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The Things You Do 10/?

Title: The Things You Do
Summary: With Dean's deal winding down Sam and Dean seem to be dwindling apart all for different causes but on there last hunt the wrong words slip out which causes Dean to see Sam or should I say Sammy in a new light. De-aged fic set in season 3.

Dean snarled holding Sam's head to his chest not wanting Sam to see the demon.

The demon only smirked as it pushed off from the car to stand right in front of them.

"I gotta tell ya Dean out of all the Winchesters you're my favorite. Big, strong, not afraid of anything. Not even Hell. Though I suppose you do lie from time to time."

"You have no clue what your talking about you black eyed freak." Dean yelled. "If I were you I would turn your ass around and get the hell outta here."

The demon clearly wasn't faced.

Dean was starting to sweat as he tried to think of a way to get Sam outta here unharmed. He really couldn't set him down and go into full combat. He couldn't risk Sam trying to jump into the fight or the demon getting to Sam first. He was coming up with a big blank and he could only hope the demon slipped up somewhere so Dean could take advantage.

The demon smirked again. "Did anyone ever tell ya about Hell Dean? Did you ever hear stories or looked it up?"

Dean licked his suddenly dry lips as he contemplated what to answer. Yes people have told him about what they think Hell would be and yes he did look it up but the demon didn't need to know that.

"Whatever those crack pot hunters told you it's not even compared to what it's really like. The heat is so intense it leaves blisters on your unprotected skin like a bad sunburn that won't go away. The air is dry and humid filled with the musty stench of sulfur and bodies burning." The demon walked closer with every word said.

Dean tried not to let his true feelings show. With every word he was getting more terrified. No matter how much he told Sam that he wasn't scared he knew that as the days ticked on he was becoming more frantic. Dean adjusted his hold on Sam hoping that what the demon said was flying over his little head.

"The worst is the screams. The tortured moans and pleas from the souls downstairs would haunt you forever. You'll start to lose your mind as your sanity slowly slips away. Day by day you'll get tortured and be reduced to a pathetic soul that roams around hell for eternity. No purpose and no life. Because I gotta tell ya Dean when you're down there all you got is time. Time to burn. Time to rot. And time to slowly go insane."

Just as Dean was about to lose his mind a bright glow emitted from the Demon's neck as it let out a tortured scream. The body dropped to the ground lifelessly twitching.

Looking up with confusion he could now see Ruby holding the demon killing knife that now dripped the host's blood.

He was about to open his mouth but Ruby quickly silenced him.

"No talk now shortbus there's more to come. Get your ass in gear and go to Bobby's house pronto."

Not one to argue he quickly dug his keys out and slid into the Impala. He didn't even notice that Sam was stilled curled on his lap he just shoved the keys in the ignition and gunned it.

Ruby was left standing in the parking lot as she watched the car drive away. Smirking she turned to leave only to be crowded by more demons.

"Going somewhere Ruby?"

Well shit.

Bobby checked his watch for the thousandth time as he opened to curtain to peek out.

The road was empty.

Damnit! He knew better than this he was an experienced hunter and yet he let them go off when they clearly needed to regroup and handle the situation more maturely. Now they were being ambushed and had no clue how many are on the enemy's side or how many more will try to attack them within the hour.

Dropping the curtain with a huff he went back to pacing as he tried to come up with a legitimate plan. His brain just wasn't coming up with anything. He was drawing on thin air here.

A knock on the door interrupted him out of his rant. Feeling his pockets for the holy water and salt he grabbed his gun and crept towards the door.

Opening it up a crack he was about to say Christo when a cheery voice interrupted him.

"Hey Bobby are Sam and Dean around I think we need to talk."

"Christo." Bobby muttered under breath but the guy didn't flinch. Bobby's brow furrowed as he tried to rack his brain for an answer.

"Sorry Bobby wrong creature."

Suddenly something in his brain clicked. "You're the trickster."

Flinging up dirt in the driveway Dean skidded to a halt as he quickly exited the car.

Sam was still huddled in his embrace and Dean was worried since he hadn't said a word on the ride over there but Dean knew he couldn't fix it until he got Sam safely inside.

Running up to the door he was surprised that it was opened a crack.

No! Whipping out his gun he carried in the back of his jeans he silently crept into the house as he looked around for Bobby.

What he did see was an unfamiliar figure in the kitchen.

Cocking his gun he brought it up to the mans head. Until he turned around.

"Now I say this is a long overdue chat. Don't you Dean?"

Dean gulped as he tried to stop his shaking. It was the fucking trickster! The damn thing that caused this whole mess.

"You bastard!" Dean yelled suddenly bringing down his weapon since he knew it was worthless against him.

"Now Dean that's a little harsh I only did what you asked." The trickster admonished.

"I know." Dean said firmly all too aware that he was the cause of this. "Just change him back ok? I don't want this anymore."

The trickster seemed to think it through. Dean was soon filled with hope that the trickster could change all this and everything could go back to normal or as normal as things were at the moment.

"Na I like this too much."

Dean was soon filled with rage. "You like seeing a little kid get hunted by demons!"

"No, that part isn't very amusing. I was only giving you what you wanted. You wanted your little brother back and walla there he is. It seems you're not very gracious of your wish."

Dean had to fight to not scream right now. "Of course I'm not jackass! If you haven't noticed I'm going to hell in a few months and I rather Sam be a giant than a toddler when I leave."

The trickster seemed to think about that as well. He was only doing this to mess with the boys rather than have a real reason. "I understand Dean-o but the wish isn't up to me. It will return to normal when you truly get your brother back."

Dean was about to retort again when he thought about that. It only served to confuse him. "Huh?"

"Come on I thought you were smarter than that." The trickster said clearly exasperated. "You and I know that the Sam you have now is nothing like the Sam that died in Cold Oak. Now is he?"

Dean swallowed down the urge to panic. He didn't believe anything the yellow eyed demon said he just couldn't fathom it. Now that it's laid out so plainly he's having second thoughts. He knew that Sam changed after he was resurrected. He was more cold, distant and edgy. The lighthearted puppy loving brother seemed non existent and he was mainly to blame for that. Yet he still put it off on Sam. Blaming Sam for something that he himself clearly did. Yet he complained about it and begrudged it like a bad disease. Who the hell was he to complain?

The trickster smiled seeing that Dean was putting it all together. "I knew you weren't that dumb. All you have to do Dean-o is fix your mistake and mend your relationship with your brother. It all lies within the bind between you and Sam I know you'll figure it out."

Dean blinked and suddenly the trickster was gone.

Trying to calm his breathing Dean then realized that he didn't see Bobby anywhere in sight.

"Bobby!" Dean yelled in a hurried rush adjusting Sam in his arms as he searched the house.

The only thing that clearly stood out to Dean was that Bobby wasn't here. Either the trickster was up to something or the demons got Bobby. And it was all Dean's fault.

Sammy trembled in Deanie's grip not really comprehending anything that was going on around him. He could hear Deanie yelling and other voices shouting but everything was going by so fast.

He was scared of the man with black eyes. Scared that the man would come back for him or hurt Deanie or Uncle Bobby. Sammy didn't want them hurt because of him.

Suddenly a pain blossomed behind his eyes growing in intensity. Sammy whimpered at the pressure as it grew and grew until he couldn't hold in the scream.

Then pictures were playing across his head like a movie.

"Lock him up. He'll make perfect bait."

Bobby hung by manacles from the wall a small was cut bleeding sluggishly on his forehead but he was anything but subdued. He cursed at the demons and yelled Christo a couple of times. Even trying to chant some Latin but they quickly shut him up with a gag.

The demon came an caressed Bobby's head almost lovingly.

"Don't worry Singer that little brat will be here soon then you get to watch as we tear him apart from the inside out."

All the demons laughed as Bobby screamed.

Everything went black.

Chapter Eleven

Tags: de-aged, fandom: supernatural, fic: the things you do, genre: gen
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