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Season 8: Taxi Driver


First off, I apologize for this being so late. As you all know I normally do them right after the episode airs. But I was really tired so I decided to wait.

Overall, the episode would have otherwise been enjoyable if the show didn't constantly write HUGE gaping errors in continuity, mythology, and the plot itself.

It's so blatant and frequent in this episode it's actually really hard to enjoy it. The numerous amounts of errors include: how easy it was to get into Hell/Purgatory which basically paints Sam as being a douche, Reapers were only supposed to interact with the dead and can only be killed by death's scythe, apparently they had enough time within 24 hours to get to hell/purgatory, Dean to converse with Benny and Kevin and drive to Maine WHILE burying Benny's body.

Those are a few glaring errors and quite frankly I'm tired of them. It shouldn't be this hard, and given that we are only like 4 episodes away from the finale we have basically wasted A LOT on filler episodes that do nothing for the overall myth arc.

So, I ranted about what I hated so let's start with what I liked:

Sam and Bobby getting to spend time together.

-I was so happy to see Sam and Bobby have a semi-bonding moment. It was refreshing since Dean always interacts with the major secondary characters.

Benny's loyalty

-While I wasn't crazy about Benny's whole existence being used as something to showcase how much of a dick Sam is. Seriously? He was a good character, and making Benny's plot hinge on Sam not liking him instead OF maybe proving Sam right or having Dean come to some sort of epiphany about the similarities Benny has to Amy/Ruby was shitty but he was a great character, fiercely loyal and while some had a problem with how he went out I digress, I think he went out in the most noble way possible.

Sam and Dean Hug

-The brotherly moments were also what saved this episode from being a total disaster. It was nice to see the concern and caring, and Dean's lost look when he was told Sam was in purgatory

Kevin and Naomi

-Two GREAT assets to this season. Naomi is a great and interesting character to explore and Kevin (Osric) just keeps getting better and better.

Crowley's frequent violence.

-I think it's nice to finally get Crowley becoming more violent/sinister because he is the king of hell. He's smart and devious and has methods of getting what he wants. Why not exploit his evil side? It's what makes Crowley a great/believable villain.

I few issues I want to touch on about Hell.Purgatory because this is just a HUGE error in multiple departments that really crushed previous canon in the dust.

A) Purgatory was HARD to get into. As Crowley and Cas had to team up, get specific ingredients and figure out specific spells to find out where the place was. If there was a rabbit hole why in the hell didn't Crowley know? He's the king of hell. If it was THAT easy than Crowley wouldn't have needed Castiel in the first place.

B) It took Castiel and half of his garrison to pull Dean from Hell, and when he pulled Sam from Hell he came back soulless. It's unbelievable to me how they shown how damn easy it was to stroll into Hell and find Bobby. Out of the millions/billions of souls that are in there it was that easy? Why couldn't they have split this episode into two? The previous one was a filler and did absolutely nothing to froward the plot, it was an episode that could have been dumped all together to develop this one more fully.

C) Not ONE mention of the trauma Sam and Dean suffered in Hell. No flashbacks, no talk of it. Nada. Sam was unfazed as was Dean as he went to talk to Kevin, all relaxed while Sam did the second trial. Just what? That totally makes Sam and Dean's suffering and torture irrelevant almost.

D) Worst to me is this is making Sam not looking for Dean thing out to be like Sam was a complete and total ass of a brother. If all it took was torturing a demon for 5 minutes to open Purgatory AND Hell. Like how do they excuse this away?

Sorry guys, this was a miss for me. I would have otherwise enjoyed it if not for the huge errors in continuity and canon.

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