Charity (cherry916) wrote,


So I just wanted to make a quick little update post about me.

With BULLET POINTS because who doesn't love bullet points? They look so neat hee!

  • I've had a headache going on about 3 days now. It goes away and by morning it comes back. It's really starting to get annoying.

  • I have been writing, slowly but surely, I have one dead-line I committed myself too that I am a little nervous about, but I've always been able to pull things together on the wire so I am sure I'll be fine. I have been enjoying the mpregwinchester comment fic post and looking through the prompts. I am attempting to write one, hope I do it justice I plan to write a few more as well. So stay tuned for that.

  • Fandom is annoying as usual. Nothing new there. It seems like it is even more so lately. Hopefully with a hiatus coming up soon everyone can chill the fuck out.

  • All my classes are going well, English is a pain. Why did I think it'd be a good idea to go to comp 2? When it's NOT EVEN REQUIRED?! Kicking my ass good and hard for that. I figured after comp 1 I'd have an easier time, I mean same teacher and everything but alas I got my first essay back and it was an 82. I had hoped to pick up my essay grades after comp 1 which were all basic b's even my research paper. She grades for grammar and writing. While my writing is often 95 and higher my grammar is low and it bogs down my grade. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon.

Culture week is going on at my school and I waited 45 minutes to get a balloon animal just because and I may or may not have a crush on a boy in my classes. It was weird really I was sitting in the lobby with a headache and I'll admit I kept on spacing out and he works with the student activities and the office is in the lobby and it was just me and he kept on coming in and out and asking ina  really concerned voice if I was okay repeatedly and that kind of made me feel good. I don't know feelings are confusing. I convinced myself I had a stone heart maybe I'm wrong.
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