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Season 8: Sacrifice


Due to LJ being an asshat I had to wait to post the review. Argh. I can't tell you how annoyed I was when I realized LJ wasn't working after I watched the finale.

And also thanks to a stint in the hospital I did yesterday that ate up a lot of my time but I see that LJ hasn't been up until early this morning, at least for many on my flist.

So apologies for this being late. But hey better late than never?

So the BIG finale. I think we all know the disappointment I have previously expressed about this season, and really the finale doesn't change that. Sad to say. I'm not saying the finale was bad, but overall it could have been a lot better. I would pick out a few key moments I thought were amazing, but that doesn't make up for the failure that this season was overall.

Here's to hoping 9 will be A LOT better.

Okay, so what didn't I like?

I found it a bit fast paced. I think the pacing all season has been horrible so the finale was packed with a shit ton of information that could have generally been spread out amongst some episodes instead of ridiculous fillers we've had.

I find this incredulous but EVERY important plot point this season has dished out has been DROPPED. The trials? Dropped in favor of the supposed 'surprise' at the end (note I did like the scene at the end but it was hardly a surprise actually, a lot of people called Metatron out a while ago), Purgatory? Dropped within about 6 episodes, and hey what PTSD? Amelia? Dropped without a word, likely the most horribly storyline to ever grace supernatural. Benny? Dropped as well. He simply went around in circles with no clear purpose, at least he got a better farwell.

I think you understand my point, and I hopefully assume you realize how horrible that is for the season overall? I find myself remembering Carver talking at Comic Con about a lot of this stuff that we never truly got to see play out, or it was given to us with horrid writing and OOC characterization. I find the horrible writing inexcusable at this point. I understand so many new writers but a lot of episodes were written by SEASONED writers.

Another thing that's become annoying, fanservice. I know. This word gets thrown around  A LOT in fandom, and fans have a penchant to use it when things appear on screen they don't like.

BUT come on. Dena is NOT going to stop at a bar and drink a beer while Sam is completing the last trial with the king of hell?What the fuck. I hope I am not the only one completely horrified at that move. Why did Dean and Cas have to have their hurrah moment, without Sam? Wouldn't Cas like to say goodbye to Sam too? You know HIS OTHER FRIEND. My only hope is that since Misha is a regular next year, we will get more Sam and Cas scenes. It's completely ridiculous we have to even form a prayer circle for this.

Other than that, like I said pacing fucked with me fully enjoying the finale. I may have to re-watch it again.

Onto the things I DID enjoy.

The Sam and Dean scenes.

I think that encompasses them all in this. Jared did such a phenomenal job playing Sam's pain, anger, resentment, and guilt. Because Sam is only human, and his self-esteem has been so horribly low and shitty that he considered his life worthless, worthless to the one person he cares about most. Which is Dean. Dean reacts in anger a little at Sam thinking of himself that way but he has to realize that Sam has never been 'fine' this stuff has just been building and  building until we have Sam at this, his absolute lowest.

It was something we needed to see, Dean telling Sam to finally let it all go and that it'll be okay. Sam NEEDS some form of reassurance.

The ending was gorgeous. Gotta give our CGI crew some MEGA props for that beautiful show. All the falling angels were like falling stars. It was quite spectacular and kind of left me a bit breathless.

Questions I have is: what happened to Garth? Kevin? Why did they kill Mrs. Tran or presumably kill her without ANY form of a mention?

Where do you think this will land us in Season 9? Will it be better than Season 8?

Have a fun hiatus, see you all next season.

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