Charity (cherry916) wrote,

100 fics that I love: #66

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}
In no particular order: Becoming Too Visible by rozzy07

Title: Becoming Too Visible
Author: rozzy07
Pairing: None/Gen
Rating: T
Word Count: 77,658
Warnings: None Given
Summary: As they pulled up outside the dingy bar in the middle of a backwater road in Arkansas Sam couldn't help but grimace. Over the past year he had been in too many bars like this not to feel the tang of worry in his mouth. Especially with his acerbic big brother Dean in tow seemingly now days more ready to use his fists than talk his way out of trouble.

This is a sort of carry on from Becoming Invisible but holds up as its own story.

Basically, this is a very long, angsty, H/C fic with hurt!Sam galore. Set in Season 2, I'm sure you can imagine all the delicious guilty!Dean and depressed Sam feels being explored. It's also tied in with an awesome case fic and cool new characters to explore.

I love the length number one, something long and juicy for someone to wallow in for a few hours. I also love Sam and Dean's relationship. As broken as it is, they always find their way to each other to fix what they messed up.

Tags: 100 things challenge
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