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100 fics that I love: #73

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}
In no particular order: Breathe Again by fatebegins

Title: Breathe Again
Author: fatebegins
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: N/A
Warnings: Age difference 17/28, mentions of physical/sexual abuse, eventual mpreg, werewolves
Summary: Jared is an omega Were arranged to marry Alpha Jensen. With an abusive Alpha father and a need to protect his mother, Jared agrees to the marriage even though he hates all alphas and is hiding a very huge secret-- Jared is the masked crusader who is spiriting away omegas from their arranged matches and causing political uproar. As his own marriage progresses, Jared comes to love his husband but continues his crusade but what will happen if Jensen finds out the truth?

Like having your heart ripped out of your chest, sewn back in, but ripped out again? Then this is the fic for you. She wraps heartbreaking angst, schmoop, and absolute painful moments so eloquently in this long werewolf story.

The summary is detailed, and it basically accounts what the story will be about. The key difference is fate has always had a way with words, and eloquently describing a situation and actually writing it out. There is no easy fixes to any of her stories. Despite the added werewolf, and mpreg elements she keeps all of her writing as realistic as possible and handles touchy subjects like abuse, sexual assault etc. with utmost care.

Jared is absolutely heartbreaking in this. Strong, yet still so vulnerable. However, he has a lot to learn about other wolves and about mates. Jensen also has a lot to learn about their political stances and the society of werewolves. They help each other get through and learn to accept and love one another.

A beautiful tale (tissue warnings!) that will keep you engaged for hours.

Tags: 100 things challenge
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