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New Tennis Shoes for Me

That means I have gotten the job. I start on Tuesday, I'll be doing either housekeeping or laundry depending on if their one person, Sheila, who has worked there for 23 years even when the nursing home was a hotel! Decides to take days off because the poor woman deserves it for being the only one to do the laundry.

I could see why, given yesterday she was off and they had head of housekeeping do it, she's been there for 2 years the longest of the bunch past Sheila and the laundry room was a fucking mess. She kept getting on my nerves and finally I simply went up to the 3rd floor to learn housekeeping with someone else and I was thankful for it. I  couldn't take anymore of her bitching that it was 'too' hot or I fold the clothes wrong or anything else she wanted to throw at me because she's in charge and I'm not.

Anyway, I need new shoes or some form of inserts or something. My tennis shoes now hurt my feet big time, unfortunately I don't get paid from Career Central for the internship until maybe Tuesday or Wednesday so you can see my dilemma. I asked my father  if he could spare me the money until I can get paid, so I could pay him back but anytime I ask for money it's the same thing 'I don't have any money' despite I just got paid yesterday and had A LOT of money to buy 4 brand new tires for my truck but he never has any money for anyone else but himself. Getting REAL tired of that.

Anyway, I'll manage. Life is about to get real busy for me. Not exactly sure what my schedule will be but given housekeepings normal time is 7 to 3 I'm pretty sure that'll be mine as well. I plan to stay with this job until school starts in fall, I am, hoping when school does start I can move down to a part-time position but we'll see when that comes.
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