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Season 8: Remember the Titans


I am a Greek hematology NUT so I was SUPER excited to see that introduced. I had a lot of high hopes for this episode, especially since the first half was so good, imo.

But it kind of went down hill after that.

Sam was fucking amazing. I loved loved LOVED that the writers showcased his knowledge on mythology, because you can't tell me Sam Winchester didn't read his mythology.

Dean was comedic relief these last few episodes, which I guess is okay but some jokes just fell rather corny, off or uncalled for given the situation. Basically, given how Dean's joking has gone down since Season 1 I would expect him to be much the same with jokes, but I guess he's happy over the men of letters and having a home base? Maybe? He does seem more content, well given the circumstances but of course worried and concerned as hell over his brother. I'm glad they showed that Dean wasn't believing Sam's 'I'm fine' bullshit.

Prometheus was dead sexy

uh wait no.....erm that shirt was WAY TOO TIGHT shhh I loved it anywho they did well with the mythology of Prometheus early on. Him dying repeatedly, the bird eating his liver and so forth. Zeus does hate Prometheus that ain't a lie, and Prometheus was the wisest of the titans, ironic he has amnesia though.

Artemis was badass, like she always is but they slid A LOT on the mythology. Artemis was a VIRGIN GODDESS. Meaning she didn't have sex, didn't experience love nor think of boys like that. That was kind of a 'what the hell' moment. I mean Zeus was the horniest damn god you could find.

Anyway that kind of disappointed me a lot but I wasn't going to let it get me down too too much. The fact remains is that Sam was awesome, he got to bond with TWO characters in ONE episode whoa a record there. Even though the child sounded like a robot but I don't blame the poor kid after what he was basically forced to witness. Hayley is a dumb and she sounded WAY to level headed about this dying everyday god crap but like I said I wasn't going to let it get me down too much or so I hope I didn't.

The ending was amazing. Dean WHO DOESN'T PRAYER OFTEN and most times only prays to Cas to demand he come down and help them or fix their problem. SINCERITY PRAYED TO CAS AND ASKED HIM TO KEEP HIS BROTHER SAFE.

Just jesus christ that got me. And Jensen's tears misting. He was so good. Sam puking blood and getting worried he might meet Prometheus feet is chilling. I mean Sam is a parallel to Hercules with the trials. What could the writers be planning? What will these other trials entail for Sam?

Questions. Questions.



And the writers better have a damn good reason why she disappered, and why Sam and Dean haven't even questioned where she might be.

Overall, it was mediocre. I was kind of hyped up for the Greek mythology stuff but let down. I think someone on tumblr said it feels like the episodes are about these back characters problems and Sam and Dean get magically dropped in the middle and solve it in no time. Basically I think the emotional connection is gone? Maybe? I don't know it feels different, maybe it's just me.

Here is to hoping for more trials stuff and Sam puking blood because I am the worst kind of sadist :D

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