge
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