Charity (cherry916) wrote,

100 fics that I love: #62

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}
In no particular order: Out of Silence by Annie46

Title: Out of SIlence
Author: annie46
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: N/A
Warnings: None Given
Summary: When hardened, but lonely cop, Jensen Ackles meets Jared Padalecki in his family’s diner, he doesn’t realise that his life is about to change drastically. Jared is a complete innocent, deaf, mute and unable to communicate, he needs a friend. Can Jensen be that man?

This is a fic I read a few years ago and fell in love with. Her likeable characterization of Jared and Jensen, and their friendship that develops into more draws you in.

Jensen is a cop who meets Jared at his family's diner. Jared is deaf and unable to communicate but as we all know sometimes you can say something without saying anything at all. Jensen and Jared develop a friendship that merges into more. It seems that Jared really needs someone, and Jensen is so lonely Jared's sunny disposition despite his disability draws Jensen in like a moth to a flame.

It's an all around, heartwarming little fic. Something you can sit back and smile at while reading in bed.

Tags: 100 things challenge
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